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Mystery train

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The BNSF train crossing at 33rd Street in Edmond, Oklahoma.
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EDMOND, Okla. – Over the past five years or so, I have begun noticing a somewhat unusual quality to the area of north Oklahoma City, along the Kilpatrick Turnpike, and on the south side of Edmond where Broadway Extension meets the toll road and on up to West 33rd Street in Edmond proper, where traffic is heavy and businesses are bustling.

Allegedly ancient sites unearthed. UFO sightings. Strange dreams. There is something about the area, which is partly knowing as “The Crossing.”

And while there are plenty of restaurants, car dealerships and so forth, the area also has portions that are industrial and open fields, so it is a mixture.

I first noted the odd nature of this area in October 2013, with an article headlined “Help! Jellied Edmondfish and eight (or more) arms to hold you.” I know, a rather bizarre headline, but one worthy of the subject matter – a woman and her daughter caught in traffic at Broadway Ext. and 33rd look up and see a multi-colored “jellyfish”-like “aeroform” (to use a term coined in the 1950’s by the late UFO investigator Meade Layne) dancing around the skies.

And the reports in and around Edmond – an affluent suburb in the OKC’s Metropolitan area – seem to be pretty steady in the years since 2013. Here are a few examples.

And then, in 2015, a little south of that area, at 122nd and Broadway Ext., I reported on a then-46-year-old story about strange, “mosaic tile” and “stone” flooring, along with “evenly-placed holes,” found at the site being prepared for a new warehouse back in 1969. We confirmed this story with Porter Davis, a former Oklahoma state legislator whose parents owned the property. It was strongly believed by historians and geologists at that time that the site was not natural.


So, fast-forward to last week. A member of my family, one not prone to strange dreams, particularly involving specific locations and details, tells me about a dream they had involving odd activity at the “intersection of 150th and Kelly” in Edmond.

Of course, I am familiar with that location, as NW 150th Street at Kelly (for some reason, on the Oklahoma City portion of “Kelly Ave.” it is spelled “Kelley Ave.”) is actually W. 33rd Street – the very location of the UFO/aeroform sighting in 2013, and not far from the ancient stone structure that had been at what is now NW 122nd and N. Santa Fe Ave., just west of N. Kelley Ave.

I felt compelled to go to the location noted in the dream – and did, earlier this week.

It was a bright, sunny day. Blue skies and wispy clouds. Quite nice, really. I took a number of photographs of the general area. A gas station and convenience store. A post office. I noticed a group of blackbirds on an electric wire at that intersection (33rd and Kelly) and a one of the birds was dead on the sidewalk below.

And back east to Broadway Ext. along 33rd, I noticed there was a railroad track there, crossing by an Under the Sun gardening store and a series of mixed retail businesses.

It suddenly hit me. Of course! A railroad crossing! This train and railroad theme – linked to high strangeness, including the research I have been doing since 2017 on my Stilwell Enigma book cannot be ignored!

And as I took it in, as if on cue, a BNSF train rolled by, as I filmed it with my smartphone. It was eerie, watching it clickity-clack by, as if sending a mysterious message to me in Morse code.

(It is here that I should note that right in the middle of writing this story, a fellow researcher, Bigfoot investigator Lyle Blackburn, notes a friend’s father was shot by three gun-toting robbers at a motel on – NE 122nd Street and I-35!)

I asked around a few places near this location if they had noticed anything strange or unusual. No one had. And yet, that rail line made me wonder if there is something connecting it with the strange activity that seems to be drawn to that particular area in Edmond and northern Oklahoma City.


That was on October 16th. The following day (although, with an October 18th date), another researcher and friend, Nick Redfern, posts an incredibly timely article at Mysterious Universe titled “Strange Creatures on the Railroads.”

And yes, cryptids like Bigfoot seem attracted to railroads, as this report in September 2013 in The Kansas City Star notes, a man in Vernon County, Missouri heading west on Highway 54 toward Fort Scott. It was along the mysterious Kansas-Missouri state line that he saw the elusive creature.

Writes Star reporter Lisa Gutierrez: The most recent sighting in Missouri happened about 5 a.m. on Oct. 24, 2012 in Vernon County, just east of Fort Scott, Kan.

The report from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization investigator says that a man was on his way to work, westbound on Highway 54, when he “crossed under the railroad and started up a hill towards the Kansas state line.

“On the left is a small field of oil derricks. As he was driving he saw a figure standing on the left side of the road in the area of these derricks.

“In his headlights he could only see from the knees up but was struck by the appearance of a large very stocky upright body from the thighs to the chest. He could see an arm and dimly make out the head. The hair on it was very black and had a sheen in the lights. It immediately moved off of the highway to the left. The encounter was brief, only a second or two, but the witness is sure about what he had seen.”

The man told the investigator that he was “very hesitant to discuss this with anyone for fear of being ridiculed.”

What is interesting is that the sighting was made a little north of a community called Moundville, Missouri, which I visited late last month while researching The Stilwell Enigma. Talking to historians at a museum in the Vernon County town of Nevada, Moundville was chosen by the town fathers and built on an existing “mound.”

And a little further west is the Marmaton River, just east of the Kansas-Missouri state line. Bigfoot is said to “follow the creeks and streams,” as he/she certainly does along the 94 degrees west line of longitude (which includes the Sulphur River Bottoms near Fouke, Arkansas – home of the “Boggy Creek Monster.”)

The Kansas City area has plenty of examples of high strangeness. The suburb of Lee's Summit, Missouri had a strange cryptid sighting earlier in 2018, reported here. Indeed, just to the west of Lake Jacomo, where the creature was spotted by Boy Scouts, a rail line is visible. It is the Kansas City Southern Railroad, the same rail line I have been investigating for over two years now.

As Cliff Barackman, Bigfoot researcher, has noted, “there is a strong correlation between train tracks and Bigfoot sightings.


As for Redfern, he concludes his piece linking strange creatures and railroads by writing: “In her excellent 2006 book, Mystery Big Cats, author Merrily Harpur writes of liminal zones. She says: “These are the transitional zones between one area and another – the kind of no-man’s-land traditionally regarded as magical.” Merrily adds of such liminal zones that, “In the landscape they include streams, bridges, stiles, gates and churchyards – spots literally or symbolically at the point of transition over a boundary.” Maybe we should add railroad tracks to the list…”

I will sum up by reminding Dust Devil Dreams readers about my recent "Last train to Clarksdale" post out of Clarksdale, Mississippi, the Delta town that lays claim to the "crossroads" where bluesman Robert Johnson made his infamous "deal with the Devil" - his soul in exchange for prowess on the guitar and in the blues in general. Seems as though he suceeded.

In any event, the alternate location for the "crossroads" is said to be at Martin Luther King and Tallahatchie roads - where the railroad crosses. I stumbled upon it, but once there, sensed the energy of the place. It definitely could lay claim to that particular "crossroads" distinction.

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