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The yellow truck

Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report
The damage left behind - by the yellow truck.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – A disturbing picture has been slowly coming together and it got a little clearer this morning as I drove to my bank, which is opposite the site of the former Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City.

As I drove south on Harvey and approached the intersection with 10th Street, a gray sedan seemed to run through the red light as a yellow, Ryder-esque delivery truck took out the car’s hood and pieces of the engine, all which flew into the air.

Immediately I pulled over and asked the driver if he was all right. He seemed a little dazed as he got out from under his airbag. Within minutes police, fire and ambulance arrived. I could hear the driver of the yellow truck talking to the police officer about the accident and how the man in the gray car with Texas plates had run through the intersection.  Oddly, the yellow truck driver seemed unfazed. It was somewhat surreal, almost as surreal as seeing the accident in what seemed like slow motion.

And there was the yellow truck, parked further down the street. It bore no official markings. It may have been a Ryder truck or a Penske truck or something else. It did bring up thoughts of the Ryder truck, which was at the scene of the exploding Murrah building nearly 20 years earlier. That kept running through my mind.

… as did the Oklahoma City Bombing itself. That issue has been coming up a lot lately. There was the story we featured here at Red Dirt Report where a conspiracy-laden film about the bombing, produced by The History Channel, was removed from the high school curriculum in Jenks after parents complaints.

There was last months Oklahoma City Bombing evidence trial in Utah, a trial which featured a “twist,” where an undercover government operative was warned by the FBI not to testify. In fact, quite coincidentally, one of the people who testified at that trial, via videolink, happened to come by my office this very afternoon, recounting his experience and saying how shifty the feds acted at the courthouse.

And the locally-made documentary A Noble Lie (which we reviewed here) is going to be screened on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at District House as part of the DAMAGED viewing, as hosted by Red Dirt Report's Louis Fowler and OKC Film Club. Interest in the bombing remains at an all-time high.

And keeping in sync with the “domestic terror” syncs, both of Oklahoma’s U.S. Senators – Tom Coburn and Jim Inhofe – have made pretty strong statements that terror will be here in America and soon. 

There was Coburn's final town hall where Red Dirt Report reporter Mariah Harnish quoted the outgoing senator from Muskogee as saying "another 9/11" was in America's future. And now we see Oklahoma's bellicose and reckless senior senator, Jim Inhofe of Tulsa, saying that well-funded and maniacal Islamic terror group ISIS is well on its way to achieving its goal of blowing up an American city

While one can easily attribute Inhofe and Coburn's comments as neo-con fearmongering, we also know that Inhofe, in particular, is in the know, as David Boren was when he was a U.S. Senator. Norman researcher Michael P. Wright was digging deep into the University of Oklahoma's links to terror - until he mysteriously passed away on an OU park bench several years ago.

Let's hope that does not happen. We can only be vigilant and watchful. 

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