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Lost and found

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Back on November 18, 2013, I wrote a piece here at Dust Devil Dreams headlined “Torn Rainbows.”

I started off by writing at the time: “This morning, driving to work, the eerily beautiful and vaguely sinister 1984 alt-rock song “The Killing Moon by Echo & The Bunnymen was playing.”

I continued by noting the song’s placement in the 2001 sci-fi cult film Donnie Darko – a multilayered film if there ever was one – and how “In the original version of Donnie Darko, “The Killing Moon” is playing as Donnie wakes up in the opening scene. It was later changed in the director’s cut where the INXS ballad “Never Tear Us Apart” replaces it. The key word is “tear.”

I am reminded of that article only because I had a conversation with a colleague this afternoon where we were talking about the mysteries swirling around the unsettling disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 – aka MH370. We even offered our own story on the matter, a story that caused much controversy online, headlined "Was MH 370 hijacked as part of a 'political act' by atheist pilot?" Needless to say, days later, I still don't know what to think about this puzzling event that has stumped the world. 

Anyway, as we talked about the speculation, theories and outright disinformation swirling around out there, my friend noted the infamous “Philadelphia Experiment” which allegedly took place in 1943 and involved the crew of the U.S.S. Eldridge. Using secret technology, the Navy ship was taken from one port to the next, while causing untold misery and death for the crew. The story spawned a whole series of stories, books and a movie or two.

As he talked about “The Philadelphia Experiment,” I remembered writing about it a few months back – and my search on Red Dirt Report led me to my November post “Torn Rainbows.”

What caused me to pause and chuckle a bit was that the opening bit to “Torn Rainbows,” regarding my thoughts about “The Killing Moon” and Donnie Darko were exactly and synchomystically what I experienced in the car this morning.

“The Killing Moon” is on – as soon as I turn on the ignition and I have a repeat of that experience. Following that song was “Something So Strong” by Crowded House, a song recorded in 1986 and released in 1987. Considering the lyrical nature of that Aussie pop song, the need to write about this is something very, very strong, indeed.

And added to that, he and I were talking about a weird “orb” photo I took yesterday at the huge pro-education rally at the State Capitol where an orange orb shows up in front of a character looking like he was out of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. And who was next to this guy with the orange orb? A guy in a Captain America costume, naturally. A marvel, indeed. And this on a day when a "black orb" or "black ball" is mesmerizing viewers with its "delayed echo of human activity."

Anyway, in Marvel lore, an “orange gemstone” “controls time.” And in Donnie Darko, time travel plays a major role. In the film, on October 2, 1988, a corruption in the river of time causes the creation of the short-lived “Tangent Universe” which effectively ends on October 30, 1988. Throughout the film, Donnie is haunted by a "bunnyman" named Frank. This syncs with my Easter, bunny and egg-themed DDD post "Back to the egg."

I wrote about some of this Donnie Darko sync stuff in my March 17, 2014 DDD piece “Red rain and red skies,” particularly with the jet engine falling through the Darko’s roof, and how it was similar to a scene in Superman: The Movie where Superman saves Air Force One after one of its engines is blown away by lightning. Interestingly, on The Big Bang Theory last night, the female characters go into a comic-book shop and seek out comics their boyfriends like. Captain America and Superman are suggested.

This, meanwhile, syncs with a DDD piece I wrote posted March 14, 2014 (3/14/14) titled “Does anybody really care (about time)” and how that Chicago song, “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?” played a role in a dream I had. My friend and colleague notes later that in Marvel’s Captain America comic Vol. 1 #314, released in February 1986, Captain America and others are shown battling on the front cover while on a Royal brand typewriter and “orbs” are shown. Of course, I no longer use my Royal typewriter to write, although in 1986 I was taking typing lessons in school. Very weird, especially with the popularity of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the release of the film Captain America: Winter Soldier this weekend.

Anyway, back on the “Does anybody really care (about time)" post, I note the 1968 album by Rahsaan Roland Kirk titled The Inflated Tear. I had noted the strange things about Kirk, how he got the name “Rahsaan” from a dream and how his “Fly By Night” song on The Inflated Tear had an airplane theme and how the island of Sri Lanka looks like an “inflated tear.” Supposedly, the captain of MH370 had a flight simulator that featured an airport or two in Sri Lanka.

So, where is the plane?

I don’t know. Are the passengers being held at a secret base at the American base on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean? What is really going on? We know one woman connected to a missing passenger said in a BBC interview that a cover-up is taking place and we aren't be told the truth about the fate of MH370. Meanwhile, rabbit warren-like trails are going cold and mile-long stretches of trash and refuse is being compared to "dust bunnies" in a house, out there in the cold, unforgiving ocean.

We do know that more people are paying attention to the upcoming first of “Four Blood Moons” (killing moons?) beginning on April 15th, right before Easter. I attended a church event in Edmond, which I wrote about, where war and the “four blood moons” is a hot topic. And we know about the connection between the Moon and the Easter season. Much to be explored there, I promise. In the meantime, there is this clip from The Last Temptation of Christ. "You're thirsty for justice!" Jesus tells the crowd during the Sermon on the Mount. Of course on the marquee in Donnie Darko is The Last Temptation of Christ and Evil Dead.

Again, where is the missing plane? Did it fly through a tear in the fabric of space and time, like the U.S.S. Eldridge? We certainly know that searchers for the plane say searching the remote Indian Ocean is "like going to the moon." 

And since we started this post with a reference to a haunting Echo & The Bunnymen song, I thought I'd end with another haunting song from that amazing band, "Lost and Found" from 1987.

"I was counting all the tombstones
Of the buried boys and girls
As the wind blew in like ice
And froze this cemetery world
And we all fell down
We were lost and found
And the sun went down

We were lost and found ..."

What is lost will be found. We must be patient.

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