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Walls Come Tumblin' Down PT. 2

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Sometimes it’s hard to let the generation that comes after you take the reins and just go with it.

That’s what I’m taking from a dream I had earlier this week where I was at the ruins of an old castle and somehow I manage to knock down the remaining castle ruins until it is all stone and dust on the green hill. (Note Jan. 2016 sync piece: "Walls Come Tumblin' Down").

Abruptly, I am taken to what looks like a cafeteria. It is operated entirely by people aged 25 and younger – people two decades younger than me. I am trying to order food in the line but somehow the servers and cashier are not understanding what I am saying.

What to make of it? Well, I mused about it for a few days – until it hit me. The first part of the dream, with the castle (as I write this, Jimi Hendrix Experience’s “Spanish Castle Magic” from Axis: As Bold As Love is playing …) is about the passing away of old ways of thinking and doing things. Breaking down the barriers, as it were.

But then the cafeteria scene … where I could not communicate with the young people? I think that I am getting to the point where the younger generation is going to have to take up the challenges that face us, that those of us in our 40’s and 50’s have our place, but the movements of the near future will be led by those very young people. Perhaps the actual WALL that Trump promises to build will be built - only to be torn down by those appalled at our nation's unneighborly behavior.

And perhaps I am a little jealous? I often felt that Generation X was overlooked and maligned, being squeezed between the me-me-me Boomers and the Millennials, a generation I don’t entirely understand. But that's okay. I sometimes feel that about the generations before me. 

I am merely trying to be honest in this dream interpretation, at least the portions I actually remember.

SIDE SYNC: Driving through the Plaza District I saw a bunch of police cars in front of a house – and immediately I thought “There must be a fight, like when Indiana Jones punches out the Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Well, as I said that to myself, the promo on the music channel I was listening to – “80’s on 8” – used some Indiana Jones dialogue from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom to introduce a lost hit – Willie Nelson’s “On The Road Again” from 1980.

Interesting thing about that is that I had noted that "On The Road Again" was played for the two astronauts about the STS-3, the third Space Shuttle mission - Columbia - in March 1982, the same month Philip K. Dick died. It was also the only shuttle to land at White Sands Space Harbor near Las Cruces, New Mexico. Not far from the Jornado del Muerto - Journey of the Dead Man.


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