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Green Party's Jill Stein pushes for Earth-friendly "Green New Deal"
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OKLAHOMA CITY – On this Earth Day 2016, in the midst of one of the most confounding presidential election cycles ever, one non-establishment candidate – the Green Party’s Jill Stein – is actually coming up with a “World War II-scale” program that is in large part due to the sheer necessity of it.

What Stein is offering is something called the Green New Deal, a program that would not only bring the United States towards 100 percent clean, renewable energy by 2030 but would “create 20 million jobs by investing in renewables such as wind, solar, tidal and geothermal, as well as public transit, sustainable agriculture, conservation and energy efficiency,” according to Stein’s website

This would make “wars for oil obsolete,” she said in a press release today, optimistically noting that technology exists today that would allow the U.S. to achieve 100 percent clean energy in 14 years.

Stein continues to highlight concerns over “runaway climate change” and the fact that “catastrophic” global warming will lead to the creation of millions of climate refugees around the globe as air pollution, heat waves, drought-based shortages, rampant disease and epidemics, superstorms and other “lethal impacts of climate change and fossil fuels.”

As Stein puts it: “The Green New Deal is not only a major step towards ending unemployment for good, but also a tool to fight the corporate takeover of our democracy and exploitation of the poor and people of color.

Our transition to 100% clean energy will be based on community, worker and public ownership of our energy system, rather than maximizing profits for energy corporations, banks and hedge funds.

We need to treat clean energy as a human right and a common good.

We also need a just transition to provide resources to the low-income communities and communities of color most impacted by climate change.

The Green New Deal will provide assistance to workers and local communities that now have workers employed in the fossil fuel industry, and to the developing world as it responds to climate change damage caused by the industrial world.

Here's the question we must ask: will we allow the corporate political establishment to continue driving us toward a cliff? Or will we build an unstoppable movement to put people, planet and peace over profit?”

Stein is a serious environmental activist and when she ran for president in 2012 on the Green Party ticket, she received 469,501 votes (0.36% of the popular vote). As a result, Stein received nearly triple the amount of votes Cynthia McKinney received in 2008 (161,797 votes or 0.12%) and nearly four times the amount of votes David Cobb received in 2004 (119,859 votes; 0.10%).[56] In terms of general election votes, Stein is the most successful female presidential candidate in U.S. history.

Sadly, due to Oklahoma's strict ballot-access laws, the Green Party will not be on the ballot here in November.

Learn more about Stein's "Power to the People Plan" and the Green New Deal here.

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