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OKLAHOMA CITY – Before I get into the heart of this latest Dust Devil Dreams piece, I have to ask the question: How many public restrooms out there feature framed posters of sculptor Luis Jimenez’s Blue Mustang or Mesteno (Mustang)?

I know that in the past couple of weeks – the first in an art museum in Corpus Christi, Texas and the second in a restaurant in Norman, Oklahoma – I have found myself face-to-face with the demonic equine with red eyes – the creation that killed its creator.

Yes, as we have noted before, Jimenez copied and embiggened his eight-foot high sculpture Mesteno - the one at the Fred Jones Museum in Norman – and it ended up greeting visitors to the unsettling Denver International Airport. But not before a large piece of the wild horse fell and severed an artery in the sculptor’s leg, killing him in 2006.

And so in two different bathrooms, in two different states, in a span of two weeks, I run into these two different “Mustang” posters, promoting a Jimenez exhibit.

And the night before I saw it most recently in the Mexi-Diner bathroom in Norman, I had a distinctive dream involving flocks of evil birds attacking “peace dolphins” in a Scottish loch. This, after a “Christian woman” named “Andrea” throws a flower bulb in the loch, which spreads and pushes away the surface muck and signals the beginning of an age of peace. This, despite the birds attacking and killing the peace dolphins in the cold, dark loch.

Naturally, that brings to mind The Police’s 1983 single “Synchronicity II” and the line “Something crawls to the surface / Of a dark Scottish loch …”

The same year – 1983 – Styx had a song from their Kilroy Was Here album called “Don’t Let It End.” An appealing, mid-tempo rock ballad featuring the stunning vocals of Dennis DeYoung. In this dream, however, I am singing “Don’t Let It End” karaoke style.

The year 1983 seemed very important in this dream. People in the dream dressed in that preppy, early 80’s style and had early 80’s hairdos. References to camp, “being in a movie” and other things I remember from my 10th-into-11th year of life resonate.

In what could only be called a curious slice o’ synchronicity, my two past Dust Devil Dreams articles happened to sync with two stories making the rounds this Tuesday.

The first has to do with long-time voiceover actor and American Top 40 radio-show host Casey Kasem.

It appears that the one-time voice for ever-snacking sleuth Shaggy on Scooby-Doo has himself gone missing. Zoinks! Fire up the Mystery Machine, gang!

But seriously, Casey Kasem is indeed missing, as his daughter Kerri Kasem has told the media. She says the seriously ill 82-year-old man – who was part of the focus of my last Dust Devil Dream piece “Thoughts on the Letter U and the Numeral 2” – may be on an “Indian Reservation” or “fled the country.” It appears to be a family battle over conservatorship amongst his children and wife Jean.

Kasem and U2 (“these guys are from England and who gives a shit?!?”) had little sympathy for Island Records’ damaging lawsuit against avant-garde noise band Negativland. The clever group had used samples of Kasem cursing up a storm and at one point ridiculing the Irish band whose hit “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” was parodied by Negativland on their U2 album – the album that led to all the hullaballoo in the first place.

And speaking of hullaballoo, as a side note, that recent incident where a U-2 spy-plane - like the one the Soviets shot down in 1960 – “scrambled computers” at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) may not have been behind the curious incident after all. The cause, FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown said, has been “resolved” but refused to offer any other details. In darker corners of the online news world, American Thinker ponders the grim idea that the LAX “glitch” was an “EMP attack test.”

Prior to that Dust Devil Dreams piece, I had one called “The ocean blue …” all about Christopher Columbus sailing in 1492 … blah, blah, blah with tax. Oh, and that oft-forgotten fact that the man was a genocidal maniac!

While in Corpus Christi, Texas at the Museum of Science & History a few weeks ago, I examined the replicas of Columbus’s Pinta and Santa Maria. And what do archaeological investigators say that they may have found off of the north coast of Haiti? The remains of the actual Santa Maria!

Your Dust Devil Dreamer has argued that Columbus Day be abandoned and replaced by Indigenous People’s Day, as Minneapolis and other cities have done. Perhaps this attention on one of Columbus’s ships will cast some light on the ship’s dark connection to the blackhearted Columbus.

The third story linking synchromystically to current news headlines involved the stealing of spoons by thieves in the tomb of the late President James Garfield.

Here I go back to last October and my post “A ticket to Hatfield.” I note how Charles Guiteau, Garfield’s assassin, used a British-mae .44 caliber Webley Bulldog revolver in commission of his crime in 1881. It would take Garfield two months to succumb to his injuries.

I wrote: “There is an undeniable John Lennon sync here. Lennon’s 1968 song “Hey Bulldog” and the 1966 album Revolver are said to be clues to Lennon’s assassination just under 100 years after Garfield’s assassination. Lennon’s assassin, Mark David Chapman, used a .38-caliber revolver.”

Staying on the rock and name theme, I also note in this piece that alt-rocker Juliana Hatfield released a song in 1993 called “President Garfield.” The song was not about President James Garfield but about Henry Rollins (a.k.a. Henry Garfield, the beefy poet, actor and singer for Black Flag and Rollins Band). As Hatfield said in 1994 that in the song she says she wants Rollins’ “power” inside her. Not sexually, but “his spiritual power or whatever it is.”

Reading about Mark David Chapman’s bizarre behavior before his role in John Lennon’s assassination, one wonders if he wasn’t trying to tap into Lennon’s “spiritual power or whatever it is.” 

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