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Election coverage out of OU

Olivier Rey / Red Dirt Report
Speakers talking at OU on Nov. 8, (l-r): Allen Hertzke, Derrek Huston, Jabar Shumate and Steven Ellis.
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NORMAN, Okla. – Hundreds of students gathered at the Gaylord College of Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of Oklahoma to watch the results of election night.

In addition, several speakers were invited to talk about the elections including Cindy Rosecrans, former Norman mayor, Kenneth Corn, former Oklahoma legislator, Keith Gaddie, and Allen Hertzke, both professors in political science, Derek Houston professor in education and leadership,  Jabar Shumate, Vice President for the University Community, OU alumnus, and Steven Ellis, a professor of philosophy.

The discussions were moderated by Dick Pryor.

Corn thought Clinton has no chance to win Arizona. Gaddie also said Arizona is part of the southern state that traditionally votes for Republican adding, “We watch Arizona mostly for fun.”

Corn said the director of the FBI made two critical mistakes, first was when the director held a press conference in July and the second mistake was when the director went to Congress two weeks ago.

“Unfortunately the FBI fooled us,” Corn said.

Corn believed if the turnout for this election is still high it is because the first motivation of the people is not to vote for, but to vote against one of the presidential candidates.

“You can’t win with the just white male voters,” Corn said.

However, Corn though it is an advantage for Trump to have so many issues because people don’t where to look, at the opposite Clinton has only one major issue (the emails) that make it easier to focus on it.

“It is not what you expected?!” Pryor asked the attendees later in the night, which they totally agreed in return. “I think it is not over yet, it just the beginning of a long night.”

Speakers agreed that a very difficult campaign the real job of the next president will be to unite the nation.

“We are very divided in order of a tribal way,” Hertzke said, adding it is due to a deep cultural, economic and public health crisis in the middle class in the U.S.

Shumate thought both candidates took the economic problems of the country very seriously, that common point could help to reunification the nation saying, “It will take years to recover.”

Houston said people are responding to the same issues by two totally different ways.

Hertzke said the federal government to instore a service civic for students in exchange for paying the tuitions fee of the university to help communities to work together.

“They learn from each other like the soldiers in WW2,” Hertzke said.

“Is going to be a memorable election,” Pryor said.

Shumate said the results are different from the previous polls because this is not a typical election.

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