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Wings take dream (fire water burn)

A clip from the Netflix series "Dark." This shows a TV airing a Nena video in 1986 West Germany.
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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The mining of 1980's nostalgia continues unabated and that's o.k. with me. There's still a lot to learn from that decade, and the past in general. I'm just afraid the people making "the big decisions" are not learning much from the past.

I should note my recent Billy Joel-Goldbergs sync piece ... and I forgot to mention my own role in a TV news clip from 1986 involving teenage stress and the use of Billy Joel's '82 hit song "Pressure." TV station came by and picked me out of my classmates. My role? The frustrated teen in a blue Members Only jacket (sleeves pushed up, naturally) maddling scribbling something down and getting angry and crumbling it into a ball and throwing it to the ground ... 

"You used to call me paranoid / Pressure / But even you cannot avoid / Pressure

You turned the tap dance into your crusade

Now here you are with your faith And your Peter Pan advice

You have no scars on your face

And you cannot handle Pressure

In fact, the video was on MTV quite a bit in those early days, when it actually meant something. And the video was quite cutting edge. And I loved the image of the water coming out of the student's school desk. Cool stuff when you're 11.

So, I'm watching this new German show (annoying dubbed into English - I prefer subtitles) on Netflix called Dark. It's the fall of 2019 in Winden, Germany, home of famous caves and a nuclear-power plant that is to be decommissioned in 2020. But there seems to be more about the plant - and the caves - than we are first told.

There is an air of disquiet in Winden that is more palpable than in Stranger Things' Hawkins, Indiana, which Dark is often compared to. For its flaws, Dark strikes me as smarter and, well, darker.

For instance, in one scene, on a TV screen appears a video for Nena’s song “Irgendwie Irgendwo Irgendwann,” from 1984, is played on a TV screen in some underground torture lab, where kidnapped children are kept. There seems to be a time travel portal involved, as one child's body - from 1986 - is found near the mouth of the cave in 2019, while a 2019 child, Mikkel, disappears, being sent back to November 5, 1986, shown on a newspaper on the doorstep of Mikkel's house, as it appeared in 1986. (Mikkel looks very much like Donnie Darko, in the time-traveling film of the same name, in his skeleton outfit ...)

Mikkel arrives at his house - in 1986! (Netflix)

This was the exact same time period when I was becoming utterly fascinated with the idea of time travel.

And what is interesting, while Back to the Future takes place in 1985, two other time travel films - Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and The Flight of the Navigator - take place, partly, in 1986. I'm sure the Dark filmmakers had these films (Donnie Darko, too?) all in mind - along with some Twin Peaks, The X-Files and perhaps even some The Outer Limits in mind ... 

... and Marty McFly leaves 1985 Hill Valley, to reappear in Hill Valley on November 5, 1955! That was the date Dr. Emmett Brown discovered time travel! Recall the nuclear angle to Doc Brown's time machine - plutonium. But later considered too dangerous. He switches to steam and other natural/safer sources of energy by Back to the Future Pt. III.

"Remember, remember ..." that peculiar "portal" date, my friends. 

But there is also a dream-like quality to the series - which I'm still watching, I should add. And plenty of synchronicities, particularly with my Dust Devil Dreams writings of recent years where I talk about the dangers of nuclear power and the threat of nuclear war. 

Talk of Chernobyl in Winden newspaper ... in the series Dark. (Netflix)

As I noted in my December 21, 2017 Dust Devil Dreams post "Nothing like the (secret) sun": "Chernobyl was famously thought to translate as "wormwood," as a Biblical reference to something Frank Olson is reading in the Bible, in Wormwood, at the very beginning ... all very apocalyptic and from the Book of Revelation: "The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter." 

This New Testament blogger wrote: "In Christian legend, when the biblical serpent was expelled from Eden, wormwood sprang in its trail to prevent its return. Indeed, the herb is a frequent biblical symbol for bitterness, calamity, and sorrow; its use to name the third sign of the apocalypse that opened this chapter conjured the desolation that would follow the apocalypse.

Or wormwood is radiation in the environment, via Chernobyl, Fukushima and decades of atmospheric nuclear testing? We've been digging our own graves for a long time now. It's finally catching up to us."

And in my June 24, 2016 Dust Devil Dreams post "Eighty-sixed (All is well!)," I start by writing about The Smiths' 1986 hit "Panic," written in response to the Wham! hit "I'm Your Man," noting that the radio disc jockeys seemed oblivious to the radioactive fallout blanketing Europe in April and May 1986, following the destruction of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the USSR. 

I wrote at the time: "After all, A lot of Europe was affected by the radioactive fallout from Chernobyl, an event that has played a key role in a number of Dust Devil Dreams posts, including: "Getting hit with a sledgehammer," "Nostalgia for a clean wind's kiss," "Blood rain," "Gates," "Superman, where are you now?" and "?uest for peace?".

But I think of the chaotic, aimless drift that the world seems to be taking, and it worries me. People are panicked. But they are also angry. They are past being afraid and are getting angry at the things that seem beyond their control."


"The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!" (

And I think our chum Chris Knowles, who has been on a fucking roll of late, captured the zany zeitgeist in one of his latest Secret Sun posts: (a commenter in the piece compares present-day America to those final years of the Soviet Union - "hypernormalization" - when the Soviet government and its people knew everything was wrong but, in order to continue, embraced the illusion that everything was normal - creating "hypernormalization." 

Writes Knowles: "The New Normal is here. What does that mean? It means constant chaos and disruption as far as the eye can see. 
How did we get here? I think it has a lot to do with the death of David Rockefeller last March. This is the fairly standard pattern for an Empire; the Emperor dies and all of the princes and petty princes go to war in an attempt to gain the upper hand. 
These are very dangerous times for an Empire and its subjects. This kind of Game of Thrones internecine warfare can weaken--if not cripple--the Body Politic and render the whole damn kingdom ungovernable. Rockefeller had been ill for some time (he was older than dirt) which is why all the various rival factions within the Deep State went to war during the 2016 Election. 
And everything we're seeing now is the result of this war. With Big Daddy Citibucks out of the way they can all roll out their various secret technologies and psyops, all the stuff they've been toiling away on for the past century. 

I don't see any Rockefellers stepping up to take the throne (one of the elder Rockefeller sons died in a plane crash a few years back) so it may be some time before this all gets settled.

I know a lot of people in the Conspirasphere are all about QAnon and the Storm these days, but that all feels very psy-oppy to me as well, disinfo/misinfo posing as a running commentary on the progress of this war. 

By the same token, we are seeing a lot of very, very strange things going on like those twin aircrashes on New Year's Eve and that mysterious fire on the Clinton compound in Chappaqua the day before the FBI announced a new investigation into the CGI."

Not to mention an odd rooftop fire at Trump Tower a few days ago. Brought to mind the 1997 number "Fire Water Burn" by the juvenile "alt-rock" group Bloodhound Gang. The chorus? "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire." And? "Burn, motherfucker, burn! (And the song has some key Pixies references).
This "fire" themes seems to be spreading (pardon the pun). Just note the book everybody is talking about - Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. One would most decidedly get the impression that the Trumpists want America - and the whole damn kitnkaboodle - to burn to the ground. This government is being run by crazed pyromaniacs, land-rapers and greedheads of a most noxious sort. 
I mean, the top story at today is: "Trump Admin prepares more hawkish position on nuclear arms." This, at a time when we should be talking about nuclear disarmament, as we have called for for years now.
Is fire coming? Will the "fire walk with us"? 

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