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OKLAHOMA CITY – One of the first things I noticed, watching “DisOrientation,” the latest episode in the second season of Lodge 49 was the face of Larry Loomis, the deceased leader of Long Beach, California’s Lynx Lodge 49 (or is that “links”? – golfing? Synchronicities?), played by actor Kenneth Welsh, smiling, greeting someone at the door. It really reminded me of the somewhat unsettling smile that his character Windom Earle would flash when he was all over season two of Twin Peaks.

What I also noticed is that when Shawn “Dud” Dudley’s sister Liz takes part in “human chess” at her Higher Steaks steakhouse employee “disorientation” meeting, just as Windom Earle had played a deadly form of “human chess” in Twin Peaks, killing pawns while seeking his “queen” to spirit away to the Black Lodge. More syncs between Lodge 49 and Twin Peaks, with Welsh providing the "bridge."

But, beyond that, I also noticed the Volkswagen Beetle syncs. Since I was a child, I have been obsessed with “Bugs.” I grew up watching the Herbie the Love Bug movies (the Cars for kids growing up in the 1970’s) and just loved their unique look and style. I had a toy VW Bug that was lime green and I took to the beach at Ocean City, Maryland when I was a wee lad.

I am always a bit happier when I see a classic Beetle tooling around. The latter-day Bugs aren’t quite the same, but recent tinkering with these most recent models have stood out to me.

Anyway, this episode was interesting in that we learn more about Ernie Fontaine (Brent Jennings) and El Confidente’s (Cheech Marin) trip in a hippie van down to Comala, Mexico, seeking much-sought-after “scrolls” that may or may not be worth a lot of money. The thing about El Confidente is that he is a “precog” in that he has vivid dreams of future events – and he paints scenes from those dreams, as he does with Ernie prior to El Confidente spiriting Ernie to rural Mexico and Lynx Lodge 55. Before we are shown the first painting, the run-down “lodge” building is a mess, and in one corner is a VW Beetle – like the taxis common in Mexico.

We then see El Confidente’s first painting, and it is of him and Ernie in that very room, as he had seen in the dream, with the VW Beetle behind them. The green color was very much like the toy VW Beetle I had as a child!

It struck me as interesting, as the VW Beetle has been coming up A LOT this summer. In Once Upon A Time In … Hollywood, and in retrospectives talking about this year being the 50th anniversary (not only of the Tate-LaBianca murders and the Manson Family’s reign of terror) but the recording and eventual release of the Beatles’ Abbey Road album, the one that features a VW Bug parked on the street with the English number plate LMW 28IF. The “Paul Is Dead” crowd has made much of that album cover over the years and the “coincidental” placement of a Beetle behind the Beatles, four men who seem to be on their way to a funeral, it would seem.

Anyway, before I watched this particular episode of Lodge 49, I had attempted to drive to eastern Oklahoma to a blues festival. But Mother Nature had other plans. A driving rain that seemed like something out of a tropical storm made driving there treacherous, so I turned back, taking Route 66 back to Oklahoma City – in my car with the license plate SYNC66!

I took that road because I wanted to stop in Arcadia and check out the fairgrounds where another blues festival was being held. While driving around that small town – the rain still falling – I came upon a seemingly-abandoned VW Beetle that was painted red with black spots, like a "ladybug." I should note that the town of Arcadia was named after the area in Greece that was known as unspoiled and harmonious and believed to be the sanctuary of the god Pan. 

Even though it was raining, I felt compelled to photograph this VW Beetle, which was parked in front of what looked like a business dealing in used car parts and such. I remember thinking, 'this means something." After all, circumstances prevented me from reaching my intended destination today, with sync seemingly sending me to Arcadia for a chance to see this abandoned car. But why?

Of course it could mean nothing. But upon watching Lodge 49, one of the best shows on television, by far, 

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