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Nothing like the (secret) sun

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The framed "Synchronicity" poster at the RDR office, along with info about synchronicity writer Arthur Koestler.
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OKLAHOMA CITY -- So, the white rabbit trail of syncs and shocks that Christopher Knowles has been leading us down for a while now at The Secret Sun, involving Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins, mind-control memes, among a myriad of other esoteric pop culture touchstones, has been undoubtedly mind-blowing - while also blowing some hidden ideas out into the open ... for your consideration, of course ... 

Knowles, we should note, has been on a helluva roll of late. The syncs he has been noting these many months are mind-shattering.

Granted, I don’t always agree with Knowles’ analysis or his criticism of certain personalities and things in the broader culture, but I think he remains an important voice, one that is becoming all the more relevant with each passing day, it would seem, in light of growing cultural references to mind control (MK-ULTRA, as noted in the new Netflix mini-doc Wormwood, about the circumstances surrounding the suspicious death of civilian biowarfare scientist Frank Olson who was dosed with LSD and plummeted out of a New York hotel window – a’la Mad Men), and the sudden burst of mainstream interest in UFOs, aliens and the supernatural.

With The Shape of Water being set in the early 1960's, during the Cold War, and brutal tests being done to the humanoid amphibian (sync w/mermaids), more seems to be dribbling out about the stuff the CIA and other U.S. government agencies did to innocent people - in the name of "Making America Great - FOREVER" - and the ideas coming forward give us a lot to think about, be it via Wormwood or what we read in The Secret Sun ... 

And here at Dust Devil Dreams, we are already hip to this, but glad more people are "tuning" in. 

The spiral candle maze in The Police's 1984 video for the song "Wrapped Around Your Finger." (A&M Records)

And I know he has a hang-up with internationally-known pop stars of 1980’s vintage, particularly the likes of former Genesis singer Peter Gabriel (note our nuclear disaster-themed "Sledgehammer" sync piece) and Gordon “The Summoner” Sumner – aka “Sting,” singer/bassist for I.R.S. Records head honcho Miles Copeland’s favorite beat combo, “The Police State.”

Nevertheless, I happen to like and enjoy Genesis, Peter Gabriel, The Police and Sting. The Police’s final album, 1983’s Synchronicity, is a personal favorite and has been for many years. My friends and I would insist that the mom driving the station wagon pop in the cassette of Synchronicity. I loved "King Of Pain," in particular. All that surreal imagery. Even at 12 years old I was into Jungian ideas - I just didn't quite know it yet.

Speaking of which, I happened to be listening to Synchronicity in my car (which is not a station wagon), when the esoteric-themed “Wrapped Around Your Finger” came on. I noted that it was the ninth track, out of a total of 11.


(Images compiled by Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report)

It got me to thinking about the album, which is called Synchronicity after all, and a reference to Sting’s reading of Arthur Koestler’s The Roots of Coincidence (1972), which I reviewed here.


Oh, and in case you forgot, Gordon "Sting" Sumner was in Italy on 9/11 (September 11, 2001), recording a live concert at his Tuscan villa on that unforgettable date. The show was for uber-fans and friends, and was to be highlighted by his 1991 hit "All This Time," featured on his album The Soul Cages.

In this video on YouTube, which is titled "Sting lies about 9/11in preparation of the 'All This Time' concert," Sting is asked about his thoughts on the terror attacks on the Pentagon and in New York City (recall that he recorded "Englishman In New York" for his 1987 ...Nothing Like the Sun album, which was written for a friend who had just moved to the Big Apple. In the liner notes, the friend tells Sting he wants to become an American so he can "commit a crime and not be deported.") ... and he says seeing the news that morning, "these planes had crashed into the Twin Towers ... these devastating images of madness. The world had suddenly gone crazy. Your most apocalyptic nightmare come to pass ..."

The camera then finds Sting and his backing band having a meeting on a porch at his villa, deciding if they want to still have the concert that night, which they were filming and recording. Everyone, including Sting, looks as though they are still in shock. While a couple of band members don't seem to want to go on with the show, the choice to go on, with the song "Fragile" included (also on ...Nothing Like the Sun), a song I always liked and was dedicated to an idealistic and kind young American engineer from Oregon named Ben Linder who had gone to Nicaragua in '87 while the Sandinistas were fighting the American-backed right-wing Contras and was killed by the Contras (or, as Sting called them: "drug-dealing apolitical gangsters") while helping with the Nicaraguan infrastructure.

The liner notes on the back of Sting's 1987 album ...Nothing Like The Sun. (Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report)

And regarding that friend referenced as the inspiration for "Englishman In New York," Sting asks his friend what kind of crime, he replied: "Oh something glamorous, non-violent, with a dash of style." Kind of like the Krays? The friend added: "Crime is so rarely glamourous these days." Often, the "crime of the century" is committed with a certain amount of style, panache ... (Sync with "Fiver").


