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Sync and ye shall find?

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Under Poseidon's watchful gaze, George McFly (Crispin Glover) dances alone.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – For months now – really ever since MH370 vanished – the spookier corners of the Interwebs have been whispering about tridents.

In my last post, “Sunshine supermen,” I made special note of water synchronicities. This is really nothing new for me, although the water element has been crying out in a way I haven’t sensed for quite some time. Incredibly, this post seems to be an extension of the "Sunshine supermen" post in that it incorporates the Cronos/Zeus (Saturn/Jupiter) sync and Griffith Park Tunnel I alluded to yesterday. 

Loren Coleman, at Twilight Language, has new posts focusing on “tridents,” as seen in the logos for both Malaysia Airlines and Air Algerie.

And with that I am reminded of my March 18, 2014 post “Seek and ye shall find?” where I note that both “Poseidon” and “Trident” were syncing heavily with me at that time. I hope readers will take the time to revisit that post and take what they will from it.

One thing I noted then was the fact that NATO’s “Rapid Trident” military exercise was scheduled to take place this month in Ukraine. U.S. military were expected to be present and information on its activities is scant.

This “Rapid Trident,” according to the U.S. Army Europe website, is an “exercise that helps prepare participants to operate successfully in a joint, multinational, integrated environment with host-nation support from civil and governmental agencies.”

What is curious is that the controversial MH17 “shootdown” by forces unknown, took place amidst the “Rapid Trident” exercises, exercises which have been shrouded in mystery.

For a bit of synchromysticism, note this fascinating Back to the Future-themed video called “Lloyd on Mt. Olympus” which offers analysis and insight to the true, Olympian meaning in the film starring Christopher Lloyd (Zeus) and Michael J. Fox (Hades). Of course Poseidon (Neptune) makes an appearance in the film as a trident-wielding decorative statue at the “Enchantment Under the Sea” dance, syncing with my water dreams. Zeus, Poseidon and Hades battle Cronos (Saturn) - the god of time, which syncs with the occult themes in the Back to the Future series and the Brotherhood of Saturn research of Jay Weidner in his upcoming Kubrick the Magician documentary.

What I have been waiting for is 2015. That is the year "in the future" ("Hello 2015!" Sonic Youth's 1995 song "Skip Tracer") where Marty McFly (Hades) ends up in Back to the Future II. I think next year will be a very synchronistic year for the world as events continue to heat up across the planet. 

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