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Help! Jellied Edmondfish and eight (or more) arms to hold you

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Or ... Three hearts and eight arms to hold you

OKLAHOMA CITY – In 1969, avant-garde rocker Captain Beefheart informed listeners, via the vinyl grooves of his cult classic Trout Mask Replica, that “A squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and bulbous, got me?”

We here at Red Dirt Report can dig that. We only mention those words of wisdom because something fast and bulbous is reportedly being seen in our Oklahoma skies and inquiring minds want to know just what exactly it is that people are seeing, not just here but around the globe.

During a recent conversation with MUFON Oklahoma director Rick Gardner, who updated us on our recent “Tall Blondes” report out at Arcadia Lake (more on that later), he told us there was an unusual report he was looking into involving what was described as a “jellyfish.”

Now, before we get into the squishy meat of the matter, I should note that a few days earlier, while idling in traffic under the railroad overpass on 5th Street in downtown Oklahoma City, my son noticed some graffiti on the concrete abutment.

“A jellyfish!” my son said cheerfully.

Glancing over, I saw it too. It had eight arms hanging down and two “eyes” that reminded me of something Texas musician/artist Daniel Johnston might have dreamed up. There were no words tagged next to the “jellyfish” (which I thought had more of an octopus or squid-like appearance).

Is this a fan of H.P. Lovecraft or the recent hullaballoo around the “Azathoth” monolith in front of the Paseo Grill? Or is this similar to cloaked aliens who later reveal their true appearance, a’la Arthur C. Clarke’s Overlords in Childhood’s End?

Or a "Croctopus"? 

Anyway, I mentioned this “jellyfish art” detail to Gardner and I get the impression he is taking mental notes as we have our conversation.

Gardner explains that the report made by a woman stuck at a light at the busy Edmond intersection of 33rd and Broadway Extension, was of an event that took place late in the morning of Monday, September 30, 2013.

The woman was with her teenaged daughter and, according to she had her sunroof open and was actually looking for “chem planes” and wondering about a CME or coronal mass ejection from the sun. She also said she is watching the skies for evidence of Comet ISON.

Notes the woman in the report: “I started yelling, ‘what is that omg, what is that??? look, look!!’ she said she didn't see anything. I turned her head slightly as it was above us but also right in front of us. She was like, ‘I don't know, I think it's a balloon’ then it shot up and west. she said, ‘that is not a balloon!’ The light had changed and people were honking. It was a very busy intersection and I couldn't believe people weren't looking up. We were heading west and I kept trying to keep track of it. it shot around; zig-zagged when it was right in front of us again it went from clear to silver to clear and sometimes iridescent; with tails or tentacles hanging from it...they were light green, purple and pink..maybe yellow. I was trying to find a place to pullover when it shot up.”

At this point, the stunned driver is pulling off the road at an area called the “bus barn” and shooting video, which would later reveal a “cigar”-shaped object she had not seen at the time of the jellyfish sighting.

The report notes that the object did not look like a craft, but rather “(i)t looked like an actual being itself.”

Curiously, the incident affected the woman to the point that she says she was “extremely irritable” and that just the presence of another person “is extremely annoying.”

“I feel like I’ve had some kind of experience and believe me … I have never believed in ET’s.”

The woman notes that she had another “experience” on September 6, 2013, as well.

If you are wondering about the woman’s credibility and so forth, well, that’s certainly understandable. She notes in the report that at that busy intersection, with people honking at her that she “couldn’t believe people weren’t looking up.” Well, in our present society, half the drivers out there are looking down. Have you noticed this? They text and fiddle with the seat-warmer button or stir their coffee or take a quick snooze. Rarely are any of your fellow motorists looking up.

Anyway, this “jellyfish UFO” phenomenon is one that I have been hearing about lately. Not over the clear blue skies of wholesome Edmond, Oklahoma but in places like Denmark (1975),  the former Soviet Union (1977), Bolivia (2005), in space near the Space Shuttle Atlantis (2006), South Africa (2007), Canada (2012), and over Peru (2013).

Six years ago, in Sidney, British Columbia Canada, an eyewitness stated that he had “stepped out for a smoke” when he and his wife saw an “orange jellyfish” in the night sky.

“It was very brilliant, pulsated and jiggled slightly,” the man reported. The sky creature began to gain speed and was soon gone.

And in 2010, thousands of New Yorkers saw “a dozen or so silvery objects hovering over West 23rd Street in Manhattan,” as reported by Russia’s Pravda, in a piece (syncing with Daniel Johnston again) headlined “New Yorkers wave ‘hi’ to Jellyfish UFO’s.”

One New Yorker said the “bizarre” sighting reminded him of “a jellyfish made of lights that just hovered in the sky like it wanted to be seen. I was half expecting the aliens to beam down and introduce themselves.”

Interestingly, NASA footage of a recent International Space Station mission in 2011, following the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s delivery of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (with the help of injured former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ husband Mark E. Kelly who served as mission commander of STS-134 – something we synchromystically noted here in February 2011), noted the presence of a “jellyfish UFO" and an accompanying craft.

And just last year, Britain’s Telegraph newspaper reported that a scientist believes jellyfish-like beings can exits in space “keep(ing) themselves aloft by means of dangling buoyancy bags, and communicate with pulses of light.”

Could they be like the speculative balloon-like aliens living high in the Jovian atmosphere, as artfully offered in National Geographic’s wonderful Our Universe book from my childhood? Perhaps they are joyfully swaying to the sounds of a "Heavenly Pop Hit" from The Chills' Submarine Bells?

The UFO phenomenon is one I have followed all of my life. A “dust devil dream” last night synced with this very topic, although the UFO in my dream – hovering silently in the forest, large, nearly flat and disc-shaped – was not fast and bulbous. No ink clouds or escape. It was imperative that one not fall off the rickety, wooden bridge, attached to the tree house.

Or as Neil Young sang on the Dean Stockwell (Quantum Leap)-inspired "After the Gold Rush": "Well, I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships flying, in the yellow haze of the sun, There were children crying and colors flying all around the chosen ones. All in a dream, all in a dream ..."

Or as Stockwell himself said of the song/screenplay: "... a Jungian self-discovery of the gnosis ... it involved the Kabala (sic). It involved a lot of arcane stuff."


Back to Captain Beefheart, also on Trout Mask Replica, The Magic Band boys say emphatically: "That's right. The Mascara Snake. Fast and bulbous! Also, a tin teardrop!"

A "teardrop" shape is also a description the witness offered in their MUFON report.

Or was it a "blimp" or "mothership"?

Meanwhile, we are hoping to conduct an interview with the Edmond “jellyfish UFO” eyewitness. Stay tuned.

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