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Scene from Sun Ra's 1974 sci-fi film "Space Is the Place."
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Watching the rebooted Fox series The X-Files earlier this week, I couldn’t help but note that it’s reappearance on the pop-cultural scene could not have come at a better time.

With recent news of secret space projects, revelations about Pentagon-led, UFO-chasing programs and your garden variety “high weirdness” of the past 18-or-so months, Agent Fox Mulder comes off as a sweaty, scruffy prophet (David Duchovny looked better in Twin Peaks: The Return as former DEA Agent and current FBI Chief of Staff Denise Bryson (a transgender woman formerly known as "Dennis Bryson") than he does as disheveled, truth-seeking Mulder) who wants to “believe” but is seemingly running on fumes - like the series itself. And this is coming from a longtime fan of The X-Files

FBI Chief of Staff Denise Bryson (David Duchovny) in Twin Peaks: The Return. The ever-present American flag over her right shoulder. (Showtime)

And while I have mixed emotions about Season 11 (fingers crossed that it finds its mojo), the notion that a lot of the topics that were considered too far out there back in the idyllic 1990’s, now just seem like the latest in a towering stack of mind-shattering truths that we have yet to wrap our arms around.

And while I won’t give away the plot of the Hitlerian-synced first episode, “My Struggle III,” seeing Cigarette Smoking Man (aka “Carl Gerhart Bush”? – or is it, as Chevy Chase asks Joe Don Baker in Fletch, “It’s Karl with a ‘K’?”) recall all of the 20th century conspiratorial touchstones (Roswell UFO crash, JFK assassination, the “faked” Moon landing, etc.) he has had a role in “directing,” it was that last one – the faked Moon landing – that captured my attention. (For more on The X-Files return, check out The Secret Sun's latest post).

Both Mulder and former FBI Agent Jeffrey Spender realize “CSM” is their dad, in Star Wars-ian fashion (how did we not see that one coming?) and when we are shown a flashback to 1969, a young Spender is watching the Moon landing (which is shown in another scene as being created on a soundstage, although no Stanley Kubrick is visible) in much the same way that we see a wide-eyed “Gru” in the first Despicable Me film getting excited about men landing on the Moon. After becoming a supervillain, Gru and his Minions hatch a plot to steal the Moon, because, well, it's there ... 

Note The Shining-esque wallpaper pattern, a sort of combination of the floor pattern in the Overlook's hallways and the hellish Room 237. Despicable Me came out in 2010 and the documentary Room 237 came out in 2012. (Illumination Entertainment)

It's a curious plot, to say the least. But it is coming from an outfit called "Illumination Entertainment." Should we expect any less? 

In the documentary Room 237, one theory is that the "room" was a "MOON ROOM" representing where Kubrick helped NASA fake the Moon landings. (Warner Bros.)

I note all of this is my February 2017 Dust Devil Dreams post “Vector rising,” as Gru’s archvillain nemesis is a goofball named “Vector.” This may be a reference to the “vector” in the original NASA logo design which featured a blue space background, white stars, an orbital path and a “red vector” which seems to form a number “7.” 

And wouldn't you know it - NASA announces this week that they have a new logo (replacing - temporarily, presumably - the classic "meatball" logo that was resurrected in 1992) to commemorate this being the 60th anniversary of NASA's "launch," way back in the halcyon days of 1958! Note how the "orbital path" on the logo, crossing the "red vector," makes the number "6." What did Black Francis of The Pixies say about that number? One that happens to be my personal favorite, for reasons I've never entirely understood.

In the NASA press release announcing this new logo, they note the "red vector," writing: "The red vector represents NASA’s leadership of an innovative and sustainable exploration program that engages commercial and international partners; enables expansion of human presence to the Moon, Mars and throughout the solar system; and brings new knowledge and opportunities back to Earth."

Of course, NASA stands for "Never A Straight Answer." Most of what NASA does is unknown to most Americans. They have a nice budget, and with Trump's interest in boosting space exploration, it is bound to get even bigger. 

I am reminded of the 1974 sci-fi film Space Is the Place, by avant-jazz/shaman-philosopher Sun Ra. It's a cool film with a serious message. It was filmed in 1972, when NASA was winding down the Apollo Moon missions. But interestingly, Sun Ra - through his thoughts on African-Americans having been mistreated for so long by the "Overseer" - makes NASA out as the enemy - the white-led institution that is the enemy of truth, freedom and harmony between the races.

The African-American population of Oakland, California, ultimately, are taken aboard Ra's spaceship, at the end of the film, leaving behind white people - as Earth is ultimately destroyed. 

In my last Dust Devil Dreams post, I noted my growing concern over the threat of a nuclear war taking place. But take comfort in the words and visions of Mexican psychic Antonio “El Brujo Mayor” Vazquez who announced this week that the “Knight of Swords” Tarot card indicates that “no bombs will fly” between the US and North Korea. But then Vazquez previously predicted that Trump would not be elected president … 

QUALITIES: Direct. Blunt. Authoritative. Overbearing. Unfeeling.

And while nuclear war may not occur, the rhetoric coming from Trump is shocking, disturbing and reckless. It's still early in 2018 and already the synchronicities are coming on fast. We will continue to explore these themes and ideas going forward.

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