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A park. A celebration. An alchemist. A musician.

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Creepy London Olympics mascots Mandeville and Wenlock.
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help of a parabolic mirror at the ruins of the Temple of Hera, a “high
priestess” appealed to the sun god Apollo this past Thursday in hopes that his
rays would light the sacred Olympic torch there in ancient Olympia in Greece.

She was successful,
according to this Reuters report. The torch was lit and the ritualistic
ceremony that was embraced in modern times and used as “Nazi propaganda” at the
1936 Berlin Olympics was once again used in 2012. The torch-lighting ceremony and run has been used ever since the Nazi Olympics.

The Olympic torch will be taken
around Greece through the end of this week before the sacred flame is taken to
Britain and will be taken by various torchbearers around Britain before ending
up in London at the 2012 Olympics on July 27th. This is also the
30th or XXX Olympic Games. The "Triple X."  This all coincides
with 2012 being Queen Elizabeth II’s “Diamond Jubilee.” 

It's turning out to be quite an interesting year and we're not quite halfway through it.

Blur, the popular
“Britpop” band that was a huge success in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, was led
by singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Damon Albarn, who also went on to
create the cartoon band Gorillaz with Jamie Hewlett, known for their hit "Clint

Blur would spend a lot
of the latter 2000’s on hiatus after the release of their underappreciated 2003
album Think Tank, which was heavily influenced by their time spent
recording in Morocco. Albarn would demonstrate his interest in African sounds
and specifically Moroccan sounds. This would echo the work of musically
brilliant Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones, who would record Brian Jones
Presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka
 in July 1968, although it would not
see the light of day until 1971, two years after his untimely and controversial
death. We believe Brian Jones was murdered for a number of reasons and that the
"Stones Machine" knows who the culprit(s) were. 

Coincidentally (or not),
Mick Jagger will host Saturday Night Live for the first time
for the show's season finale on May 19th, just as things get going across the
pond in the UK with the Olympic torch relay. And while Keith Richards (and
assumedly the other Stones) won't be joining Jagger for the show (Arcade Fire
and Foo Fighters will), a celebration of the Rolling Stones 50 years together
is expected in 2013 with, perhaps, a new album and tour. As Richards put it:
"We look upon 2012 as sort of the year of conception, but the birth is
next year."

Conception and birth. 

Red Dirt Report wrote about this in February in our
article “Stones, Jones and ‘Continental Drift’.” It should
not be forgotten that Brian Jones founded the Rolling Stones and was initially
the charismatic leader of the R&B-influenced British band that would later
incorporate exotic instrumentation (thanks to Jones) including the sitar,
dulcimer, marimbas and harpsichord.

Within weeks of Albarn’s
March 23,1968 birth in Whitechapel, London, the Rolling Stones’ “Jumpin’ Jack
Flash” was topping the pop charts. It’s flipside? A groovy Stones obscurity called
“Child of the Moon,” recorded by the Stones just six days after young Damon's birth. Where? At Olympic Studios in London.  It's a good example of psychedelic-era Stones. The "Child of the Moon" video, shot in black and white - is quite eerie and unsettling. What are the band members - and an unsmiling woman - looking at? The Moon? Something else? Brian Jones is shown briefly. His face disappearing behind a tree like the moon as it is waning. As it will be during the closing ceremony of the Olympics as Blur are rocking out to a crowd of thousands in Hyde Park.

This is interesting in that another of Albarn’s current
projects is called Rocket Juice and The Moon and features Red
Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, along with drummer/percussionist Tony Allen. A
lot of Moon imagery seems to follow Albarn.

Albarn, 44, is a
fascinating character and a very intelligent man and musician. The week the
Olympic torch was lit, Albarn released Dr Dee, the soundtrack to Dr
Dee: An English Opera
, which ran for one week at the Palace Theatre in
Manchester, England. The opera, created with assistance from stage director
Rufus Norris, is based on the life of John Dee, the infamous 16th-century
alchemist and medical and scientific advisor to Queen Elizabeth 1. Dee was
ultimately a tragic character who makes a Faustian bargain.

