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"Nearly as bright as the sun"

Ella Fortune
A UFO photographed by Miss Fortune on Oct. 16, 1957 near White Sands, New Mexico
Fertile Ground Compost Service
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Coming over the wire services on November 4, 1957, headlined “’Object’ Hovers Near A-Bunkers,” a strange story got some extended attention :

“The Army today reported that a huge, oval object ‘nearly as bright as the sun’ was sported Sunday hovering near bunkers used in the first atomic bomb explosion.

I happened upon this 57-year old story from White Sands in New Mexico today on an aggregated-news website this morning and it grabbed my attention.

Reading on:

“The sightings were made 17 hours apart by two different military police patrols on this southern New Mexico missile testing range. The first atomic bomb was touched off on the northern edge of the area July 16, 1945.”

The bunkers, notes the wire story, were “used by technicians who observed the first atomic explosion” and were empty. As for the actual Trinity site, it had been “leveled and filled in” and was several miles away.

The light was very bright and would disappear. One of the military-patrol sightings noted how the “very bright object” “descended until it was about 50 yards above the A-bomb bunkers when it went out.” It was described as shaped like an egg. These sighting occurred the same week other UFO sightings were reported in Levelland, Texas, Radium Springs, N.M. and other sites in New Mexico. What were the “forces” behind the object seeking?

I spoke recently on a sync program about the (unholy?)Trinity test and how I felt that there had been a “hole torn in the fabric of space-time” as a result of this atomic-bomb test in 1945, and subsequent tests, leading to the 1947 “flying saucer” flap and the subsequent flaps in the 1950’s through 1970’s.

Thinking about that phrase “nearly as bright as the sun” I immediately thought of my August 5, 2014 Dust Devil Dreams post – “A false sun.”

In that post I referred to the now-canceled HBO series Carnivale and the particularly unsettling episode “Los Moscos,” In this episode, the protagonist Ben Hawkins encounters the mysterious entity “management” who grabs Ben’s arm and “places” Ben in the near future – near a “bomb tower” in the New Mexico desert – Trinity site at White Sands – and a countdown has begun.

As I noted in my “A false sun” piece: “(Ben) looks to the distance and hears a siren … and suddenly there is the nuclear detonation of an atomic bomb and he is enveloped in the explosion while the sinister “Brother Justin” – with black eyes (and noted in “Maize/Maze)” – speaks to him. It is an absolutely shocking scene and more perplexing in that it occurs during the mid-1930’s and the first test of this sort would be in the following decade.

“That thing. What was it?” Ben asks the mysterious Lucius.

“A weapon. A false sun brought by the hands of men. It is the last link in a chain of events unfolding even as we speak. You must break that chain.” Lucius tells Ben.

Ben asks Lucius how he is supposed to “break that chain.” Lucius tells him to “destroy” Brother Justin, the preacher he has seen in his dreams.

Interestingly in this same episode of Carnivale, Brother Justin takes on a new, occult-obsessed “apostle” into his diabolical “fold.” His name? Wilfred Talbot Smith. Interesting, in that there was an actual Wilfred Talbot Smith in those days who was an “English occultist and ceremonial magician” and advocate of the religion of Thelema. An acolyte of Aleister Crowley, Smith would go on to found the OTO Agape Lodge in Pasadena, California. Smith would later have a falling out with Crowley and would be replaced at the head of the Agape Lodge by – Mr. “Sex & Rockets” himself – Jack Parsons!

Another interesting thing to note is that Crowley died in 1947 – a year of big UFO sightings. Parsons died in 1952 – a year of big UFO sightings. And Wilfred Talbot Smith died in 1957 – another major year of UFO sightings, including the aforementioned one at the Trinity site.

And the “false sun”?

Unfortunately, Carnivale was sadly canceled after two seasons and we never learned if Ben was able to succeed. What did Lucius and “management” know about the creation of the atom bomb and letting the genie out of the bottle, as it were? 

Perhaps, like Twin Peaks, we will get our answers – even if it takes 25 years.

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