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Intersection of high weirdness

Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report
These pumpkins are being sold at a location I suspect to be a "window area" of Edmond.
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EDMOND, Okla. – The most recent eyewitness UFO report out of Oklahoma was made at on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 and took place in Edmond, near the railroad tracks to the west of the Home Depot at 1901 S. Broadway (Extension), not far from the intersection of Broadway Extension and 33rd Street.

The report noted that the eyewitness had left his/her neighborhood west of Broadway Extension. As the person drove eastbound, they saw a helicopter in the darkness, just before dawn. Sunlight was beginning to appear and the eyewitness then thought another helicopter appeared, but this one looked like a “cigar-shaped, brown or black object” that seemed to hover approximately a half-mile from the helicopter.

As the driver made it to Broadway, the strange object, which had been stationary, began to move southeast, away from his location. As he turned and tried to find it, it had vanished. Pulling into the Home Depot parking lot, to look for the object, the eyewitness had no success. It was gone.

The railroad tracks - a liminal area - behind the Home Depot where UFO eyewitness lost sight of strange object. (Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report)

So, dear reader, does that busy intersection of 33rd and Broadway sound familiar? It should. Since September 2013 – six years, now – I have been keeping an eye on reports of high strangeness manifesting in and around that location. Strange lights. “Aeroforms. Mysterious, buried "sites." Loved ones noting the location in their dreams. There is something about it and I think more people are starting to notice it as well. 

Back in January, in my post “On the border,” I wrote, in part: “Here at Dust Devil Dreams, I have written multiple times about a September 2013 reported sighting of a “jellyfish” at this very Edmond intersection by a mother and daughter while waiting at the light. In the the past five-plus years I have kept my eyes on the skies over this area along the OKC-Edmond boundary, in an area that is commercially ordinary, save for the light industry nearby and an adjacent railroad line, something that may play into the peculiar quality of this location.Back in October, I wrote a DDD post titled "Mystery train" about this location, noting the 2015 article (and here) I did on a mysterious archaeological site in the vicinity (dug up in 1969, where a warehouse now stands) and a dream a family member had about this very same area, but unrelated to my investigations.

In the intervening months I had not heard or read much about this location, something the Fortean investigator and writer John Keel (The Mothman Prophecies, The Eighth Tower, etc.) as a “window area.”

Earlier today I was explaining the notion of a “window area” to a guy working in a lot on the southeastern corner of 33rd and Broadway Extension selling pumpkins and other “harvest” gourds and such for an Arcadia, Oklahoma-based ranch that has a very successful pumpkin patch. The employee I spoke to didn’t seem to know, nor care, about what I was talking about. He wanted to sell me a pumpkin.

The intersection of 33rd and Broadway Ext. can be seen behind the pumpkins. (Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report)

Fair enough. Then, something told me to talk to a woman who was also working. She turned out to be much more receptive to my questions and thoughts on the location. She admitted to sensing there was an "energy" at the location, chalking it up to the prevalence of heavy traffic, electrical power lines and human activity. Whatever "it" was, was drawn to that location, she speculated. 

When I explained to her my investigations over the years and my articles (linked earlier in the story), she nodded in agreement. She also noted that as she drove to the pumpkin sales spot before dawn, a huge "contrail" with six points, loomed directly overhead. It captured the attention of the Twittersphere and even some local meterologists were commenting on, blandly explaining the vapor trails away as normal activity from hot airplane exhaust meeting cold air, high in the sky. This, of course, played right into the "chemtrail" conspiracy, a topic I have not addressed since 2015, with my article "Orb caught in photo of chemtrail crossing the sun." Lens flare? Orb? Who knows? The chemtrail issue suddenly was churning heavily on local social media and the purpose of the six-crossed-lines-in-the-sky remains unknown.

But why was I here again, at 33rd and Broadway Extension? Well, because of that recent UFO report, observed in the general vicinity of the area I have been investigating and, a report I received from a trusted source who told me a friend was driving through the intersection in question and the electrical power in their new car completely failed. I tried multiple times to get further confirmation about this, but have not heard back from the source, as of yet. If I do get an update, I will be sure to post it here. 

Anyway, before I left, I bought a few pumpkins for the porch. The woman that was helping me said at least two car crashes happen at the intersection, it seemed. It is a very busy location, with restaurants and other businesses nearby. To me, that's what makes the reported "high weirdness" all the more interesting.

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