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Screenshots of "obelisks" at the beginning and end of the season finale of The History Channel's "Project Blue Book."
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OKLAHOMA CITY – The cloudy, rainy environment of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada is one that I have become quite familiar with over the past 25 years.

Actually, I have only visited Vancouver once – a few weeks before the 2010 Winter Olympics kicked off – and it was a cool city, although I enjoyed my visit to the provincial capital of Victoria a bit more.

In any event, I mention this because of my love of The X-Files, a series that in all likelihood was ended forever in early 2018, although I have been wrong before.

Before being relocated to Los Angeles in the late 1990’s, the Ten Thirteen Productions for The X-Files utilized the sets and locations in Vancouver quite admirably, adding to that “spooky” vibe they were going for all along.

L.A., I felt, proved to be too bright and sunny. While there are some solid later X-Files episodes of note, it’s the 1993-96 timeframe that really grabbed my attention.

So, when I watched The History Channel’s Project Blue Book this season, I had my complaints about historical accuracy (inaccuracies), some dodgy artistic license, Russian spies, awkward displays of June Cleaver "sexiness," and goofy delivery, the U.S. Air Force/civilian investigations (cover-ups) into UFO sightings in the 1950’s, under Project BLUE BOOK (which ended in 1969), is compelling subject matter. Plus, it’s filmed in and around Vancouver, giving it that undeniable X-Files vibe I crave. Plus, you have the involvement of Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future trilogy) and Harley Peyton (Twin Peaks) involved in this project – which The History Channel has said will feature a second season!

With his cherry pie and damn fine cup of coffee, Dr. J. Allen Hynek takes notes on Project Blue Book. (The History Channel)

The season finale, “The Washington Merry-Go-Round,” which aired earlier this month, took on the famous July 1952 UFO sightings over Washington, D.C., and was the best episode so far as Dr. J. Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen) and Capt. Michael Quinn (Michael Malarkey) go to Washington’s National Mall, between the Washington Monument  and the Capitol building.

Hynek is instructed to go to Washington, by a “Man in Black,” to view a “display” in the skies over the Nation’s Capital. And it happens. A sun-like light emits five-or-six bright orbs that fly overhead, frightening people relaxing on the Mall and Hynek and Quinn are there to witness it, stunned, although by the look on Hynek’s face, or as Gillen himself told ETOnline, “In the scene at the Mall, the lights are coming over the monument and everyone’s terrified. You see a bit there of joy in Hynek, and that’s kind of important too.”

While the skeptical Scully-like character (Quinn) and the I-Want-To-Believe scientist (Hynek) are trying to explain to the government what is going on, in their opinions, it is Hynek who “plays dumb” and offers a silly explanation as to what the lights over D.C. really were. That way they can continue “uncovering the truth” without interference from the government officials who want to squelch the truth and continue lying to an edgy public.

Quinn says, after seeing the orbs: “This was an attack on our capital. You had prior knowledge.”

But Hynek retorts, “We had prior knowledge.”

(Oh, and Aidan Gillen says he had a "close encounter" not long after seeing Close Encounters of the Third Kind, he told an Australian reporter this week).

Who are the Men in Black, who seem to be guiding Hynek? And the very end was unexpected, as it showed a man holding an alien artifact, while trudging through the snows of Antarctica, approaching an “alien obelisk” that looks nearly identical to the obelisk of the Washington Monument that the UFOs buzzed in the first minutes of the episode. That was fascinating, as my first UFO experiences took place in the Washington, D.C. area as a child and I had a particular interest in both the Washington Monument (I called it "The Pencil") and the just-then-completed Washington Mormon Temple, a structure that seemed to attract strange lights from beyond, and in view of my bedroom window in suburban Maryland. (Note my Dust Devil Dreams posts "Upsetting the apple cart," "The past in our present" and "Crashing symbols").

Recall that dramatic scene in The X-Files: Fight the Future motion picture (1998) where Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are in Antarctica and come upon an enormous flying saucer that had been buried beneath the ice and snow. The scene at the end of this season finale of Project Blue Book was very reminiscent of that X-Files film scene on the icy continent.

But what really caught my attention in this episode of Project Blue Book, beyond the emphasis on obelisks, was mention of Operation IVY, which was an atmospheric nuclear weapns test series held in the Atomic Energy Commission's (AEC) Pacific Proving Ground, in the autumn of 1952. In the episode, fictional Secretary of Defense Fairchild (who is murdered via carbomb outside a "White Rose" gas station), tells Quinn and Hynek about UFOs deactivating a nuclear missile during the Operation IVY tests (this is historically inaccurate) as viewed on an 8mm filmstrip given to Quinn and Hynek by the Men in Black.


The actual history is just as interesting and shocking. While kids back in North America were trick-or-treating on Halloween night 1952, across the Pacific, in the Marshall Islands, the world’s first true hydrogen bomb test was being conducted on Elugelab, a small island that was part of the Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands, as part of Operation IVY, specifically the “Mike” test shot or “Ivy Mike.” The date was actually November 1, 1952, Marshall Islands time, a time when the veil between our world and the next is extraordinarily thin.

As an important side note, the US military was aware of the interest demonstrated by UFOs when it came to atomic testing. UFOs were seen many times between 1945 and 1952 in areas near Los Alamos and Sandia labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as Robert Hastings reported to The UFO Chronicles in 2013. And the atomic and H-bomb tests in the Marshall Islands, according to Hastings, were no different. UFOs were reported by American sailors on ships near Enewetak Atoll and other areas. I have written about UFOs and nukes in prior articles, including this one, a documentary film review: ""UFOs and Nukes" documentary takes on controversial topic, which links the two."

