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Rewatching  the
supernatural horror film The Mothman
(in conjunction with my review of Nick Redfern’s fascinating new
book The Real Men in Black) on Halloween, I was
struck by how well it was done and how much is going on in the film, which was
directed by Mark Pellington. Pellington is an interesting director whose most recent video
shoot was for the emotionally powerful song “Skyscraper” by pop singer Demi
Lovato, about a lone building standing following an apocalyptic event.

In The Mothman
, Richard Gere does a great job as Washington Post reporter John Klein, dealing with the death of his
wife and the synchronistic events linked to strange-goings on in a rural West
Virginia town. It’s a dark film, full of unusual camera angles, effects and
gothic imagery. It’s firmly in reality, all the while brushing up against the

Of course the film is based on paranormal investigator John
Keel’s 1975 book The Mothman Prophecies
and is based on the very real events in late 1966 and leading up to the
devastating Silver Bridge collapse over the Ohio River a little over a year
later. The film version, which leaves out a lot of details – budget limitations
and time are suspected – takes place in the present, rather than in the 60’s.

The film came out at a curious time, in January 2002, just a
few months after the horrors of 9/11. It was a time of a lot of dread, a lot of
sadness and a lot of uncertainty about things to come. Fear reigned, a war began and people
died and our perception of what was real began to shift. I know mine did. It was a dark time and dark forces were at work. And
here we are nearly a full decade later – still in Afghanistan, a world in
turmoil and strange, paranormal occurrences seemingly almost common nowadays.

Which takes us back to the events of the Mothman, allegedly
seen by multiple witnesses near Point Pleasant, West Virginia. As the book and
movie purport, the Mothman – whatever it was – is viewed as an omen, in the form
of a bat-like creature with glowing, red eyes.

Incredibly, reports of a bat-like Mothman creature have been
cropping up in recent months. Going back to March, crop circle investigator
Colin Andrews shared a report he received about a week after the Japan tsunami
and destroyed nuclear-power plant at Fukushima. It had to do with a British man
who witnessed a Mothman-type entity “sitting on one of the squared shape
buildings,” the buildings housing the reactors we are all now so familiar with.

The man, whom Andrews refers to as “Tim,” said he and his
friend and another couple who happened to be walking nearby were stunned by the
site of the creature. Tim writes that the “creature then took flight and
circled the plant at least 4-5 times, some circuits he took at a fast past,
some he seemed to slow down, all the while he kept his attention the row of
square shaped buildings that I later found out housed the reactors.”

This was a month prior to the tsunami that destroyed the
plant and led to the ongoing release of radiation that is still causing
problems for Japan and the world.

Tim said the “Mothman” came toward them with “two large
eyes; they seemed to glow from within and with a blood red hue.” This is a
common description, and as with many witnesses, the mere site of the entity left
him with a “sick, intense and overwhelming feeling of dread.”

As I have noted before, at the very instant the events were
taking place in Japan on the morning of March 11, 2011, I was having a horrible nightmare about a 9/11-type tragedy
mixed with scenes of death and destruction that brought to mind the destruction
of Krypton, Superman’s planet, as shown in the 1978 film Superman. Truly horrifying. And as I got up from my nightmare, to
sit at this very desk, the reports of what had happened started being reported
on the radio and on news sites I regularly check. It gave me a terrible
feeling. And so “Tim” and the others who allegedly saw this creature, they had
a sense that they “shouldn’t be there.” Tim’s report can be found here.

Weirder still, another major nuclear disaster – the Chernobyl
nuclear plant explosion in April 1986 – had it’s own “Mothman” connection with
reports coming out about “The Black Bird of Chernobyl,” a large winglike
creature with piercing read eyes and no discernible head. When the nuke plant
blew up and people fled and the area was contaminated with nuclear radiation,
many of the reports of “The Black Bird of Chernobyl” were lost to history, reported
Chris Capps ayear ago in a report called “The Mothman at Chernobyl.”

And the reports continue. This time in Chicago, Illinois
where a man and his wife were in that city and decided to photograph, with a
Smartphone, a well-known Indian statue atop a former tobacco store at the
corner of West 63rd St. and Pulaski Road. Looking at the photo later
there is clearly a strange, batlike creature flying through the air, seen
against the clouds. It should be noted that this location is a little over a
mile east of Chicago Midway International Airport. It appears, from the
information offered by the man making the report, that the “creature” flying through
the air was heading west, towards the airport.

That was on August 22, 2011. A little over a month later, on
Sept. 30,2011, just less than 12 miles to the northeast of where this first
Chicago “Mothman” sighting was photographed, a truly startling report as posted
on Oct. 9, 2011 at the UFOclearinghouse website.

The incident on that Friday night one month ago, took place
around Miller Park near the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

It was a creepy report. Two coeds, in their third-floor
apartment, appear to have had an encounter with a Mothman-like creature.

The person making the report, the coed’s roommate reported: “She
said she felt like a rabbit that was about to be poinced upon by an eagle” as
the creature stared at her. After the one girl calmed the witness down, she saw
the creature through a window. Her boyfriend and another friend also saw it perched on a
basketball hoop in neighboring Miller Park. So, is this winged omen, seen by multiple
witnesses, foretelling an event that will strike Chicago? A Midwestern 9/11?
Let’s hope not.

