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To the stars

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"Stars" Jeff and Katy intersect in Phoenix.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – There has been much analysis of the Super Bowl Half Time Show. The focus, naturally was on the cute Katy Perry, a person Gawker noted, is rather underwhelming in the performance department.

“There is no there there with Katy Perry,” noted the pop-culture website. What, with dancing sharks and inane pop tunes driving the show … well …what is she offering us except for entertainment with the nutritional value of a bowl of Skittles.

And yes, riding around on a “shooting star” is interesting – or perhaps there is another message we are missing out on? Is she here for another purpose?

Looking at that “shooting star” and thinking about one of the ads, the one featuring Jeff Bridges chanting “OM” and playing a Tibetan singing bowl (an actual “singing bowl” during the Super Bowl!), well, at least there is a sleeping/relaxation meditation recording involved, and a “No Kid Hungry” campaign. Feeding hungry kids, rather than further stuffing ourselves with stuff we don't need. What a concept!

As The Huffington Post noted, “Creativity and community are a winning combination … Solving social problems like hunger and poverty require reaching a larger audience than the usual core group of commited activists. What has a larger audience than the Super Bowl?”

And yes, Jeff Bridges has been considered one of the Hollywood “good guys” for years. I’ve loved his work, whether he’s a hero, a villain or just a Dude who likes to smoke pot and go bowling.

And so (h/t to Robert Phoenix, noting that “The Age of Aquarius has begun as Katy becomes the ‘Star Card.’”), I think back to the 1984 sci-fi film Starman (which premiered less than two months after Katy Perry was born. It starred Bridges as an alien whose scout ship seeks to learn more about Earth after finding the Voyager 2 space probe (launched in 1977) and the gold phonographic disk on board, which plays The Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” (rather than the actual song on the actual disk – Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” – sync time traveler Marty McFly and Back to the Future).

The disk – called the “Golden Record” – contains greetings from Earth in 55 languages, along with a “time capsule” of sounds and images from Earth, in case an intelligent life form happens upon it. (I should note that music from Jeff Bridges' website, can be purchased in the form of a golden disk - I ordered mine!)

The alien’s scout ship is shot down and crashes in Wisconsin – much like The X-Files episode “Fallen Angel” (a particular favorite of mine) which premiered on Nov. 19, 1993. Just as Dostoyevsky's prince in The Idiot and Joy Division's Ian Curtis both suffered from epilepsy, in "Fallen Angel," alien-abductee Max Fenig, appears to have an epileptic seizure, although it turns out to be related to his role as an abductee.

A “blue ball of energy” (much like the one I saw in my house in Wichita, Kansas on Nov. 19, 1990 – 3 years to the day before “Fallen Angel”) uses some of Jenny Hayden’s (Karen Allen) deceased husband’s hair to clone him, so he can get away to a meeting place – “Meteor Crater” near Winslow, Arizona (201 miles from Phoenix, Arizona, where the Super Bowl was held yesterday). This "blue ball of energy" syncs with The New Twilight Zone episode "Chameleon" from October 1985, as I noted in "Just curious." In the middle of writing his piece, in fact, a repairman stopped by my house. It turns out he was at the wrong house. He worked for a company called "Chameleon"!

In April 2010, having nearly left the solar system, problems began for Voyager 2 and certain data was not being sent back. Kitchen Sinker Flint Truman noted that a 2010 story in the UK Daily Telegraph reported that a German scientist, Hartwig Hausdorf, was skeptical of the "official story" and that “it seems almost as if someone has reprogrammed or hijacked the probe – thus perhaps we do not yet know the whole truth.”

It appears that the "problem" was fixed and that Voyager 2 is past Pluto, but not quite as far out as the dwarf-planet Eris, the most distant-known object in the solar system. One can only imagine what Voyager 2, drifting on the solar wind and boogeying to "Johnny B. Goode," will meet on its journey "beyond the infinite." 

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