And as a side note, parapolitical researcher and writer Kenn Thomas posted a Facebook message today noting how The Roots of Coincidence - the book that inspired Sting so much as he recorded Synchronicity with Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers - makes an appearance in the UK sci-fi series (original run 1988-99, rebooted in 2009) Red Dwarf … apparently the numbered indentions on the dominoes on the cover of the 1972 paperback, "give the co-ordinates (2 5, 2 3, 1 1) of the ERRA space station" in the 2012 episode "Entangled," according to

Anyway, I suddenly had this thought … to listen to each of the 11 tracks on Synchronicity and see what word – if at all – is sung/spoken at two minutes and 37 seconds into the song. After all, “237” is a number most linked to The Shining, that being the room in the Overlook Hotel that psychic (and likely abused) boy Danny Torrance is warned not to go into. We have discussed both The Shining and Room 237 at great length here at Dust Devil Dreams. And don't think this will be the last time, either.

Note the (alleged) Red Book, from Carl Jung in The Shining. (Warner Bros.)

So, after running through the 1983 album - the band's "swan song" - I was stunned to see an odd pattern develop with the lyric sung/spoken at the 2:37 mark. (as a side note, to my recent fascination with the CW show Supernatural ... well, I stumbled across an episode - titled "Swan Song," of course, where there is a showdown between good and evil in the infamous Stull Cemetery in Stull, Kansas, as I noted in this Dust Devil Dreams post not too long ago.

Battle between good and evil in Stull Cemetery in Kansas in 2010 episode of Supernatural - "Swan Song." (CW/TNT)

But back to those songs on Synchronicity ... 

1.“Synchronicity 1” – “Synchronicity”

2.“Walking in Your Footsteps” – “footsteps”

3.“O My God” – “Us” (?)

4.“Mother” – “mother”

5. “Miss Gradenko” – N/A

6.“Synchronicity II” – “Scottish”

7.“Every Breath You Take” – “break/every”

8. “King Of Pain” – “hoping”

9.  “Wrapped Around Your Finger” – “wrapped”

10.“Tea In The Sahara” – “black”

11. “Murder By Numbers” – “name”

Note that one song, “Miss Gradenko” does not feature a word sung at 2:37. But the other 10 do, mostly. Sting sings “break … every” on “Every Breath You Take” at the 2:37 mark, so I give that track two words – “break” and “every,” written as “break/every.”

So here it is: Synchronicity, footsteps, us, mother, Scottish, break/every, hoping, wrapped, black and name.

There is an almost ominous feel about those string of words syncing with Synchronicity and “237.” Anyone have any ideas? In fact, the more I think about those words, plucked from those songs, it takes a decidedly sinister tone ... 

In fact, with Elizabeth Fraser being Scottish (sync w/ "Synchronicity II"), and the suggestion that "Our Lady," Elizabeth Fraser ("strawberry") was/is the victim of mind control and abuse, and is in touch with other "realms" - with it coming through via the music and messages in the Cocteau Twins records - we should not be altogether surprised that in a disturbing new French TV series, Les Témoins ("The Witnesses"), Cocteau Twins posters are all over the wall of a woman's room in a brainwashing dungeon. Not one Cocteau Twins poster - a multitude! (note below / via The Secret Sun).

Yes, it's absolutely batshit bonkers!!!

It's like how when my car license plate was issued to me a few years ago, the numbers were "237."

So, I was recently rewatching Room 237, the Rodney Ascher-directed film about controversial themes at the heart of The Shining and each time I watch it I have some new revelation. 

In my original, 2013 review of this magically delicious "immersion criticism" documentary, I did note Juli Kearns' commentary on the notion of the Minotaur was noted, because of a "Ski Monarch" poster on the wall in a room where Danny sees the Grady twins - and Jack Nicholson's decidedly "bull-like" appearance as the movie moves forward.

The Ancient Greeks talked of the Minotaur, named "Asterion," or "starry one," living in his labyrinth, just as the Overlook Hotel has its own hedge maze - or "labyrinth," where Jack chases his son Danny - to his ultimate doom.


Back to that 6:06 minute-long video of Sting and his bandmates discussing whether or not to "go on with the show." At 2:37, one band member says the word "careful." You sense that the outspoken Sting - at least in his 1980's heyday, saving rainforests and fighting for human rights - is being, well, "careful." He's gotten this far in his career and doesn't want to fuck things up by being bold, honest and outspoken, as he had been 15 years earlier. After all, the Tantric sex ... 

Oddly, I also came across this 2:36-long video of Sting walking out of LAX after having performed at the Bataclan in Paris, in November 2016, exactly one year after the attacks there, which we wrote about here

When Sting is asked about his thoughts on newly-elected American President Donald Trump, as her climbs into his gas-guzzling Yukon, Sting replies, with a slight, jetlagged grin: "I don't have any."