The idea of Dr Dee: An
English Opera came about when Manchester International Festival organizers
approached graphic novelist Alan Moore (V for VendettaFrom
) about doing an opera and Moore chose Dee, the "mathematician and
occultist at the center of Queen Elizabeth 1's court (who) has inspired the
world's greatest minds, including William Shakespeare (the engimatic conjuror
Prospero in The Tempest) and Christopher Marlowe who created the power-hungry
Doctor Faustus who sold his soul to the devil for greater knowledge, according
to a New Scientist article. Moore would drop out of the Dr Dee project, claiming: "It didn't work out, shall we say." Hmm. 

We should note that Albarn had success with another opera, Monkey: Journey to the West.

Continuing, the New Scientist article notes how
important Dee's incredible knowledge would be to Britain and the growth of the
British empire. This includes Dee popularizing Euclidean geometry in academic
circles, an early supporter of Copernicus's model of the universe, and most
importantly the development of "mathematical techniques to help sailors
navigate by the stars, meaning that boats could venture out on new routes away
from the coast - a key development in exploring the New World and ultimately
building England's empire."

British imperialists and
the monarchy owes a lot to John Dee and yet were it not for projects like Damon
Albarn's Dr Dee, a lot of the British public probably would not
know much about this great mind who "(f)rustrated by the limits of his
knowledge, in the 1580's he turned to the occult under the guidance of the
medium Edward Kelley" who is featured in the Albarn opera. Later, after
leaving England for a while and a falling out with Kelley, he returns to
"find his famous library ransacked by rivals" and "(t)hanks to
his forays into mysticism, he also received an icy reception at the court that
had once adored him. Dee would die in poverty in approximately 1608.

A fascinating figure and
a cautionary tale. It makes sense that a talented, curious celebrity like Damon
Albarn would take an interest in Dee, as he told New Scientist:
"Dee was a huge figure in the reign of Elizabeth 1, and here we are at the
end of another Elizabeth's reign, her twilight years - and the empire has sort
of evaporated. I think there's a real connection between these two

We would wholeheartedly
agree. Added Dee biographer Benjamin Woolley regarding the
"connection" between the two Elizabeths and Dee at the "cusp of
Britain's golden age" and Dee highlighted at the end: "It's just the
kind of weird and wonderful experiment that he would have loved."

But the
"Dee-mania" doesn't stop there. Yale Books, quite coincidentally,
released a book this year titled The Arch Conjuror of England by
Glyn Parry. Further explanation about Dee notes that the "magical
scholar" would devote the the last 30 years of his life "attempting
to commune with angels in order to learn the universal language of creation and
bring about the pre-apocalyptic unity of mankind." An
ambitious goal, wouldn't you say? Others say that Dee's dabblings unleashed a
great evil that was later incorporated by the Illuminati and that those forces
are still at work and that some sort of ritual will take place in August.

Jason Heller, writing
for The Onion’s, noted in his review of Albarn’s Dr Dee:
“Conveyed more atmospherically than literally, Dr Dee’s pervading
theme is one of restless, reckless ambition. Across decades, Dee obsessively
chases a multitude of disciplines and passions, and that obsession takes a
heavy toll. He ultimately succumbs to his inability to remain still and find
contentment – always reaching for some new esoteric knowledge or transcendental
state, will to sacrifice all he’s gained along the way. Perhaps Albarn
see some of himself in Dee

Perhaps he does. And in
light of his creative passions and interests, it is not surprising that Albarn
would seem to have a link to Brian Jones. After all, it was Brian Jones, more
than the Stones themselves, really, who was on everybody’s mind when Mick
Jagger, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts – and brand new guitarist
Mick Taylor – hit the stage at their free concert in Hyde Park in London just
two days after Brian Jones’ death. As those who were in attendance at the July
5, 1969 show, Mick Jagger was “ill at ease” and Keith Richards “was
inexplicably reduced to a cipher.” New guitarist Mick Taylor did his best on
guitar, hoping to be accepted as a Stone. It would only last another five years
or so for him.

What was to be a
celebration for the Stones, became a memorial for Jones.

