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Oh mi corazon

Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report
The page on Arthur Koestler while my just-framed Police "Synchronicity" poster sits on the floor of the RDR office.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – In the front room of our office here at RDR, we have a coffee table (actually an old sewing table made of iron and old dime store yard sticks) where some “artsy” coffee table books are displayed.

Among them – this belonging to my assistant Liz – is Theresa Cheung’s The Element Encyclopedia of the Psychic World.

It was put there for anyone to browse through while they were waiting. This particular day I happened to pick it up and open it up. Randomly opening up the book first thing I look at is “Koestler, Arthur (1905-1983).”

A little bit of synchronicity? Sure, I’ve been writing about the band The Police and Sting’s interest in synchronicity and the writings of Arthur Koestler, which would then lead Sting to read more about Carl G. Jung, another important figure and discoverer of synchronicity.

Interesting. Koestler, of course, was a famous writer and journalist. A Hungarian Jew who was an émigré intellectual and a “dedicated anti-fascist” who spent time in a brutal Spanish prison during their civil war in the 1937 and who would write both Dialogue With Death and later Darkness at Noon about a man confined, interrogated and executed in a Communist prison.

But that’s only scratching the surface of Koestler’s life. A rootless cosmopolitan who always seemed to find himself in the right place at the right time, Koestler would show up in various parts of Asia, Europe and North America. He went to India seeking esoteric wisdom and, according to an account of Koestler’s life, featured in The New Yorker, “took a trip, as a reporter on the Graf Zeppelin, in 1931, to the North Pole.”

George Orwell, another author and journalist of Koestler’s time, was a friend and admirer. Yet Orwell knew that the former Communist and man without a “party or political platform of his own” was at heart a utopian and romantic.

Ever the seeker, Koestler would find an interest in the paranormal and mysticism and would found a society – now at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland – that sponsors paranormal research. Koestler, stricken with leukemia and Parkinson’s disease, would commit suicide on March 1, 1983 – three months to the day prior to the UK release of The Police album Synchronicity – inspired by Koestler (author of 1973’s The Roots of Coincidence) and Jung. Koestler's suicide coincided with that of his healthy wife. The song "The Air That I Breathe" by The Hollies comes to mind ... the wife not wanting her husband to exit this existence alone ...

… So, with that said, I should mention that last night I had the most interesting dream. It took place from present day to the year 2037 (exactly 23 years from now and 100 years after Arthur Koestler’s life-altering arrest during the Spanish Civil War – funny, in that The Clash’s “Spanish Bombs” has been playing a lot on my Spotify …).

During this 23-year time period my family and I (and other human beings) are being tracked and monitored by small, smooth, white-colored alien-operated “drones.” They act as “couriers” that “tag” humans with information about the status of their DNA. Due to contamination from the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster of 2011, the DNA of many human beings on Earth has been altered and this has caused concern among the alien overlords, not unlike those in Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End.

Humans do not see the aliens. We only see their drone couriers. This monitoring – in my dream – proceeds to continue with my family and I over the 23 years – up until 2037. This particular year proves crucial because we begin to fight back.

A companion of mine, who looks not unlike Benicio del Toro in his role of revolutionary Che Guevara in Steven Soderbergh’s 2008 biopic Che, has had enough. And while I get “tagged” with a “bad DNA report” “Che” runs through a run-down hotel, not unlike the Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. The semi-boomerang-shaped “drone” is chasing Che down the hall and he manages to get into the room at the end of the hall and slam the door shut before the drone tags him.

The drone slams into the door and bounces up and strikes the ceiling, causing the alien device to explode into a white foam.

When I awoke, I had the strangest sensation that this Valentine’s Day dream was somehow significant. The year 2037 struck me because, as I noted, it was 23 years in the future and the year 23 – that “23 enigma” that William S. Burroughs, Robert Anton Wilson and others have written about is part of the synchronicity phenomenon that I write about here at Dust Devil Dreams. In fact, as I was writing this, an RDR writer told me he was submitting a review of the new Robocop film. He said drones play a major role in the film, as opposed to the 1987 original film I saw in Lisbon, Portugal. A trip that found me visiting neighboring Spain ...

For instance, just this past week I acknowledged two “23” experiences.

One, in the 2000 film Pollock, about the troubled life of artist Jackson Pollock, as played by Ed Harris, the camera focuses on the New York apartment address of artist Lee Krasner (Marcia Gay Harden) – 23.

The second instance was yesterday, while listening to Pete Seeger’s version of Joe Hill’s interpretation of the folk standard “Casey Jones.” As Pete sings: “Well the angels got together, they said if wasn’t fair / For Casey Jones to go around a-scabbin’ everywhere / The Angels Union Number 23 they sure were there / They promptly fired Casey down the golden stair …”

I’m sensing a connection in the sync firmament.

As I noted – in parentheses – the song “Spanish Bombs” by The Clash (and also by the group Tijuana No!) has been playing over and over … and that chorus is particularly infectious and unforgettable, as Joe Strummer sings: “Spanish bombs, yo te quiero infinito / yo te acuerda, oh mi corazon / Spanish bombs, yo te quiero infinito / yo te acuerda oh mi corazon …”

Oh mi corazon. Oh my heart. Oh my love. I want you forever. Notable on this Valentine’s Day.… 

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