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Over the moon

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OKLAHOMA CITY – I was thinking a lot about the Moon today as I drove to work, listening to the music of the band – Luna, of course.

As I pulled into the parking lot, the song “I Want Everything,” written by singer-guitarist Dean Wareham, features a line in the middle of this “song of desire” where he sings: “Well, the TV says that ‘love is all around’ us / And the astronauts can feel it far away.

I guess it isn’t surprising that this band has a lot of lyrics that reference space travel and the cosmos. But that particular line, featured in the song that originally appeared on the band’s 1992 debut album Lunapark, synced with thoughts I had had yesterday while writing my review of Arthur Koestler’s 1972 book The Roots of Coincidence, a book inspired by Carl Jung's investigations into synchronicity and much more.

As I noted in the review, Koestler writes how Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell took part in an experiment while heading to the Moon on that 1971 journey. The experiment involved testing the validity of claims of extrasensory perception, or ESP.

As I wrote: “(Mitchell) attempted during the flight to establish telepathic contact with four selected subjects on earth.” The test, while not perfect, was largely considered a success.

So, as I thought about that line in the Luna song (a band that has really bewitched me as of late), I thought about the idea of love and positive thinking transmitting via thought waves through the cosmos and through time.

And that got me to thinking about my favorite movie in 2014 –