Back to 9/11 ... well, I want to mention my March 11, 2001 nightmare ... it was a a 9/11-styled, Krypton-exploding dream (preceded by a "Cheshire cat moon," which syncs with Chris Knowles' observations on Blink (182)'s Cheshire Cat album, which syncs up with Cocteau Twins' "Iceblink Luck" ...) caused me to wake up out of a fitful sleep and learn from my sync friend and cryptozoological colleague Loren Coleman that an earthquake off the coast of northeastern Japan had caused a tsunami, which in turn destroyed the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, making it a second “Wormwood” to Chernobyl’s first, as  … well ...

Chernobyl was famously thought to translate as "wormwood," as a Biblical reference to something Frank Olson is reading in the Bible, in Wormwood, at the very beginning ... all very apocalyptic and from the Book of Revelation: "The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter." 

This New Testament blogger wrote: "In Christian legend, when the biblical serpent was expelled from Eden, wormwood sprang in its trail to prevent its return. Indeed, the herb is a frequent biblical symbol for bitterness, calamity, and sorrow; its use to name the third sign of the apocalypse that opened this chapter conjured the desolation that would follow the apocalypse.

Or wormwood is radiation in the environment, via Chernobyl, Fukushima and decades of atmospheric nuclear testing? We've been digging our own graves for a long time now. It's finally catching up to us. And even though the warnings were presented to us via "ultraterrestrials," we're like the songbirds on a mild, winter solstice. Unaware that an Arctic blast is barreling out of Canada and will freeze us to death in a matter of hours. How could we warn the birds?

In the wake of the Chernobyl explosion, few people in the officially atheist Soviet Union had Ukrainian-language Bibles. But some of those who did noted that the word “wormwood” in the Wormwood star of the book of Revelation was translated as polyn—and was a very close botanical cousin to chornobyl. Suddenly, the biblical prophecy seemed to acquire new meaning: wormwood was radiation, and it presaged the nuclear apocalypse that would end the world. The story spread like wildfire through the notorious Soviet rumor mill and as far as Washington, D.C., where President Ronald Reagan was said to have believed it, too."

And at the same time Wormwood is being addressed, we have an unsettling story about a mysterious, radioactive cloud covering much of Europe - with no known source, whereas in 1986, many parts of Europe, particularly Scandinavia, were bathed in radiation from the Chernobyl radiation disaster of April 1986 - which happened within hours of Peter Gabriel releasing his best-known single - "Sledgehammer," which I wrote about in a sync piece here.


Sledgehammer? Why was that syncing with me today - beyond the fact that a new German series, Dark, being compared to Stranger Things and involving time travel between 2019 and 1986 - when Chernobyl happened - I guess it was noting two TMZ headlines, one after another: an ex-NBA ref threatens a man with a hammer. The very next story is about U.S. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey talking about the GOP's tax plan as being "a sledgehammer to the kneecaps."

Hammers. Sledgehammers. It got me to thinking about ... Thor

And wouldn't you know it, while rifling through a stack of papers, records, refuse and comic books on my desk, I stumbled across a new copy of The Mighty Thor #1 comic book by Thor creator Walter Simonson I had picked up for my kid and completely forgotten about it. I was stunned! There he was on the cover, Thor, hammer and all, being attacked by "Hela the Goddess of Death," who had come to Asgard, the home of the Mighty Norse gods!

And with Knowles always talking about comic books and syncy artist Jack Kirby, it seemed to make some sense. Kirby's 100th birthday was this past August, and here you can hear Walt Simonson talk about Kirby's incredible influence on Thor and comic books in general.

And so with that in mind, I popped on some music, rather mindlessly. For some reason I've been in a Three Dog Night mood. Kind of odd, for me. But they had that cover of "Shambala" - check out this 1975 live performance of the classic song - which has a certain, incongruous, secular gospel feel about it. Very much of it's era, with the butterfly collars, bellbottoms and Jesus Freak vibe.

So, as I picked up the Three Dog Night CD, I was walked out of the music library, saying "Shambala" to myself and I suddenly found myself looking down at a copy of the excellent book Red Shambhala by Andrei Znamenski. But what was equally eerie was that in the review of the book, I start off the review writing the following (from 2012): After getting my cup of coffee and paper at Starbucks today, I sat in my vehicle and the 1973 song “Shambala,” a hit that year for Three Dog Night, came blasting out of the speakers. What a great song! Basically the song, written by Daniel Moore, is about a peaceful and joyful kingdom, hidden in the Himalayas, where “everyone is happy, everyone is so kind.” What hippie wouldn’t embrace such a notion of peace and brotherhood?

Listening to the lyrics, I then thought about a fascinating book I had just finished titled Red Shambhala: Magic, Prophecy, and Geopolitics in the Heart of Asia by Andrei Znamenski. You realize that “Shambala” (Shambhala) – real or not – holds a certain fascination with idealists of all stripes."

It was an odd moment. But what was much stranger, something I only noticed today, was that the Three Dog Night guitarist Michael Allsup (born in California, but with family roots in Oklahoma) was wearing a Thor T-shirt of all things, under his jacket (second from left). I couldn't believe it! It was the first time I had ever noticed that. 

"How does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala?

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