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Patterns emerge

Sontronics Saturn microphone as seen in Paul Weller's "White Sky" video.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – While I have yet to hear the entirety of Paul Weller’s new album Saturns Pattern, released today (and getting some bang-up good reviews, I might add), I did check out the video to Weller’s new single, "White Sky," and really liked what I heard.

Weller along with a  bassist and drummer are in the studio playing the song – in black and white, primarily, while splashes of hexagonal-shaped colors flow outward. It’s a bluesy, psychedelic number and Weller does not come across like a “Modfather” ready to shuffle out on stage and play the hits.

Continuing with the video, there are rapidfire images of the hexagonal shape as seen on Saturn (thus we have "Saturns pattern"). We get the full effect on the video of "Saturns Pattern." 

But back to the "White Sky" video ... he is singing into a retro-looking microphone, with a main mic piece and surrounded with a Saturn-like ring. Caught my attention. It's a Sontronics Saturn. I like it!

And all this saturnian activity in a week when Saturn reaches opposition for 2015 on Saturday (appropriately enough) May 23rd, Universal Time (that's 8 p.m. CST, mind you). 

As noted this past week: "Oppositions of Saturn are getting slightly more distant to the tune of 10 million kilometers in 2015 versus last year as Saturn heads towards aphelion in 2018. Saturn crosses eastward from the astronomical constellation of Scorpius in the first week of May, and spends most of the remainder of 2015 in Libra before looping back into the Scorpion in mid-October. The first of June finds Saturn just over a degree southward of the +4th magnitude star Theta Librae. Saturn takes nearly 30 Earth years to complete one orbit, meaning that it was right around the same position in the sky in 1985, and will appear so again in 2045. Relatively speedy Jupiter also overtakes Saturn as seen from the Earth about once every 20 years, as it last did on 2000 and is set to do so again in 2020."

So, we're getting that 30-year sync. At the time, May 1985, Astronomy magazine, in their "Eye on the Sky" section in a piece called "Saturn comes to opposition." It was an interesting and creative time, culturally speaking. And Paul Weller, who had left The Jam to form The Style Council, released the band's best album in May 1985 - Internationalists. (As a side note, preparations were being made to release Back to the Future during that summer - Saturn, Cronos, "Father Time" - appropriately enough).

As RDR's Louis Fowler noted, in our piece "Going underground," (referencing the March 1980 Jam hit), "Walls Come Tumbling Down" is a song The Style Council offered in '85, during Saturn's opposition, as a bit of encouragement to people who felt that their government wasn't listening to them: "Governments crack and systems fall / 'cause Unity is powerful Lights go out - walls come tumbling down!"

Astrologically speaking, when Saturn is in opposition, it is said that Karma is a bitch and that people who have been lied to will get their answers - the truth - finally. This next month or so should be particularly interesting and I am glad to have Paul Weller's new album as the soundtrack. 

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