At the start of the
show, an awkward Jagger read a portion of Shelley’s poem “Adonais” at the
concert: “Peace, peace! He is not dead, he doth not sleep / He hath awakened
from the dream of life / ‘Tis we, who lost in stormy visions, keep / With
phantoms an unprofitable strife …
” After the poem was read, thousands of
butterflies were released into the crowd (although rumor has it that many of
them were dead).

Fastforward 40 years.
It’s Hyde Park again and this time on the anniversary of Brian Jones’ death –
the night of July 2 and early morning hours of July 3, 1969 – arguably the
biggest rock band in the UK – Blur – is holding a two-day Hyde Park reunion

Interestingly, the
second date,  July 3, 2009, Blur kicks off with “Country House” (Brian
Jones died at his “country house” – the former home of “Winnie the Pooh” writer
A.A. Milne – Cotchford Farm in East Sussex). The closing song for the second
and final Blur show was their 1995 song “The Universal,” which was accompanied
by a Stanley Kubrick-inspired video that is quite obviously a tribute to A
Clockwork Orange
 while the promotional ads for “The Universal” single
were a tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Kubrick was still alive
when that video was recorded. One wonders if he was aware of it and what he

And now, three years
later, Blur returns to Hyde Park with The Specials and New Order to put on, as
Albarn told NME, “a proper party” for the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 London Summer Olympics.
A party, and perhaps the kickoff a "special new order"?

“It’s the closing night
of the Olympics. Our raison d’etre is to provide another celebration of a
fantastic day,” added Albarn.

A fantastic day, indeed!

But Albarn isn’t sure
Blur can “recreate the magic” of their 2009 shows. 

Magic. Seems to be in
the air these days. Talk to anyone. They feel it. They sense it.

Added Blur guitarist
Graham Coxon about the impending Hyde Park Olympics show: “Try to get it up a
notch from 2009. Seems almost impossible to me in a way.”

And just as the Rolling
Stones had hoped their 1969 Hyde Park show was going to be a “celebration,” it
turned out to be a time of sadness. With that in mind, we want to note that as
we wrote in the recent piece “The
2012 London Summer Olympics – more than meets the ‘eye’?,

anti-terror drills are being conducted in advance of the Olympic Games and we
also note the “there is talk that the one-eyed Olympic mascots represent
something ancient, dark and sinister.”

This would take us to
Damon Albarn and his interest in John Dee. Note in the above link how the
creepy Olympic mascot monsters (known as "Mandeville" and
"Wenlock" ?!?) look like Dee’s "monas hieroglyphicas" glyph
used to "explain the cosmos" It is a symbol that, according to
Wikipedia "a composite of various esoteric and astrological symbols."
Dee had a fascination with the Moon as Albarn notes in the Dr Dee opera
with songs including “The Moon Exalted” and “Moon (Interlude).” In fact in the
original Dr Dee opera poster, the Dee symbol is featured
overlaid over an image of the Moon.

Which brings us back to the "Child of the Moon" reference, earlier in our article. It's just always there.

One site,, has a fascinating post titled "Deciphering Symbolism and Numerology of the 2012 Olympic
." That would be Mandeville and Wenlock. Their single
eyes remind one of HAL 9000 or a CCTV camera. Or the "London Eye."
Or, the "All-Seeing Eye." 

Further investigation
reveals the "cover story" for the inspiration of these two mascots -
Wenlock looking identical to Dee's monas hieroglyphicas - in the form of a
cartoon video. A steelworker named George is retiring from making steel girders
for the Olympic stadium in London. Two dollops of molten steel fall to the
floor of the factory and harden. George takes the formless steel lumps home. He
is later awakened and goes to his workshop and creates the two one-eyed
creatures, to the delight of his grandchildren. The creatures come to life by
the powers of a "magical rainbow" that appears over London.

It all seems so harmless
and fun. What child wouldn't love a high-diving, sprinting, Olympic-mad critter
running around, Gremlin-like, with one eye? So cuddly! See the Mandeville and
Wenlock videos here. Oh, and these creatures are being marketed
and sold as any good Olympic mascot should. 

