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OKLAHOMA CITY – The Roman god Neptune (Poseidon to the Greeks), he of the water and seas and armed with a trident, was honored this week with Neptunalia (July 23-24).

I only discovered this thanks to a Twilight Language post from Loren Coleman where he discussed “Tridents” that have been making appearances due to recent plane crashes and that Neptunalia was traditionally this week in ancient Rome where the people of those times sought to have Neptune’s protection of the irrigations waters and works. A bull would be sacrificed as well. This is because this time period is very hot and dry and right between the summer solstice and the vernal equinox.

Coleman noted that this Neptunalia sync was noted by another blogger – Etemenanki. As he wrote: "Reason for the intensity of today? Neptunalia - feast day of Neptune-Poseidon, god of horses, sea, quakes, & associated with Atlantis."

On July 24th – synchronistically connected to Neptunalia – I posted “Sync and ye shall find?” a post about tridents and the use of Neptune/Poseidon in the “Enchantment Under the Sea” dance in the synchromystic 1985 film Back to the Future. The image accompanying that Dust Devil Dreams piece was one of George McFly (Crispin Glover) dancing near the Neptune statue.

Oddly, I have been drawn to some water-oriented songs this week as well while knowing little, if anything, about Neptunalia. Today, I played “Octopus’s Garden” by The Beatles. After the song ended, my six-year old son asked me to play Donovan’s “Atlantis.” As I switched CD’s to grant his request, The Police’s water-oriented song “Message in a Bottle” was on.

… and then, tonight, as I finished up Andras Jones’s Accidental Initiations: In The Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia, he is taking us on a tour of the Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia and notes the approach to Water Street, “appropriately namesd since this used to be the shore line. The rest of the path we travel was underwater a mere 75 years ago, so we are submergining even as we are ascending and, if you pay attention, you may notice that this is a deliciously disorienting sensation. Welcome to Atlantis, the Octopus’s Garden, the vortex. A different reality below the surface.”

Indeed! Here at Dust Devil Dreams (a vortex!) we examine dreams, synchronicity and more observations of the seemingly hidden. I was floored when I read that just after hearing those very songs back-to-back (with a little Sting in between). And what is interesting is that when I interviewed Andras Jones last fall, we talked about tornadoes (vortices) and syncs involving Twister and The Shining.

Atlantis? Just the other day I was reminded of The Simpsons episode where Homer is in a Freemasonic-esque secret society called The Stonecutters. They have a song where they sing about all the things they keep hidden like, "Who leaves Atlantis off the maps? / Who keeps the Martians under wraps? / We do, we do ..." 

And then there was last night’s dream. A water dream, of which I have had many over the years.

When I was a reporter in Louisiana a colleague and I would analyze my water dreams. And so last night’s dream involved me in a “collective” aboard what seemed to be a large camper van or bus. The Mississippi River had overflowed its banks and the riverside road was rather perilous, complete with bumps and areas that had been washed out. It was rather nerve racking. All the while I’m fascinated with the fact that the Mississippi River had – once again – flooded.

So, was this triggered by hearing Sugar’s “Hoover Dam” the day before where Bob Mould sings “If the Mississippi should wash me away / Down to New Orleans / Maybe someday in my dreams / I’d wake feeling the sweat / From the gulf in my mouth …

Or was it because when I was a camp counselor in Michigan in June 1993, I had a vivid dream about the Mississippi River overflowing its banks. Little did I know (I was in a rural camp setting not near TV, radio or newspapers) that the Mississippi River was actually flooding at that same time. It was quite a disaster, particularly around St. Louis, where much of my family is from.

These places – the Mississippi River, New Orleans, Hoover Dam … they have all been on my mind lately. 

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