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OKLAHOMA CITY – Ah, the Year of the Goat. It’s turning out to be interesting so far.

While my fellow syncheads and I were examining the deeper coincidences and revelations that the horn-headed year was bringing, I noticed that the Capricorn, the sign of the zodiac, kept coming up as well.

This, naturally had me thinking of deception, as the 1978 film Capricorn One (which I discuss in my Dust Devil Dreams piece “Capricorn Run”) which features star running back O.J. Simpson as one of the astronauts who thinks he is heading on a mission to Mars but discovers that isn’t exactly the case. This matches up with the current discussion about humans going to Mars in the next decade and whether or not it will really happen.

And Capricorn One was about some of the bubbling-under theories about the Apollo Moon missions and if they were somehow faked. Current theories even speculate mage/filmmaker Stanley Kubrick was involved in the Apollo fakery.

Oddly, our movie critic Louis Fowler referenced Capricorn One in a recent piece he did on the Oscars. The film was ignored at the time by the Academy, he noted, despite winning a few Saturn awards.

O.J. Simpson was on my mind earlier today as I dwelled upon Dealey Plaza in Dallas and thought of the Texas School Book Depository building as it looked on November 22, 1963 – complete with a large Hertz Rent-A-Car sign on the roof.

This, then began syncing in my mind with those Hertz TV ads in the late 1970’s featuring O.J. Simpson running through an airport so he can get to the Hertz rental counter and hop into a “new LTD or other fine car.” The disco-pop music has a woman singing “Nobody does it better …” Hertz, at the time, portrayed itself as the "Superstar in rent-a-car." This 1978 ad came out the same year Capricorn One was released.

I posted this ad on my Facebook timeline, along with pictures of the Texas School Book Depository building as it looked in ’63, and today, after I took a picture there during a visit a few weeks ago.

About the time I posted those images and that Hertz video, The Huffington Post had posted a story headlined “O.J. Simpson is scared he’ll leave prison ‘in a box,’ according to his former manager.”

The syncs are strong in the Year of the Goat. 

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