In a curious bit of synchronicity, in the film The Mothman Prophecies, there is a scene
that caught my eye that seemed strange. Noting the image of the large, wooden
Indian statue where the first Chicago Mothman sighting took place in August and
then the second report, with the terrified student saying she felt like a
rabbit being pursued by an eagle, there is a scene, one hour and 18 minutes into the film, where Richard Gere’s
character enters a coffee shop in Point Pleasant just as his dead wife enters
the nearby police station. Gere’s journalist character puts the coffee down
next to the cash register and the camera lingers on flowers in a vase and on a
small, Indian statue. The Indian holds an eagle. It is an odd image and one
that really doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the movie’s storyline. Yet
the camera lingers for some sort of effect. It really stuck out to me,
especially after having just read these reports out of Chicago.

Weird, eh? Well, if you have seen The Mothman Prophecies film, the late actor Alan Bates plays
troubled Mothman researcher Alexander Leek (read: John Keel) who works in
Chicago. Gere’s character John Klein leaves rural West Virginia twice to go to
Chicago and talk to Leek about what he saw and experienced and how it ruined
his life. The visits to Chicago, hours away from western West Virginia, seemed
odd and was odd in the way that the flowers in the vase and the Indian-and-eagle figurine were emphasized in the film.

With this Chicago sync seemingly playing out, it takes me
back to music. As I noted, Mark Pellington, the director of The Mothman
, had just directed the video for the new song by pop singer Demi
Lovato called “Skyscraper,” a song that was written after the songwriter saw “a
picture of the apocalypse.” Well, probably the biggest band out of Chicago,
Wilco, just released The Whole Love,
which I reviewed here yesterday. One song I did not get into in my review was “Capitol
,” a quirky, Nilsson-esque song, with its references to “skyscrapers” and “towers”
is a “a pleasant tribute to Wilco’s native city of Chicago,” according to Interesting. Does it mean anything? Probably not. But with a
push for a war on Iran, it makes one wonder.

And with the constant Internet rumors over the past five or
six years that there will be an attack on Chicago, with the Willis (formerly
Sears) Tower being a target, particularly with Rahm “never (let) a serious
crisis go to waste” Emanuel as mayor and former southside Chicago community
organizer Barack Obama as president. As the alternative newspaper the Chicago Reader posited on Sept. 9, 2011,
in an article “Would the Sears Tower have survived 9/11?”, while a year ago –
Nov. 11, 2010, former Pres. George W. Bush was quoted by the as
saying “Sears Tower was a target – a genuine target …” on 9/11/01.

It is here, where my synchromystic mind must note that the Sears Tower was renamed the Willis Tower on July 16, 2009 - 10 years to the day when Stanley Kubrick's cult classic Eyes Wide Shut was released. Kubrick, who had died four months earlier, had insisted on the July 16, 1999 release date. Of course 30 years earlier, to the day - July 16, 1969 - Apollo 11 was launched, allegedly taking three NASA astronauts to the Moon.

As we noted in our recent Red Dirt Report review of Jay Weidner's documentary Kubrick's Odyssey, Kubrick was a the cinematic genius who is believed to have played a major role in faking the Moon landings. As Weidner reveals, the clues are all in Kubrick's 1980 film The Shining. A colleague of mine, Devin Winter, is also working on a project addressing the same Kubrick-Apollo-Shining link. More and more people are finding out about this.

It would appear that some cosmic energy is at work in all of this and America's Second City appears to be shaping up as the nexus of something big. And with upcoming, national Emergency Alert System test on 11/9/11 (note the date) involving FEMA, FCC and Homeland Security, the alert will be heard on all radio and television services. Others have suggested two days later - 11-11-11 is a significant date. One can only speculate and wait.

And back on May 30, 2011, The Truth Seeker website featured the article “Will there be a new
false flag attack in Chicago’s Sears Tower?
” The author, Saman Mohammadi, wrote
that an attack on Chicago could boost Obama’s poll numbers and help to broaden
the wars in the Middle East, Asia and Africa and further the efforts of the new world order. As deep-political reporter Wayne Madsen has suggested, Mayor Emanuel may have bigger ambitions, much like "America's 9/11 Mayor" Rudy Giuliani, who ran for president. And with the same guy - Larry Silverstein - owning the Willis (Sears) Tower, as he owned the New York WTC, it makes one a little nervous. Perhaps that winged beast allegedly flying over the Windy City these days has a vantage point that is not nearly as obvious to the rest of us. Of course the reports out of Chicago could all be a hoax. As Chicagoan Jeff Tweedy of Wilco would sing, "you never know."

And it was Wilco, you may remember, whose critically-acclaimed 2002 album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was first streamed online in September 2001 and was scheduled for release on Sept. 11, 2001, but had to be held due to label conflicts and was ultimately released in April 2002. The album, with a picture of the iconic Marina City buildings on the Chicago River, is known for moody material like "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart," "War on War" and, most interestingly, "Ashes of American Flags." Again, it was scheduled for a 9/11/01 release date.

To find out more about the so-called Mothman, cryptozoologist Loren Coleman's "Mothman File" has a thorough collection of articles. And before signing off, there was a film in the works back in 2000 called "Mothman." It was never released and the director still won't talk about why.

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