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OKLAHOMA CITY – Over the weekend, I was watching Star Wars with my young sons, both of whom had never seen it. They are obsessed with Star Wars and seeing them watch it together was a treat.

And there’s a scene where Princess Leia is in the custody of Darth Vader and the Empire and he is demanding to know where the Rebel Alliance’s secret base is located. When she won’t give up the location, a sinister black droid with a long needle approaches her – the torturous IT-O Interrogator – to be used to elicit confessions and information from prisoners.

“And now, your highness, we will discuss the location of your hidden Rebel base,” Darth Vader menacingly tells Leia.

It’s a chilling scene.

And yet it brought to mind a Dust Devil Dream I had back on Valentine’s Day – appropriately titled “Oh mi corazon” (Oh my heart!).

In the recounting of the dream I had in the early morning hours of February 14th, it was the year 2037 (23 years from now) and me and members of my family are being “tagged” by needle-bearing drones (not unlike the monstrous IT-O Interrogators operated by the Empire on Star Wars). With me, running down the hall of a run-down hotel that reminded me of the Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, another man looking like Benicio del Toro (appearing as he did in the Steven Soderbergh biopic Che about revolutionary Che Guevara). We are being chased by these “small, smooth, white-colored, alien-operated ‘drones’ that act as ‘couriers’ that ‘tag’ humans with information about the status of their DNA.”

(Editor’s note: While watching The Empire Strikes Back last night, we noticed a curious “DNA strand” piece of decorative furniture in an apartment in Lando Calrissian's Cloud City living space. It was oddly out of place – DNA, of course, plays a major role in The Big Bang Theory, a show we watch as well, and has been curiously linked to “rocket scientist” – ahem! – Jack Parsons. And then, watching Modern Family a little later - Billy Dee Williams - Lando - makes an appearance!).

As we run down the hall, “Che” and I run to the door of a room, “Che” makes it, slams the door, just as the drone slams intot he door, bounces up and strikes the ceiling, causing the alien drone to explode into a white foam …

I hadn’t made the connection between the two until now.

In addition, in that “Oh mi corazon” piece, the Spanish Civil War was noted, in relation to synchronicity explorer and writer Arthur Koestler.

Koestler (author of The Roots of Coincidence), in the 1930’s, was a “dedicated anti-fascist” who found himself in Spain during that brutal civil war – a civil war I am hungrily reading about at the moment – who would find himself in a Spanish prison in 1937, an experience that would lead to Koestler writing Dialogue With Death and Darkness at Noon.

So, last week, I wrote a piece titled “Dawn of the horned man.” When President Obama gave his speech about America’s war against ISIS, The Drudge Report featured the controversial image of the president where the drapes behind him appear like horns on his head and the image below that was the scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey (Kubrick again!) where a “divine syzygy” is show between Moon, Sun and Monolith during the critical first chapter “Dawn of Man” is shown.

… which brings me to a film I just rewatched – the incredibly important and sync-tastic Pan’s Labyrinth by Mexican-American film director Guillermo del Toro – no relation to the aforementioned Benicio del Toro, as far as I know …

Pan’s Labyrinth is set in 1944, a few years after the conclusion of the Spanish Civil War and World War II is raging in neighboring France. However, republican rebels (“The freedom fighters died upon the hill” The Clash, "Spanish Bombs") are still battling the Francoist fascists in a guerilla war that is winding down in the hills of northern Spain, not far from the French border.

And so young Ofelia, fond of reading fairy tales, along with her pregnant mother Carmen make their way to the camp where her new Falangist husband, the deranged psychopath Captain Vidal, is stationed, battling the republican rebels.

While there, Ofelia sees a stick insect that she believes is a fairy and soon discovers an ancient labyrinth  and a well-like tunnel and altar (note my recent sync “From the bottom of the well,” which syncs perfectly with this!) and meets a faun – Pan – the horned man!

Pan believes Ofelia is Princess Moanna, whose father is the king of the underworld. If Ofelia – Princess Moanna – is to regain immortality, she has to complete three tasks before the full moon. Interestingly, she finds a crescent moon mark on her shoulder, as the faun suggested she would.

(SPOILER ALERT!) After Ofelia’s mother dies and she whisks her baby brother away, she finds herself back in the labyrinth where Pan is awaiting her. Vidal, however, finds her after she refuses to hand the baby over to the faun. She has passed the test, even as she is shot and killed under the full moon and her blood spills on the altar in the well below. She is then reunited with her parents – rulers of the underworld – as a princess.

Just as I was compelled to move to Oklahoma nine years ago, I was compelled to rewatch Pan’s Labyrinth, a movie that is popular in sync circles but one I had not watched since I first saw it in 2007. 

There is much more here, which I will address in a following Dust Devil Dreams post. Much more.

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