Screenshot for UFOs and Nukes documentary. (Verifiable Pictures)

Hastings also noted that former US Air Force Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt, also the chief of the actual Project Blue Book, had written a 1956 book titled The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects. Ruppelt shockingly wrote: "Some people in the Pentagon had the idea that there were beings, earthly or otherwise, who might be interested in our activities in the Pacific ... Navy and Air Force security forces who (went) out to the tests were thoroughly debriefed to look for UFOs ...

While Ruppelt officially claimed no UFOs were reported during the IVY test shots, sailors in the area reported strange white orbs of light hanging around the area. 

After the 10.4 megaton was detonated, the blast completely obliterated Elugelab and left a radioactive, seawater-filled crater in its wake. The mushroom cloud rose to an altitude of 56,000 feet in less than 90 seconds.

Edward Teller, creator of the H-bomb, knew “Ivy Mike” was a success when his seismometer recorded the shock wave that traveled through the Earth and to Berkeley, California, where he was when the test was conducted.

Teller was the first person to send out an unclassified telegram about “Mike” to a colleague at Los Alamos, New Mexico (Dr. Elizabeth Graves) where he simply reported, “It’s a boy.” The H-bomb test – “Mike” – had been birthed. It was a success. 

The Operation IVY "Mike" H-bomb detonation. (US Government archives)

As a curious sidenote to Operation IVY "Mike," the US Air Force instructed Capt. Jimmy P. Robinson to fly through the "stem" of the "Mike" mushroom cloud and take radiological samples for study. 

Pilot Jimmy Robinson, photographed in 1944. (

Robinson, an accomplished and war-tested pilot, was assigned to fly an F-84G-5 Cloud Sampler that day. His mission? To fly through the enormous mushroom cloud created by the H-Bomb detonation.

As reported at, which features a page recounting Robinson’s ultimately fatal mission, notes: “Robinson, flying Pebble Red Four, flew through the massive cloud, collecting air samples for study.

During the mission, Robinson encountered some instability and problems with his navigation equipment but was able to recover. He ran low on fuel and was instructed to fly back to Enewetak.

Robinson was in radio contact and reported the atoll in sight, and shortly afterwards reported he could not make the airstrip and would bail out.

A support/SAR helicopter was trailing Robinson and his last transmission confirms: “I have the helicopter in sight and am bailing out.”

Robinson's aircraft had flipped over after gliding to the surface of the water. As for Robinson? His body was never found. And for decades, the US Government kept information about Robinson's mission and the possible whereabouts of his remains secret.

The Robinson family was able to eventually get a grave marker placed at Arlington Cemetery for Robinson. But they don't know if Robinson's F-84G-5 Cloud Sampler aircraft was ever recovered, only that divers had "investigated" the wreckage. No mention was made by government officials of Robinson's body ever being recovered, however.

"Clearly the fact that (Robinson) was the first Atomic loss made him a valuable asset to the various Atomic Agencies, scientists and physicists. As he had flown directly into the cloud, and other Pebble Red members were known to have had exposure, recovering Jimmy Robinson should have been a priority.

Continuing, the family writes: "No one was saying. National Security precluded any answers. It took 50 years for the (US Government) to finally allow the family to even have a Memorial Service at Arlington and present his widow with a flag. But that was the limit of what the USG would give the family."

Now, I can't help but take this information into more esoteric territory. As H-bomb creator Edward Teller is telling a colleague a "boy" (H-bomb named "Mike") was born with the successful detonation, a living, human being, Capt. Jimmy Robinson, is dead, having done what his country asked of him, honorably. And for his memory and family to be treated so shabbily in the tragic aftermath (which includes the contamination of the Marshall Islands, Marshallese people and the Pacific with radioactivity, disease and death), is very wrong. It is almost as if Uncle Sam viewed Robinson's death as a "sacrifice" in their quest for creating and destroying the building blocks of the Universe. Look how they treated the Marshallese people and others as nuclear guinea pigs. Dangerous territory, to be sure. 

Mix in the alleged interest in UFOs during Operation IVY (Project Blue Book creators Zemeckis and Peyton are no strangers to the connection between UFOs and nuclear missiles, bombs, test sites and power plants) and, two years later, Operation CASTLE (including the infamous Castle Bravo test on Bikini Atoll on March 1, 1954), and the esoteric idea that the destruction of primordial matter, as noted by the late Oklahoma esotericist James Shelby Downard, specifically in regards to the first atomic bomb test at Trinity Site in New Mexico on July 16, 1945, as I noted here.

I will end by noting a post at The Secret Sun by brilliant writer Christopher Knowles. In the post, "Let's warp the timeline again," he makes a connection between the release of the "Mueller Report" on March 22, 2019 (322 in Skull & Bones circles) and the fact that it was also "a year and a day after what is almost-certainly the last episode of The X-Files."

Writes Knowles: "It's weird, I had a dream last night that I was watching an alternate-universe version of the episode. I don't remember what it was about, exactly. There was snow on the ground but it was warm enough that some people were wearing shorts. One of those unseasonably mild days you get in later winter after a snowstorm.

I didn't say it was an interesting dream.

My point is that I still very much believe that Chris Carter did not intend the revival to be canonical, but in fact took place in an alternate reality.This theme was both covert and overt, seeing as how they devoted an entire episode to the Mandela Effect. 

One last prophecy from the Surfin' Sage? You know my opinion."

Yes, we do indeed.

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