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Tumbling dice
Paul Weller's upcoming album, "Saturn's Pattern," incorporates the mysterious Saturn hexagon on the album cover.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Compelled to listen to Camper Van Beethoven’s phenomenal 1989 album Key Lime Pie, I get to track four – “When I Win the Lottery” – and I’m struck by its brilliance.

Singer David Lowery, one of rock n’ roll’s better songwriter/balladeers, tells the story of a marginalized redneck who talks about all the things he’d do if happened to strike it rich in the lottery. He’d buy the girls silver-plated six shooters and fine French perfume. He’d make the people in his town – those people who look down on him – name a school or park after him.

But the guy in the CVB song is also a bit of a fatalist, knowing that “when the end comes to this old world” that God “won’t take time to sort your ashes from mine” and that despite the perception that people are “all good” or “all bad” isn’t so clear.

Lowery sings: “Cause we zig and zag between good and bad / Stumble and fall on right and wrong / ‘Cause the tumbling dice and the luck of the draw just leads us on.”

As I listened to the line “this old world,” a video I was simultaneously watching addressed the idea of the  planet Saturn and its alleged connection to the CERN Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. 

“You have to understand, astrologically, spiritually, there’s a huge, huge connection between this world and Saturn.” The word “world” in the video synced up exactly with “world” in “When I Win the Lottery.”

What is also interesting about this video – which embraces a black and white/good and bad Christian worldview and Saturn is viewed as strictly “evil” – is that it shows the late 1990’s animated series (produced by Steven Spielberg) Pinky and the Brain has an intro where the two mice characters stand on the world with a large magnet, as the words “They’ll take over the world” appear on the screen. The “light energy” (as I typed this, in the background meteorologists on TV said the word “energy” in reference to a developing tornado – sync with a “dust devil”) on the north pole pulls Saturn onto Earth – Earth’s north pole struck by Saturn’s south pole, crushing the Earth. It is odd. I tackled this Saturn/CERN link in my recent "Going underground" video, with my comments about Paul Weller's upcoming Saturns Pattern album, to be released on May 18th, the 35th anniversary of the suicide death of Joy Division's Ian Curtis and the eruption of Mount St. Helen's.

Whether or not you agree with the Saturn/CERN/Pinky and the Brain narrator’s ideas, it is interesting in light of the growing concern in some segments that the CERN machine was created to open a portal that leads to Saturn. 

Anyway, that theme of "duality" has been coming up a lot lately. A Facebook sync friend talked about the absurdity of "up" existing without "down" and how good will always coexist with bad, as much as we may not want that. Even Satan is released after 1,000 years, following Jesus's Second Coming. The whole Jungian thing, as Private Joker says in Full Metal Jacket.

The idea of the “Endless Knot,” as noted in Tibetan Buddhism, signifies the dramatic interplay and interaction of the opposing forces in the dualistic world of manifestation, leading to their union and ultimately to harmony in the universe.”

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