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Out of the blue / Into the black

Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Sitting in the barber chair, I glanced out of the large window in the barber shop and looked up into the wide, blue sky.

“I have been reading about aliens,” the barber said, chuckling a little to herself.

Considering we had been conversing about all manner of topics during my appointment, at a barber shop not far from an area of the Oklahoma City-Edmond boundary that has been notable for strange activity, it did not surprise me.

“Yeah, I decided to read Communion …”

I was stunned! Did she say Communion? The Whitley Strieber-penned classic about alien abduction and a man’s struggle to come to terms of what had happened to him?

Yes, that Communion,” she said, stunned at my reaction to her statement.

Things were just getting a bit weird. Granted, I had written about my recent rewatching of the Communion film on DVD, following a weird experience at a Vintage Stock here in Oklahoma City a few weeks prior.

But this was my first time to ever meet this barber. And yet she explained she had originally read it years earlier, after coming across it in a supermarket. She seemed compelled to take another look at it, not unlike myself, who had also had a similar experience except with the film, starring Christopher Walken, something I wrote about in my Feb. 21, 2019 Dust Devil Dreams post “On approach.

Did this mean anything? Who else in a 100-mile radius? A 500-mile radius, was also reading Communion or watching the film it was based on? It was simply too synchromystic to be ignored.

In the weeks that have followed, I will admit to noticing strange things around my house. A Marilyn Manson-like figure (that I believed was female) came toward me one afternoon while I was putting away the trash cans. This person then suddenly turned away, as I walked away, as if by remote control. It was utterly bizarre.

That same night, near the same spot where I had encountered this person wearing all black and with dead eyes, I saw airplanes taking off overhead from Will Rogers World Airport, a matter of miles away.

As I looked up, a single glowing orb, hundreds of feet up, sauntered through the air on a southwest-to-northeast track. It hovered ever-so-briefly over my house before moving on. It was suggested by my companion that it was a drone. Perhaps.

And today, a strange figure - once again, all in black - stood outside my house for 20 minutes, pretending to be doing something on a smartphone. Unsettling? Who can it be now? 


So, as I noted in my "Clues and instructions" post from March 11, 2019, Whitley Strieber has been caught in a battle of what is potentially "good and evil" as he struggles to complete his latest book by the end of this month. Strieber claims there is a tremendous urgency in getting this book out, though other forces are allegedly short-circuiting his computer and causing other problems, as he noted in his post about it, "A new close encounter." 

Other things have happened, although I want to conclude with just one. After my morning workout I like to meditate, using the Transcendental Meditation technique I learned last year.

While I was in my meditative state four things appeared in my mind’s eye: First, was a an outline of the state of Washington, with a special emphasis on the southern end of Puget Sound.

Secondly, was a clearly-defined mushroom cloud, like one after a nuclear detonation.

Third was an outline of the state of Nevada.

And finally, and less defined, was a sense that the country/continent of Australia was of particular importance and that a window between now and June 3, 2019 had opened and if something was to happen it was to be between now and that particular date.

I don’t know what any of it means, except to say that the 1983 thriller film WarGames came to mind when I came out of my TM session. The main character, played by Matthew Broderick, is in Seattle (there’s your Washington) and he and his girlfriend – thinking they have hacked into a computer game that let’s you “play” Global Thermonuclear War – target Las Vegas (there’s your Nevada). This has come up before, here at Dust Devil Dreams, also in reference to David Lynch's focus on that city in the 2017 Twin Peaks: The Return.

Note my October 4, 2017 post "Lost ... in Vegas," where I wrote, not long after the Route 91 massacre: "Or, as I wrote in my piece January 2015 Dust Devil Dreams piece "I'm on a wavelength far from home," I note how the hacker character in 1983's WarGames, played by Matthew Broderick, and his girlfriend, played by Ally Sheedy, chose two cities to "target" in a "game" of "global thermonuclear war" - Seattle (where they lived) and Las Vegas. In my article I speculated as to why they chose Las Vegas.

"Sin City. Land of debauchery and greed. Fear and loathing … the underbelly of the American dream. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

I have not seen WarGames in years, but it did come to me after I thought about this “vision” or whatever it was that came into my mind while meditating.

Just taking notes. I have more on this in an upcoming Dust Devil Dreams post. 

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