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Hypnotic, aye

Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Sometimes it’s the small things that pop out at you. A street sign. A billboard. A phrase heard in passing.

A couple of days ago it was a hat and a newspaper. It hit me between the eyes, or should I say “eye.”

I had picked up a cap at the Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers concert the week before and had been wearing it. I took it off and laid it on my desk on top of some cable and a page or two from the local newspaper.

The hat was from Petty’s Hypnotic Eye Tour, promoting his new album Hypnotic Eye. And all the merchandise featured this all-seeing eye in black-and-white. I have long found Tom Petty to be a synchromystic fellow. Think back to his role of “Mad Hatter” in the sitar-infused 1985 hit “Don’t Come Around Here No More.”

So, I happen to glance at the hat, and through the open, back part of the cap and see the newspaper and the words “EBOLA VIRUS and Crew.” It was a portion of an AP story out of Dallas headlined “Crew disinfects home where patient stayed.”

Well, that was on October 4th. Since then, Patient Zero, Thomas Eric Duncan, succumbed to the virulent Ebola virus.

So, the image of the all-seeing, “hypnotic” eye and the words “EBOLA VIRUS” and “Crew” got me to thinking about a thread or two I’d recently seen on a conspiracy forum regarding the 2012 Ridley Scott film Prometheus. With Scotland in the headlines recently, it is interesting to note that in the film, archaeologists, in the year 2089, discover a “star map” on the Isle of Skye in Scotland ("Aye!"), which links to others found in other parts of the world.

This leads to Earthlings thinking this is their invitation to visit the distant world of the “Engineers,” forerunners of humanity. During the trip, the crew is in hibernation of “stasis,” while a human-like android named “David 8” oversees the trip, a discovery that will lead to amazing horrors. Check out my June post "Just curious."

Incredibly, the android character “David 8,” who is played by Michael Fassbender, who a year earlier played synchronicity explorer Dr. Carl G. Jung in A Dangerous Method, infects a crew member aboard the ship with a Black Fluid bioweapon, but also is okay with a creation killing its creator, as we saw with HAL 9000, the Discovery’s artificial intelligence in Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 cinematic masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Most of the crew is ultimately killed by the Black Fluid, which is a fast-acting, horrific substance that destroys its host. Learn more about the fluid/goo/seed here.

… which brings me to The Drudge Report headlines of the day. The top headline reads “HHS: THERE MAY BE MORE.” More "fear porn" or is this high-level pathogen going to change our lives from here on out? Is it genetically engineered? Is, as one conspiracy site speculated, Ebola an alien virus designed to reset our DNA? With each passing days, the questions grow and the speculation gets ever stranger.

And just below and to the right is a headline is “ELON MUSK: Artificial Intelligence Could Wipe Out Humanity …” And what image does Drudge use? Well, as he has done recently, he uses an image from 2001: A Space Odyssey – a scene of the astronauts in hibernation aboard the Discovery – before HAL 9000 kills them. Interestingly - and synchronistically - Ridley Scott announced Prometheus 2: Paradise, will be released in 2016. Alex Jones offers this insight into the upcoming sequel.

Oh, and yes, Drudge has used 2001: A Space Odyssey imagery before, and in recent months. Note our sync posts "Zagadka" from July and "Dawn of the horned man" in September. 

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, in Vanity Fair, warns that advancing artificial intelligence – AI creations in cinema like HAL 9000 and David 8 – could be in our future and not have our best interest in mind at a certain point. I should mention that in Prometheus, David is beheaded, a theme in these days of ISIS terror and weekly beheadings of Westerners.

We should note that Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong died in 2012, the year Prometheus came out. Armstrong struck many as a bit odd in his reluctance to talk much about his experience on the Moon. Some say Stanley Kubrick faked the Apollo missions and that Ridley Scott has been tapped to fake the upcoming Mars missions. Visit our post "Capricorn run" for more insights on that mystery.

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