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One love

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Yesterday, while listening to a Bob Marley live album in the car, I began thinking about one of my favorite Marley songs – “One Love” from 1976.

Crafted in the style of former Beatle(s) John Lennon’s “Imagine” (1971) and George Harrison’s “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)” (1973), Marley was concerned about political strife in his home country of Jamaica and he saw beyond that and saw people – all the people and that we are united and united by “one love.”

As I dwelled on this (after pushing the "red button" at Sonic to order my drink), I looked up and saw a city bus roll by with an ad on the side for chicken joint Raising Cane’s – in blocky white letters, against a red background, were the words “ONE LOVE.”

I laughed aloud. A confirmation on what I’ve been feeling for a long time now – that humanity needs to come together and unify as one. Enough of this political and religious strife. Checking out the "One Love" video on YouTube, that Bob Marley song has had over 70 million views/listens since 2010. It resonates, big time! The people of the world get it - they don't want more war. They want more cooperation and peace, despite what their "leaders" tell them.

We opine on how we never seem to defeat terrorism. What about giving people jobs and opportunity? What about addressing the dramatic income inequality? I read about religious fanatics in the Middle East attracting the poor and working class who are faced with few choices.

Reading about the caste system in India, and how higher-caste Indians treat lower-caste and tribal people with disdain … are we surprised the Maoist Naxalite group is successful in attracting adherents?

What are the nations of the world truly doing to raise up the poor and disaffected? Oh, they talk a good game, but look at Israel – acting in a racist manner when they inject Ethiopian immigrant women with a long-acting contraceptive that affects them in a way the recipients don’t fully understand. Look at Bill Gates’ eugenicist vaccination program in India. Are those nations truly helping the poorest and neediest among them?

The final countdown

While on Scott Mitchell’s Mitchell in the Morning radio show today, I was discussing a story that had not been getting much attention in the local, state and national media – our senior senator, a member of the Senate’s Armed Services Committee, Jim Inhofe – had allowed himself to be “duped” by fanatical, anti-Russian Ukrainians into believing photographs of Russia’s incursion into Georgia in 2008 were actually photos of Russia invading Ukraine.

Inhofe was called out on this – egg on his face, as it were. And don’t forget, these Ukrainians have made it clear they will “incinerate” pro-Russian rebels – civilians included – if need be.

I forcefully called out the media for not going after Inhofe in a serious and critical manner, considering we are talking about two nuclear superpowers – the U.S. and Russia – potentially going “toe to toe” over this issue regarding the Ukraine. Inhofe is not on the side of love and humanity, despite his reminding everyone he’s a “Jesus guy.”

As I concluded my commentary, we went to break and the song used as bumper music was Europe’s dramatic 1986 song “The Final Countdown.” And while the song lyrics are a cross between David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush,” – leaving the safety of Earth and finding a new home among the stars -  in the 1980’s Cold War era, I took on a more literal interpretation – that we were close to the final countdown to nuclear Armageddon.

I thought the “coincidental” (synchromystic) song choice was appropriate considering my conversation about a possible nuclear exchange between the Eagle and the Bear.

And thoughts of “Armageddon” brought me back to my thoughts on Bob Marley’s “One Love,” which includes the line “Let’s get together to fight this Holy Armagiddyon (Armageddon).”

As we noted last month, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists upped us from five to three minutes to midnight, with the alert noting that “stunning governmental failures have imperiled civilization on a global scale.”

This idea of “midnight” has been syncing with me today. I noted it on a strange "I, Pet Goat" video that came out a year or two ago showing George W. Bush in that Florida classroom – dunce cap and all, dancing like a deranged marionette – and the clock on the wall showing about a minute before midnight (or is that noon?). Of course the events of September 11, 2001 – which occurred while Bush was sitting in Sarasota schoolhouse reading The Pet Goat – took place in the morning and not a noon or midnight. What was the video creator trying to imply?

And coincidentally (synchromystically), The Mighty Lemon Drops song “At Midnight” was playing as I typed this … midnight on the brain ...

Anyway, as we returned to the show, the Mitchell in the Morning bumper music was Steve Miller Band’s 1982 hit “Abracadabra” – another great choice.

It was back  in November that I dwelled on the word “abracadabra” in a Dust Devil Dreams piece called “TOTALLY: It’s a gas, gas, gas.”

In the Jean-Luc Godard French New Wave film Breathless, which I noted in this particular piece, there is a close up of Maurice Sachs’ 1952 novel Abracadabra.

Godard then focuses on a line in Sachs’ novel: “Nous sommes des morts en permission,” translated to mean “We’re all dead men on leave.”


But can we, as humanity, put a stop to the madness of nuclear weapons and the danger they pose? Just yesterday, I reviewed Robert Salas' book Unidentified The UFO Phenomenon, and how Salas worked at a nuclear-missile base and how a 1967 UFO encounter led to the alien ship disabling the missiles. A message from the universe? A warning? 

I see over at the Senate Armed Services Committee website that next week they will be addressing "Regional Nuclear Dynamics," followed the following week with "Nuclear Weapons Policy, Programs and Strategy." Will Inhofe and the others take a sane approach to this great, destructive power we have? Or will they continue to be reckless and take us ever closer to the precipice leading to nuclear armageddon? Will the warmongering neocons force our hand and our history-erasing "Stimpy" will push the "jolly, candy-like button" leading to the end of life on Earth? I hope they take all of humanity into account as they make their decisions. Embrace love, not hate. 

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