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The yellow store

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This same "Back to the Future"-linked license plate - "OUTATIME" - graces the front bumper of this editor's car.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – As strange as it now may seem, what was once considered “futuristic” in Back to the Future Pt. II, is now in the “past,” with all the excitement leading up to “Back to the Future Day” – October 21, 2015 – now in our collective rearview mirror.

Or is it? As I write this, former Sec. of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is on my office television facing a Congressional committee investigating the September 11, 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya. In the first Back to the Future film, Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) is facing certain death after double-crossing Libyan terrorists in acquiring plutonium to fuel his DeLorean time machine.

But while the Chicago Cubs win the World Series in the BTTF version of October 2015, they get as far as the NLCS playoffs, having faced – and lost – to the New York Mets in a four-game sweep.

“It’s hard to feel like losers,” said Cubs player Kyle Schwarber in a USA Today article, “Because we did plenty of winning. I feel like the fans – and just about everyone else in baseball – should be proud of what we did.”

And even though the Cubs don’t move on to the World Series, I’d still have to admit that it is pretty wild that they got as far as they did. There is something in the air for sure.

And I should draw your attention to the fact that synchromysticism – which Dust Devil Dreams examines – has been getting some mainstream attention. Note this post, where Joe Alexander’s very hot video, Back to the Future Predicts 9/11, is addressed everywhere from The Atlantic to The A.V. Club to even Red Dirt Report (of course!).

And at The Washington Post (!), in a story headlined “A YouTube video claims ‘Back to the Future’ predicted 9/11 – and that isn’t even the weird part,” reporter Caitlin Dewey addresses Alexander’s very important video:

This belief, dubbed “synchromysticism,” has attracted a small but devoted following online. And some of its practitioners make these things called “sync films”: an art form that explores the “conscious connective fabric that ties together all matter and energy within the universe.”

As if to prove that all things are connected, the synchromystics have also made videos implicating “Back to the Future” in everything from Roswell to JFK’s assassination. Not that they actually think Zemeckis was involved in that stuff! But spiritually, metaphysically, he might have been — if that’s the “true nature of coincidence.”

We couldn't agree more. In fact, having noted Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale and their role in writing the Kolchak: The Night Stalker episode "Chopper," about a sword-wielding headless biker, in my Dust Devil Dreams piece "From the neck down," I note eerie connections between this 1975 episode and the 1985 film that would change their lives forever. And with that in mind, Twilight Language's Loren Coleman notes a sword attack by a man in a "Darth Vader"-like mask at a school in Sweden.

The Darth Vader-like sword-wielding killer in Sweden. (Image via Twilight Language)

And upon reading his piece, I noted that in the 1985 Back to the Future, Marty McFly tries to convince George McFly to ask Lorraine out to the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, by dressing in his radiation suit and saying that he is "Darth Vader." With yesterday being "Back to the Future Day," it is a bit odd. 


On a recent trip to New Orleans, my brother and I were exploring the city. It was the first time I had been back to New Orleans in 10 years. I was last there in October 2005, helping a friend move out of her Katrina-damaged home. 

Being back in New Orleans was a bit weird. The vibe was different. More subdued, in a way. When I was spending a lot of time there in the early 2000's, the "funk" was still quite evident and an important part of the mood in the city. 

My brother is a fan of the series True Detective. I will admit to not having watched the series. I really want to, but I'm a pretty busy guy. We were to drive to New Orleans East, actually out to the marshes of the Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge. It was there where we were to go to the old Fort Macomb site, where an important encounter in True Detective was filmed.

Driving east on Highway 90, I thought of A Confederacy of Dunces author John Kennedy Toole driving this same highway 46 years ago, on a end his life via asphyxiation on a road in Harrison County, Mississippi. 

When we got to the site, what struck me was the fact that a convenience store next to the waterway, across from Fort Macomb, was called The Yellow Store

The Yellow Store? I have not watched True Detective, but I know enough about it to know the supernatural link to "The King in Yellow." The place at Fort Macomb where a key scene takes place was named "Carcosa" in the HBO series. There was a spooky vibe out here. It all reminded me of my Dust Devil Dreams piece in 2014 - "The yellow truck." A sync involving Oklahoma City and the bombing, which is forever linked with that yellow-colored Ryder truck.

The Yellow Store, near Fort Macomb (New Orleans East) (Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report)

The store was clerked by a woman who shared stories, with my brother and I, about True Detective, Zoo and other programs filmed out in this area. It was called "The Yellow Store" long before True Detective location scouts arrived in the area.

This Yellow Store is undeniably "yellow." (Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report)

The store is a bright yellow, although in the subtropical environment, and having been damaged during Hurricane Katrina, and the area is somewhat remote. Not many people were around the day we visited.

I popped open an ice-cold Barq's Root Beer, and looked out over the marshes as we returned to New Orleans. I wish we'd been able to explore Fort Macomb, but that fence was telling us - "KEEP OUT."

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