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OKLAHOMA CITY – Over the past day the numbers 23 and 42 have been popping up quite a bit, but the number that really made an impact on me was when I was issued my license plate for my car – the numerals being 237.

These numbers beside Allen Houser's famous "Sacred Rain Arrow" Native American statue, as seen at Tulsa's Gilcrease Museum. 

It was Halloween week 40 years ago – October 30, 1974, to be exact – when novelist Stephen King and his wife Tabitha checked into the haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.  A chilling experience that triggered much of the writing of his 1977 novel The Shining which was made into the 1980 horror film The Shining, a film  we talk a lot about here at Red Dirt Report.

For instance, back on August 14, 2014 (my 42nd birthday), I wrote a DDD titled “Dopey little tykes.” In this unsettling piece, referencing a cryptic statement I heard in a dream the night before, a voice said “Dopey little tykes, the stalks.” Children of the Corn comes to mind ...

At the time I wrote: “For some reason the author Stephen King resonated with me because of the connection ‘Dopey’ has to Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic interpretation of The Shining and the curious Dopey (of the Seven Dwarfs) sticker on the wall that is quite visible in one scene (in Danny’s room) and gone in a subsequent scene.”

Continuing, I wrote: “What happened to Dopey? As suggested in Room 237, this is Kubrick telling us that because Danny  ‘shines’ and has become aware of the evil in the world, he is ‘no longer blind or ‘Dopey’ to the evil the world has.”

A year ago – October 3, 2013 – I wrote a review of Room 237 titled “Plenty to dwell upon in ‘Room 237’.

I go over the various theories related to what Kubrick was really trying to convey in The Shining. There was the theory of the Native American genocide (syncing with the Oklahoma license plate image of the Sacred Rain Arrow). I also really responded to Jay Weidner’s theory that Kubrick was trying to tell the story of his faking of NASA’s Apollo Moon landing program.

“And Room 237?? The title of the documentary? That is the room Dick Hallorann tells Danny not to go into. And the Room 237 means 237,000 miles to the Moon. And the tag on the room key is spelled out to mean ‘MOON ROOM’ so that the room is actually where the Apollo fakery was conducted by Kubrick and others …”

And we know Stephen King famously hated Kubrick’s cinematic interpretation of his novel. But that may be, in part, that it was simply so brilliant and far overshadowed the impact of the novel. Perhaps jealousy?

Interestingly, Twilight Language’s Loren Coleman posted a piece this past day titled “IKEA Even Set the Clock at 2:37.” He links a new Halloween-themed IKEA commercial that embraces both The Shining and Room 237. It’s quite good and unsettling.

And Halloween, we should note, is the  last day of the year that the Overlook Hotel is open. It’s on November 1st that the Torrance family moves in and begins taking care of the horror-filled structure.

And this Halloween week I'm issued a license plate with the numerals 237. As I dwelled on this, driving to Oklahoma City on the I-35 sync highway, I was listening to Blur's "The Universal" (which features a Kubrick-esque A Clockwork Orange video and comes in a week following a Simpsons Halloween "Treehouse of Horror" ep that takes on Kubrick's films - and the offers a wink to Apollo conspiracy theorists) What could be more Halloweenish and Shining-ish than that?

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