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Midnight Massacre in Theatre No. 9

Karl Gehring / The Denver Post / AP
Police line tape surrounds the Century 16 theatre parking lot in Aurora, Colorado following a mass shooting that left as many as 15 dead. (7/20/12)
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By Andrew W.

Dirt Report
, editor

Posted: July 20, 2012

OKLAHOMA CITY – One witness suggested it was a
terrorist attack. And by all accounts that is exactly what took place not long
after moviegoers had settled into their seats to watch the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in theatre no. 9
at the Century 16 movie theatre in the Denver suburb of Aurora, Colorado.

Fifteen are reported dead and as many as 50 were wounded
in the attack. (This may actually be 14 or, as we just learned, lowered to 12).

“We saw people running around and screaming,” said
one witness in a CNN report.

A “smoke device” was used before the gunman opened
fire. It sounds like something the “Bane” villain in the very film they were
watching. It is all a shocking, horrible coincidence.

The gunman, who has not been identified at the
writing of this post, was found hiding near a car behind the Century 16
theatre. A gas mask, rifle, handgun and one other weapon was found, according
to reports. It will be interesting to see the identity of the gunman. Will it
be another Jared Lee Loughner MK-Ultra dupe? A Harris/Klebold trenchcoat mafia type?

Of course Littleton, Colorado, where the Columbine
High School shooting took place 13 years ago, weighs heavily on that region to
this day. Your Red Dirt Reporter had been contacted in recent days from a
family connected to the Columbine tragedy suggesting there was more to it than
has been reported. We may have more on that later.

Synchromystically speaking, we have to acknowledge
that there was a build-up to this shooting in the past days and weeks. Colorado
was in the news a lot. The wildfires, in particular. Friends and family had
been in that state in recent days. The evil murals at the Denver International
Airport and a keychain from the most haunted room in Colorado’s most haunted
hotel, The Stanley, was received by this reporter. Again, something was in the air, in the smoky haze.

Loren Coleman of the excellent Twilight Language blog has been analyzing what he calls the “Bain/Bane”
syncs. He has been doing this analysis for days and yesterday wrote: “Will any
events take place on July 20, 2012, of any import?”

Tragically, they did.

This had been my mind as well as Republican
presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been hammered by his foes for his
dealings while with Bain Capital. It has been “Bain” 24/7. An image from The Dark Knight Rises was on the Drudge
a few days ago was used along with the headline “Dems to use ‘Batman’
against Romney.”

And of course that segues into the release – at midnight
– of  The
Dark Knight
Rises and Batman’s
main villain being Bane. Who would have thought that in 2012 the names Bain and
Bane would overlap one another in the same week and there to be a tragedy
involving a terroristic gunman who – according to early news reports – was dressed not unlike the Bane villain according to some reports.

The Twilight Language's Coleman also wrote that there are memorable “themes”
connected with the date July 20th. It was on this day in 1969 that
the Apollo 11 reportedly landed on the Moon. Viking 1 landed on Mars on this
day in 1976. And while there are space syncs there are also assassinations in
connection with July 20th. Adolf Hitler survived an assassination
attempt on this day in 1944. King Abdullah I of Jordan was assassinated on this
day in 1951. Bruce Lee, possibly assassinated, died on this day in 1973.

And oddly, we see that while it was not July 20th,
Coleman writes: “neo-Nazi (Anders) Breivik massacre in Norway (July 22, 2011) was the day of the
release of the film 
Captain America (July 22, 2011), with the first scene
taking place in Norway, to the sound of Nazis' rapid fire machine gunning. A
bizarre coincidence, to say the least.

days ago, in my RDR Monday round-up, focusing on the Best Buy murders in Tulsa,
I wrote: “
This Best Buy shooting brought to mind
the infamous San Ysidro,
California McDonald’s massacre
Wednesday, July 18, 1984. It was days before the start of the 1984 Los Angeles
Olympics and my eyes were glued to the tube that summer. When I saw that story,
as a (nearly) 12-year old, I was shocked. The photo of 11-year-old Omar
Hernandez, shot dead near his bicycle, seared into my brain. Twenty-two people
died and 19 were injured. The politically paranoid survivalist James Huberty, who
was also killed, was the perpetrator of that massacre. He had told his wife he
was “hunting humans” and that “society had its chance.”

I just
realized that the 28th anniversary
of that massacre is on … Wednesday.”

Clearly the idea of a gun-related “massacre”
was in the air. And as I recall that horrible image of Omar Hernandez from 28
years ago, the first name I see linked to the Aurora story is that of a
30-year-old witness named Benjamin Fernandez, as reported in The Denver Post.

Hernandez and Fernandez are essentially the
same name, both meaning son of Fernando and meaning “bold voyager.” That
resonates, to me, synchromystically.

As does the Batman film franchise
connection to McDonald’s in the 1990’s, around the time DC Comics introduced
the Bane villain in 1993.

As does the fact that as I write this, a
speech by Sen. John McCain (2008 Republican presidential candidate) is being played on MSNBC where he says the Obama
administration should be more concerned about massacres in Syria than over Romney’s dealings with Bain. Is this shooting synchromystically linked to the drums of war? 

Read the Twilight Language three part Bane/Bain series here, here and here.

And before we sign off, we should recall
that the alleged “Batman curse” is something this analyst cannot ignore. During film of The Dark Knight Rises, there were several mishaps

Stay tuned.

2012 Red Dirt Report

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