On the night of August
12, 2012, the Closing Ceremony, the annual Perseid meteor shower will be taking
place amidst a crescent moon. Synchronistically speaking, on this very evening,
as I was working through the ideas you see in this article, I couldn’t help but
note a newspaper in a TV advertisement that used a fake name of The
Star Crescent

As a newspaperman, it
struck me as an odd choice for a newspaper name. I once worked at a newspaper
in Texas that provided the fake newspapers used on the set of Walker,
Texas Ranger 
in the late 1990’s. TV and movie productions typically
pick newspaper names – like the fake Dallas Star, for instance –
for a reason.

So, is The Star
 this a reference to Muslim-majority states that often
incorporate the star & crescent in their flags and emblems? Is this a
predictive programming hint that a terror event emenating from a
Muslim-majority country is expected during the Olympics and may center on the
Closing Ceremony? 

And looking at the
British press today, we see two men arrested in Brian Jones’ hometown of
Cheltenham over unspecified “terror offenses” while in another story, this one
also in the Telegraph, a photo cutline reads “London 2012 terror
drill at the disused Aldwych tube station.” The piece notes how the image of
people emerging from the tube covered in fake blood was eerily reminiscent of
the 7/7 bombings.

It cannot be overlooked that during the 1972 Munich
Olympics, symbolism and numerology appeared to be at play when 11 Israelis were
killed in "Black September" 1972 (11 Israelis, September being the
ninth month - 9/11) and heralded the first "official" global
terrorist attack. 

Again, we are simply
asking questions and seeking answers. We look for patterns and there are plenty
to explore.

For this longtime Blur
fan (fell in love with their music after the release of 1991's "There's No
Other Way") it is nevertheless interesting that Damon Albarn and his mates
in Blur – Coxon, bassist Alex James and drummer Dave Rowntree – are soldiering
on and, as Albarn says, looking to help in the “regeneration” in London with
their music. 

Albarn would be familiar with regeneration, it would seem. As he notes about John Dee in the Guardian: "(Dee) was responsible for creating the concept of the British empire, so he affects all our lives in one way or another."

And Blur? With their legendary rivalry with Oasis in the 1990's (often compared to the Beatles and Stones rivalry ... and "Beatles and Stones" is a new track from Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher's new band Beady Eye. Again, with the eye imagery ...) they emerged as one of the most popular and influential British bands ever. With the sheer "English-ness" of albums like Parklife, Blur helped the UK export their culture far beyond their shores with infectious tracks like "Girls and Boys."

And it wasn't Oasis that was asked to "program a piece of music to be played on a space mission to Mars." It was Blur. While the European Space Agency craft, which would have landed on the Red Planet in 2003 had it worked, would have had a "signal" for the Beagle 2. As Blur bassist Alex James explained to the BBC in 2002, the composition -a "call sign" - "was loosely based on a mathematical sequence" and has overtones of the Dr. Who theme music and tracks taken from Blur's 13 album, including "No Distance Left to Run." Here the band recording the "sounds" here.

The Beagle 2 was lost after it separated from the Mars Express craft plummeting through the Martian atmosphere and likely crashing to the surface. Still, no one is sure what happened to Beagle 2, a craft named after the HMS Beagle, which Charles Darwin rode aboard during his studies that led to the "theory of evolution." The Beagle 2 is one in a long list of spacecraft that have run afoul of the alleged "Mars Curse." We wrote about that in our article: "Sabotage? Phobos-Grunt probe taken out by unknown force?"

A lot of space weirdness, eh? We'll let's keep things Earthbound for now. So many questions to ask. Such a busy year continues to unfold before us. 

Additionally, amidst all
the London 2012 Olympics begin, Albarn’s original band will release Blur
, a CD/DVD/vinyl box set which spans the Britpop band's entire career, with
"21" being how many years it has been since the release of their 1991
debut album Leisure.

So, in conclusion we
want to say that people we talk to sense that something unusual is going on and
that it will take place during the Olympic Games in London. There seem to signs
all around. With the torch-lighting ritual in Greece, we see this story saying
that if the star Betelgeuse goes supernova, we could have two suns lighting our skies in 2012 or
afterward. Astronomers don't know for sure. Of course the British Royal Family
has "two sons" - Prince William and Prince Harry. It is, of course,
Prince William who warrants the most watching. He is a key figure in world events to

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