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Ted Danson's George Christopher (top image) looks decidedly "Doc Brown"-like in this 2011 episode of "Bored to Death."
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OKLAHOMA CITY – On October 11, 2012, Canadian director April Mullen saw her 88-minute “adventure horror comedy” Dead Before Dawn hit the theaters, and receive decidedly mixed reviews from critics. (I note the significance of October 11th in my post “Fiver”).

“A grade-Z horror comedy” that “makes the Scary Movie spoofs look positively brainy,” noted a Los Angeles Times critic.

But Mr. 88-MPH himself, (and Zeus resonator) Christopher Lloyd (Dr. Emmett Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy) took to Ms. Mullen’s film, in his role as Horus Galloway, owner of the Occult Barn bookstore.

Apparently some malevolent spirit is knocked out of a canister and “zemons” (zombie demons) begin to spread their evil. Yawn.

I have not seen Dead Before Dawn, not caring one bit for the hackneyed and dull zombie genre.

But what got my attention is that Director Mullen followed up with another film called 88 (it came to her in a dream, curiously enough - sync "Rudderless in my so-called dream"), which is exactly 88 minutes long and shot in the Niagara Falls, Ontario area. And because Christopher Lloyd had so enjoyed working with Mullen on Dead Before Dawn, he appeared in this film as (not Horus), but Cyrus, a malevolent racketeer. Also note that Niagara Falls has a lot of synchronicity surrounding it, as we noted in our 2013 book review of The Sync Book 2.

Christopher Lloyd shows off his "red right hand" to Canadian director April Mullen during production of the 2015 film "88." (Note the clock behind Lloyd's head). (Photo via The Canadian Press)

So, it would seem that April Mullen has a thing for the number 88. But why?


Actor Ted Danson (best known as Sam the bartender in Cheers) appeared as George Christopher in the short-lived HBO comedy series Bored to Death. In the show he plays a wealthy slick-magazine editor in New York who befriends a much younger writer-turned-private-detective named Jonathan Ames and played by Jason Schwartzman (Rushmore, The Darjeeling Limited)

I went into some depth about this in my previous post “Partner in Time.”

I was struck by the nearly identical friendships – a well-meaning older man of some distinction and his younger, creative, ambitious and struggling male friend – between Doc and Marty in Back to the Future and Jonathan and George in Bored to Death.

And what synced them together was while watching Season Three of Bored to Death and the fifth episode titled “I Keep Taking Baths Like Lady Macbeth,” aired on November 7, 2011. "Macbeth" syncs with our earlier DDD "Rapture (Martian Jesus 2015 Pt. 2)")

In the episode, it is clear that George is finding his voice teacher irresistible. The voice teacher, Josephine, is actually played by Danson’s real-life wife Mary Steenburgen, who married Danson in 1990, shortly after divorcing actor Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange, Caligula).

Of course, in the 1990 film Back to the Future Pt. III, Doc Brown goes back to 1885 Hill Valley and falls in love with Clara Clayton, the new schoolteacher, who nearly dies in a horse-and-carriage accident, until Doc intervenes and saves her. Doc and Clara stay in the past (or is it the future?) and travel around in their steam-powered locomotive time machine - much more environmentally friendly than Doc's plutonium-powered DeLorean, which is smashed and destroyed by an oncoming train in 1985, after leaving 1885.

Clara Clayton, of course, was played by the woman who would become Ted Danson’s love interest – and wife – in 1990, the year Back to the Future Pt. III was released. The Christophers become one as autumnal 2011 George Christopher syncs with autumnal 1985/1955 Doc Brown. As George tries to disguise himself in a grocery store, to prove a rival isn't using organic food at his restaurant, George dresses up in a butcher smock, white-plastic hair cover and takes on the "crazy teacher who wears dark glasses" look.

It was really rather shocking to me, seeing Danson and Lloyd looking quite similar, and having roles in Bored to Death (Danson) and Back to the Future (Lloyd) that sync so much together. 


But even more than that, the following day after watching Back to the Future Pt. III and then that Bored to Death episode, I went to Science Museum Oklahoma with the family and checked out the new Curio City area. The first thing that greets you is what is the very "Clock Tower"-esque "exploration environment" for those four and up - ODD-A-SEE (Odyssey) TOWER.

Note the time on this very Hill Valley Clock Tower-esque "ODD-A-SEE TOWER" at the Science Museum Oklahoma. Even the time, 10:04, syncs with Back to the Future. (Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report)

As we approach October 21, 2015 - the date when Doc, Marty and Jennifer arrive in future Hill Valley in Back to the Future Pt. II - I expect we will have even more Back to the Future syncs. In fact, I'm working on another BTTF-related Dust Devil Dreams piece at this time, one that came to me rather unexpectedly.

In the meantime, please hang around, Harold Lloyd-style.

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