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Keep looking up! (Skylights)

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OKLAHOMA CITY – The lights in the sky were white and moving fast. Were they on the molecular level or were they in the sky?

At one point in this very vivid dream, I was along the coast of California (a state that pops up a lot in my dreams, for some reason, despite my limited time spent in that state) and, according to a map I was looking down at, was in or around the city of Salinas, home of the American author John Steinbeck.

These fast-moving objects were, as I noted in my original note made at 4 a.m. – “stars or sperm or saucers.” Or maybe white UFOs like the sightings made commonly over Mexico in the 1990’s.

I did some research on Salinas, California and could not find anything out of the ordinary being reported there in real time. Not so unusual, really. Perhaps it is something coming up in the near future? 

What is weird is that earlier today I passed by Gordon Cooper Blvd., here in Oklahoma City, and began thinking about the Oklahoma native and famous astronaut who had reported seeing strange objects in low-earth orbit, something NASA did not want the media to address or discuss way back in 1963. Cooper was a firm believer in UFOs, we should note.

And then the sync hits: I watch a SecureTeam conspiracy video from June 15th titled “They Won’t Reveal What’s Being Tracked in Space.” And it begins by featuring text addressing Cooper’s 1963 space encounter with something “glowing green” not far from his space capsule.


It is a bit surreal watching CBS All Access’s new limited series Strange Angel, based on the George Pendle book of the same name (which we reviewed here in 2016), about occult rocket scientist Jack Parsons, played by able actor Jack Reynor. And don't get me started on The Big Bang Theory being set in Pasadena, California - where Parsons was based, and died - and the main actor, Jim Parsons, playing a character named Sheldon Cooper who is said to be from Gulf Coast city of Galveston, Texas - right on my 94th meridian west which I am writing about ... but I'll save that for later ... 

And as a side note, it's as strange as that UK series, Requiem, that I watched some weeks ago, invoking the John Dee "monad" and all sorts of esoteric info, which I wrote about in my piece "Angels watching over me." In that piece I talk about the 1994 UFO flap over Western Michigan. A time when strange lights ("I thought that they were angels, but to my surprise, we climbed aboard their starship, we headed for the skies!" - "Come Sail Away" by Styx).

So ... Strange Angel, set in 1930's Los Angeles, begins with Parsons, leaving his menial job, driving past a sign promoting Pasadena - and its "wealth" of oranges. Where have we heard that before? Oh! In the 1974 Roman Polanski classic Chinatown, also set in 1930's Los Angeles and where "orange groves" play a subtle role in the plot, where Jake Gittes (Jack Nicholson - another Jack, eh?) goes looking for some clues in orange groves being allegedly "watered" in the "Northwest Valley." 

Jake is discovered poking around the orange groves and is beaten senseless by "dumb Okies." Hmmm ... if only James Shelby Downard were still alive to chime in on all of this hullaballoo!

In my 2015 Dust Devil Dreams post "Arrange the oranges," I note this and other relavent scenes in Chinatown. Groves. Ah! There was a Groves, Texas in the vicinity of sync-tastic Port Arthur. Referencing the pecan groves of its day. And then there is Gen. Leslie Groves. He's the gruff military man who not only built the Pentagon (opening on 9/11/41 - exactly 60 years before it was "attacked") but who was tasked with keeping Oppenheimer and his eggheads in line at Los Alamos, New Mexico amidst the creation of the atomic bomb for the Manhattan Project. Atoms for peace, don't forget ... 

The "orange" theme is getting a lot of sync ink, of late. Particularly at The Secret Sun, a stop I make daily. With this controversy over Twin Peaks director David Lynch talking about President Trump potentially being a great president (?!?!), I was reminded of a post made at The Secret Sun last July, amidst the Twin Peaks: The Return revival. 

The post, "Sex Magick and Secret Societies at War," which received a lot of attention at the time, he talks a bit about Lynch and his background. I should note that Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost, a diehard FDR-styled, New Deal Democrat, likely disagrees with his longtime pal on the issue of Trump.

As Christopher Knowles wrote last July: "In case the storyline of clashing lodges went over anyone's head, Frost's Secret History of Twin Peaks makes damn sure you get the drift as it hammers a vision of white-lodge Freemasons struggling against black-lodge Illuminati into your head. Secret History even includes a mock version of Meriwether Lewis' Masonic apron and drives home the link between the owl icon and the Illuminati.

Throw in UFOs, Jack Parsons, Aleister Crowley, Bohemian Grove and pretty much every other bullet point you can conjure from the catalog of high weirdness and conspiracy culture and you're off to the races."
Can't overlook ol' sex-magick-lovin' Marvel Whiteside "Jack" Parsons ... and isn't Caltech theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper a fan of Marvel Comics? Or is it (Washington) DC Comics? I can't keep it all straight. I do know that there was a discussion about the time-travel conundrum in Back to the Future. And let me tell you, we are most certainly in a Tannen-Trump-esque "Alternate 1985," y'all!
And in this Big Bang Theory clip, note that Leonard is wearing a jellyfish T-shirt that looks like a mushroom cloud. Makes sense, since the original plan from Robert Zemeckis was to send Marty McFly back to the future using a nuclear detonation, not simple lightning ... or the "explosive end" that foreshadows that rake Jack Parsons in Strange Angel
Stranger things, indeed!
Oh, I should note that since that Lynch-loves-Trump story broke, Lynch wrote to America's orange fuhrer on Facebook: "It’s not too late to turn the ship around. Point our ship toward a bright future for all. You can unite the country. Your soul will sing. Under great loving leadership, no one loses – everybody wins."
Not sure if that is the TM talking or what ... but hey, it's David Lynch!

In Christopher Knowles' latest Secret Sun post - "Spies, Cylons and Sex Cults," he brings up "orange" again. It's a color that is hard to avoid in 2018! He notes that David Bowie (cue the ongoing #BlackstarEvent) is "in orange" and that the percentage of people that think the NASA photos are fake are pretty high, with a smaller percentage believing the photos are fake - but in orange! Perhaps Trump's Space Force is being assembled for another project. And I bet they wear orange uniforms! Space Force!!!

Oh, and I checked on the distance between Salinas and Pasadena - just a little over 300 miles. I wonder how many orange groves one drives past to get there?

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