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The soul's midnight

Hillary Clinton for President
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OKLAHOMA CITY – “Three A.M. That’s our reward. Three in the morn. The soul’s midnight. The tide goes out, the soul ebbs. And a train arrives at an hour of despair. . . . Why?”- Ray Bradbury / Something Wicked This Way Comes.

It was a week or so ago at exactly 3 a.m. Something had awakened me. But what? I’m not sure. But it was something …

And then I heard it, distinctly. A phone ringing. I heard the ring just once. It reminded me of those 1980’s-era office phones with the sort of analog buzz about it. A phone call at 3 a.m? Where did it come from.

As I dwelled on this, the dream I had been having – and was awakened out of – involved the Clinton political family. Having grown up during my younger years in Little Rock, Arkansas during the years that Bill Clinton was coming into power in The Natural State, I knew a lot of kids with links to political players in that sleepy, Southern city.

Back to the dream I was coming out of. I find myself on a street near the one I grew up on. A swarm of bees buzzed in the summer sunlight. I watched in wonder.

I was asking Bill to submit to a paternity test to determine if Chelsea was truly his daughter and not the daughter of a close friend. This issue happens to be one I have researched and discussed with people over the years. 

Right before this Clinton-themed dream, I was on an ocean-going cargo ship. In the dream I am instructed to pass an initiation test. It required me to jump off the side of the ship and into the darkened ocean. If I did this, I would pass this test.

But what was the test? And what was it for? My unconscious mind was trying to tell me something.

All this was swirling in my mind when the phantom phone ring sounded off in my darkened room.

And then I immediately thought – Hillary. She had that 2008 political ad when she was seeking the Democratic nomination in 2008 where a phone is ringing – very similar to the one I heard in my room – and it wants voters to think about who they would prefer answering that ringing phone at the soul’s midnight.

The voice over says: “It’s 3 a.m. and your children are safe and asleep. There’s a phone in the White House that’s ringing. Something’s happening in the world ...” and ending “It’s 3 a.m. Your children are safe and asleep. Who do you want answering the phone?”

Of course voters chose Barack Obama that year. But Hillary seems to be the presumed frontrunner, even though it’s 500 or more days until the Iowa Caucuses in early 2016. Something tells me that big things are in store for Hillary Clinton. 

*EDITOR'S NOTE: WIthin a matter of hours after posting this I saw a 2009 rerun of The Big Bang Theory where, as if on cue the character Penny (Kaley Cuoco) walks out of her apartment sporting a "Hillary 2008" T-shirt. Needless to say, I was a bit stunned. 

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