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OU professor offers political insight at Norman event

Olivier Rey / Red Dirt Report
OU Prof. Keith Gaddie discusses the 2016 elections at the Tyner Cornbread and Beans event in Norman last Friday.
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NORMAN, Okla. -- Keith Gaddie, a professor of political science at the University of Oklahoma addressed various aspects of the 2016 election cycle at the Tyner Cornbread and Beans political gathering this past Friday.

Gaddie said even if the early voting percentage for African-American community, a voting bloc which  normally votes Democratic, goes down this year, it has been compensated by the Latino community where early voting has doubled.

“The presidential election process has been so high and difficult that a large amount of the population want to get this over,” he told the group.

Gaddie said that Trump’s disparaging comments against Latinos, women, Native Americans, the LGBT community, educated people and Muslims has considerably darkened the future of the Republican Party.

“You can’t get rid of a large scale of the population and hope you are going to run the party on a long run,” Gaddie said.

Gaddie thought Hillary Clinton will win the election but worried about the consequences of a possible defeat of Clinton saying, “Who knows what happens in the next 48 hours.”

Gaddie also said the idea of the Democrat in Oklahoma to focus their campaign on education/teachers issues was good but it didn’t work. He added Democrat candidates are not in good position to win the state elections this year in Oklahoma.

Concerning the SQ 779 (Boren’s penny sales tax for education), Gaddie said that he believed the result will be a tie.

As for the FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails that has been re-open a few days ago, Gaddie said it has greatly compromised the integrity of the federal agency (as of press time, the FBI announced it would not investigate this matter any further).

Additionally, Gaddie said he believed Texas will vote for Trump, even if early voting in the Lation community is two times higher than the prior election cycle.

“The Republican Party might win this battle but they will lose the war eventually,” Gaddie said.

Gaddie also said the the U.S. election system is not working well and should be reformed by adding, among others, proportional voting and force legislators to work together for the best interest of the nation.

“I like the Ireland’s election system because constituencies are working together,” Gaddie said, adding that it was unfortunate that Americans typically don’t look for guidance and ideas from beyond our borders.

Gaddie added to be against public financing of elections because it need first economic and political reforms.

The professor advised if someone wants to know more about what the controversial American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is doing, the simplest way is to register with ALEC by paying a subscription of $5,000 a year.

Finally, Gaddie said he did not support State Question 790 (Separation of Church and State) because the Ten Commandments monument obviously has a religious purpose. He also believed that the American Civil Liberties Union should sue the state using the First Amendment if the law passed.

“Corruption has a long, long history in Oklahoma politics,” Gaddie said.

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