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Harebrained (Lucky collage #7)

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"Show rabbits" sticker on a car in Yukon, Oklahoma (May 2018)
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OKLAHOMA CITY – While driving down to Dallas last week with a friend, I noted the big Winstar Casino near Thackerville, Oklahoma, right before you get to the Red River Bridge.

My friend noted that casinos, in general, are “a bad deal” and cost the state more than they are truly worth having.

“I think they are a net negative on the economy,” he added.

Food for thought in these troubled times. Call Dr. Amp. Get a golden shovel and shovel yerself outta the shit!

Dr. Amp/Dr. Lawrence Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn) fighting the good fight. (Showtime)

In any event, living in Oklahoma, the prevalence of casinos and gambling is just a part of living here, with Native American tribes operating them.

So, in my last Dust Devil Dreams I posted a piece on a recent dream involving my role in bringing down the remaining walls of an old castle or church. It was sync/linked to an earlier, January 2016 post titled “Walls come tumblin’ down.

I noted an episode (October 1965)  in Season 1 of the TV comedy I Dream of Jeannie, which featured Capt. Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman) and Capt. Roger Healey (Bill Dailey) out in the Utah desert on a survival training mission.

Of course Jeannie (Barbara Eden) wants to protect her “master” and when she sees a mountain lion about to attack Tony, she blinks and turns it into a white rabbit. Naturally, there is a lot of symbolism connected to the white rabbit that we can consider, and I noted a bit of it at the time.

And the main image I used? Capt. Nelson on the desert floor holding a white rabbit.

So, it just so happened I saw another episode of I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1, that aired in February 1966. It was titled “How Lucky Can You Get?” and it involves Tony and Roger being sent to Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada (home to Area 51) for more training.

Of course, the storyline involves the two Air-Force-buddies-turned-astronauts taking a side trip to Reno, Nevada where Roger wants to gamble. Tony agrees to go but is not interested in gambling. He wants to socialize and hang out. Roger, meanwhile, admits to being “greedy” and seeking material possessions and money.

It is here that I should note that the sync/links between I Dream of Jeannie, which incorporated fairly realistic (for the time) depictions of the U.S. Air Force, the use of magic by a “genie” (djinn) and the notion of good luck.

In this episode, the stalwart Capt. Nelson (who is actually promoted to the rank of Major in this very episode and is known as Major Nelson forthwith) sees gambling as beneath him – an addictive activity that is more trouble than its worth.

But, of course, Nelson has a genie in Jeannie. And she stows away in Capt. Healey’s luggage and helps Nelson (unbeknownst to him) to win big at the slot machine, attracting the attention of the angry casino owners. This, especially after he keeps throwing sevens on the craps table. 

With a blink, Jeannie helps her master, Maj. Nelson, hit the jackpot in Reno. (Sony Entertainment Television)

Now … those of you who read Dust Devil Dreams may start thinking that scenario sounds familiar. Of course it was a year ago this month that we were introduced in Twin Peaks: The Return to FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) in the guise of child-like “Dougie Jones,” after leaving the limbo of the Black Lodge after 25 years and reappearing in modern Las Vegas, Nevada, on the other end of the state from Reno and south of Nellis AFB. 

I delved into the "lucky" nature of Cooper/Jones as he becomes "Mr. Jackpots" in the Silver Mustang Casino, soon to run afoul of the Mitchum Brothers. This post included a portion about doppelgangers and the fact that Twin Peaks is filled with them. A fellow sync'er, AG, also happened to post a Vimeo video incorporating Cooper doppelganger imagery in it just this week. Something is in the air. Check your shoes!

Note how both Maj. Nelson and Agent Cooper/Dougie Jones - at the Silver Mustang in Las Vegas - look nearly identical. (Showtime)

Another thought I had about Jeannie/Peaks is that the U.S. Air Force plays a role in both shows, overtly in Jeannie and in a more hidden way with Maj. Garland Briggs who was so key that the late Don S. Davis, who played Briggs, is brought into it more than eight years after his death. Both Nelson and Briggs are flyboys with secrets, some of them "Blue Rose" in nature. Magic(k) plays heavily in their lives and in this particular 1966 Jeannie episode, where Nelson is getting bucket after bucket of coins at the slot machine, I see our happy-go-lucky Dougie become "Mr. Jackpots" 50 years after that Jeannie episode aired.

In Twin Peaks: The Return, Dougie works for Lucky 7 Insurance. This all came to me on the 7th of May 2018. The same day I see a sign pointing me to LUCK (billboard for the Lucky Star Casino in Concho, Oklahoma). May 7, 1983 sticks out to me as being the date I stayed home to make a newspaper art collage. The date was on a piece of newspaper and always stayed with me. It struck me, at the time, as lucky.

And then there is the rabbit angle ... (don't forget Jack Rabbit's Palace in Twin Peaks: The Return - the portal leading to the White Lodge, it seems ...)

Rabbits have been come up quite a bit of late. I noted the earlier "white rabbit" appearance in the '65 Jeannie episode. Now note the car sticker on this post's main image. "Show Rabbits," it reads. Indeed. And the rabbits are taking us all on a journey. Is it one of good or bad luck? I've been hearing the term "lucky rabbit's foot" as well.

Rabbit. Rabbit. Rabbit. And then the top entertainment story involves a Scottish rock band - Frightened Rabbit - and the fact that their lead singer, Scott Hutchison suddenly went missing, apparently feeling depressed.

Yet hours before I heard the news of Frightened Rabbit's missing lead singer, I woke to this tweet from my college-years crush - Miki Berenyi - singer from the Brit dream-pop band Lush, which was taken under the wing of (Scottish band) Cocteau Twins guitarist Robin Guthrie, who produced their swell album Spooky in 1992.

In the tweet, Berenyi talks of crying with her mother at a Cocteaus show and later noting Lush opening up for Elizabeth Fraser and the Cocteaus in late fall of 1990. This, during the Heaven or Las Vegas (aka "Sweetness and Light") Tour. There's Vegas again. It's a weird world and it's only getting weirder. Like a lattice of coincidence, or sumpthin' ... 

And Mr. Christopher Knowles also has a lot to say about Our Lady andTwin Peaks, as well.

Some folks have all the (iceblink) luck.

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