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The Meriwether Lewis marker in Tennessee, along the Natchez Trace, marking where Lewis died in 1809.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – The name “Louis” translates as “renowned warrior” and comes from German and French origins.

And the name “Lewis” is a variation of the Teutonic version listed above. Both versions have been syncing with me of late and I’m not really sure why.

Funnily enough, over the weekend, while watching the musical Pippin, I noticed that one of the key characters, a French "warrior" of sorts, was named Lewis. 

And regarding "Louis," there is the Louisiana Purchase and the Palace of Versailles, with King Louis XIV coming to mind, at the height of its grandeur before the French Revolution. Perhaps with a "dam" about to break in California ... 

The "Lewis" name as it appears on a current campaign sign in my neighborhood. (Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report)

It really all started in early January when the name “Meriwether” just popped into my mind and I spoke it aloud, recalling, of course, that it was the first name of the American explorer Meriwether Lewis.

Within a few days, I was reading the just-released Mark Frost book The Secret History of Twin Peaks, a semi-factual/semi-fictional para-history of the spooky town of Twin Peaks, Washington, which was the focus of the 1990-91 David Lynch and Mark Frost-created ABC TV series Twin Peaks.

As many now know, Showtime will be airing new episodes of Twin Peaks in May, featuring many of the same characters and following up the events of that time 25 years later, as victim Laura Palmer predicted.

But in Frost's story (I reviewed the book here), Lewis and Clark end up in the Pacific Northwest and meet up with the Nez Perce tribe and Chief Joseph. While in this region, Meriwether Lewis allegedly has a strange experience, while on his own. It is suggested he may have gone through a portal in the area and later returned. Lewis, as it is well known, died only a few years after his return East, allegedly committing suicide in October 1809, while traveling on the Natchez Trace, not far from present-day Nashville, Tennessee. Some suggest Lewis was murdered.

In any event, I was stunned that Mark Frost responded to a tweet I made late last week regarding a 2011 story at Indian County Media Network I stumbled across about Chief Joseph reportedly having in his possession a “Mesopotamian tablet.” Frost found this remarkable, we should note, because of his inclusion of both Meriwether Lewis and Chief Joseph in his fantastic book.

Reading the children’s book My Mouth is a Volcano, we are introduced to “Louis,” a boy who has trouble interrupting – or, as Louis calls it – “erupting” – others because he blurts out whatever he is thinking at the moment. Erupting - as in a volcano. With Washington state the home of Mount St. Helen's - a volcano that has come up in Dust Devil Dreams posts before - is something brewing underground?

Of course, our sync-friendly writer Louis Fowler is another Louis on our minds of late. We love his writing here and his insights into the human condition.

Additionally, the cities of both Louisville, Kentucky and St. Louis, Missouri, along with the state of Louisiana have been coming up a lot of late. The brand new bridge over the Ohio River in Louisville is the Lewis & Clark Bridge

I should note that the "Great American Eclipse" of August 21, 2017 will take place in this area where the Mississippi and Ohio rivers meet. 

It was last summer, in my Dust Devil Dreams post "The west is the best," that I noted a strange dream I had and more on the mysterious Cahokia Mounds in that area of Illinois, where the eclipse will take place. 

I will continue to look for more Louis/Lewis syncs in coming days and weeks. These are very strange times, indeed!

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