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Lattice of coincidence

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"Plate of shrimp."
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OKLAHOMA CITY – It took the Liquid Paper fortune of smart-Monkee Michael Nesmith to fund, support and creatively influence the 1984 cult classic film Repo Man, directed by Alex Cox, who also did Sid & Nancy and Walker the film about the American who went to Nicaragua and made himself president in the 1850's. Cox directed it in Nicaragua after Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas took over. Joe Strummer of The Clash did the music for Walker - and the name "Walker" has been coming up a lot lately, and I had "Police and Thieves" in my head all day.

It’s a fantastic film and perfectly captures that mid-80’s punk-rock weirdness, parapolitical zaniness and Cold War paranoia as no other film of that era could. As the UFO conspiracy guy in Richard Linklater’s Slacker tells his companion on the streets of Austin – “I was watching the late, late show lot of truth in the late, late show, they slip it through, they figure nobody's watching, but . . .”

Well, it’s that with Repo Man. I love the attitude and questions  and the great punk music of Circle Jerks, the Plugz, and Black Flag and Iggy Pop (and the fact that Nesmith was the driving force behind its creation –he’s a huge hero of mine) …

So or me, growing up in the 1980’s, I was perusing the local library or the Kroger supermarket, perusing the racks and stacks, seeking information – information that was suppressed and hidden. I was starting to look for it in sci-fi films like 2001 and 2010, but books were mainly my thing. Roswell, Bigfoot, Men in Black, the Bermuda Triangle, alien abductions, ghosts and whatever else was in the “weird” section of the neighborhood bibliotheque.

Well, one of my favorite scenes in Repo Man is  when the philosopher mechanic Miller (Tracey Walter – born 1947) is talking to Otto Maddox (Emilio Estevez), while burning random items in a barrel under an L.A. bridge. In fact, one of the items is a New Age book called "Dioretix," a take off of L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology book Dianetics. Hubbard was linked with Aleister Crowley. Interestingly, the shot of Otto throwing the book in the barrel is very similar to the scene in Carnivale of Ben Hawkins throwing "The Ferryman" Tarot card in a fire - a card that wouldn't burn. In Carnivale, an acolyte of Brother Justin's is named Wilfred Talbot Smith, an occult figure linked with Crowley as well. We note that in our recent piece (featuring info on UFOs and New Mexico - much like Repo Man) "Nearly As Bright as the Sun.")

“A lot of people don’t realize what’s really going on. They view life as a bunch of unconnected incidences and things. They don’t realize that there’s this, like, lattice of coincidence that lays on top of everything.

I’ll give you an example of what I mean. Suppose you’re thinking about a plate of shrimp. Suddenly, somebody will say something like ‘plate’ or ‘shrimp’ or’ plate of shrimp,’ out of the blue, no explanation. No point in looking for one, either. It’s all part of a cosmic unconsciousness.”

“Did you do a lot of acid, Miller, back in the hippie days?” Otto asks.

Miller ignores him and continues: “I’ll give you another instance. You know the way everybody is into weirdness right now? Books in all the supermarkets about Bermuda Triangles, UFOs, how the Mayans invented television, that kind of thing?”

“I don’t read them books,” Otto replies.

“Well, the way I see, it’s exactly the same. There ain’t no difference between a flying saucer and a time machine. People get so hung up on specifics, they miss out on seeing the whole thing.”

Indeed. Note how in the 2015 of Back to the Future Pt. 2, the silvery DeLorean time machine flies through the air - like a flying saucer would. Funny how I played Huey Lewis & The News' "Back in Time" multiple times in my car yesterday ... This time travel subject has followed me around for many years.

Immersing oneself into the world of synchronicity and synchromysticism can be a bit disorienting at times.

Recently, while having book covers scanned in – books to be reviewed – I randomly included an obscure book I bought on a whim – LC Vincent’s The 440 Enigma.

I was vaguely familiar with this “enigma”

In the introduction to the slender volume, Vincent writes: “A seemingly innocuous decision, one apparently made for the good of humanity and the best of intentions – the establishment of a music tuning standard for all Western musical instruments and orchestras – may harbor a secret agenda whose ramifications are so vast and far-reaching , in their evil complexity that it is scarcely possible to comprehend their scope.”

Continuing, Vincent writes: “The selection f this one simple tuning frequency standard for musicians, instruments and orchestras over another may have had the subtle power to sew discord, suspicion, envy, disharmony, enmity, and distrust among a significant majority of the planet’s population. And it all may have started with the most simple, elemental aspect of creation – vibration.”

I have not read all of the book yet – a review will soon follow once I do – but it important to do so, I feel, as the universe seems to be pointing me in that direction.

Let me take you back to a few nights ago when I was suddenly awakened by steady, loud “ringing” sound in my ear. I don’t recall a random “ringing” like this ever awaking me in such a manner. I looked at the clock and it was 4:40 a.m. Still a bit sleepy I made a mental note, thought about the significance of “4:40” for a moment or two, and fell back asleep.

The next night, I was awakened again, but not by the strange ringing tone. But as I lay there I said to myself – “It is 4:40 a.m.” I take a look at the clock and it was 4:40 on the dot. This was remarkable and seemed to mean something. Or maybe not. 

It reminded me of the 440 book I had leafed through (which, upon first glance seems to be an interesting mish-mash of right-wing-leaning conspiracy - Nazis, Rockefellers and so forth, but addresses prime resonance, sacred geometry, the "music of the spheres," the Sanskit "OM" and so forth). On Wikipedia, I looked up 440 Hz, which is the musical note A above middle C. There is a sample of the tone, which can be heard here. Again, it sounded like what I heard in my left ear the other night at 4:40 a.m.

As Geroge Whitney Martin writes in his book The Opera Companion, the U.S. adopted 440 as the standard pitch and became the country’s “official” pitch. Later, the International Organization of Standardization adopted 440 as the standard pitch in 1955.” Writes Martin: “The pitch is still too high for purists and singers; the latter would probably prefer a standard pitch of 435 cps, and the purists dream of hearing each composition at the pitch at which the composer imagined it.”

Taking us back to Repo Man and Miller's conspiracy-laden dialogue, he uses the term "cosmic unconsciousness" (he won a Saturn Award for his performance in Repo Man). Yes, this is played for laughs - maybe a little bit, as Nesmith and crew knew what they were doing - but in Vincent's 440 Enigma book, they address the subject in a section titled "Cosmic Consciousness - As Above, So Below." In this section, Vincent references John Martineau's A Little Book of Coincidence (read more here). This reminds how I was thinking yesterday about how on Jan. 28, 1986, while in 7th grade, I learned of the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger and watched the aftermath in the school library. While in there, I was compelled to check out a book on topology, a mathematical subject entirely unknown to me before that moment.

Early 17th century German mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer Johannes Kepler is best known for his “laws of planetary motion” and how there is a “harmonic order between the Earth, Sun, Moon and Planets affecting man and all creation” and that this “still remains a theory of substance for students of the esoteric.” Note The Corpus Hermeticum, as translated by G.R.S. Mead. ("Wherefore nor size, nor space, nor quality, nor form, nor time, surroundeth God; for He is All, and All surroundeth all, and permeateth all.").

Maybe Repo Man's Miller would understand what I'm trying to get at?

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