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Clockwise from the top: Axe-wielding Jack Torrance in "The Shining; 2.) Patrick Bateman loves "Hip to Be Square"; 3.) Axe-wielding terrorists; 4.) Hipster squirrel gets angry with axe-wielding "lumberjackson" Porky Pig.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – “Lone wolf actors.” That is the description news readers are giving to the perpetrators of the deadly axe and knife attacks on Orthodox Jewish Israelis in Jerusalem.

These gruesome attacks by two Palestinian men on Jewish worshippers praying in a synagogue in that holy city’s ultra-Orthodox Har Nof was called a “frenzied assault” in Britain’s Guardian newspaper. My colleague, watching the news footage, simply muttered "psychotic." Indeed!

And The Jerusalem Post featured a report saying that the attackers stormed the synagogue and shouted “God is great!” in Arabic, before killing with the axes and knives, as well as a gun.

And when I heard that axes were used in this horrific attack I could not help but think - in the realm of "twilight language" - that the use of an “axe” was synchronistic for me, as I had recently noted both the axe used on Jared Leto’s character Paul Allen in the bloody scene in American Psycho (2000) where Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) excitedly shares his thoughts on the creative genius of Huey Lewis & The News and their song “Hip to Be Square,” while preparing to axe Paul to death in his apartment.  

Huey Lewis later parodied this scene with some help from "Weird Al" Yankovic. "Hip to Be Square" is song is from that band's 1986 album Fore! I just received a vinyl version of Fore! in the mail yesterday and syncs with the fact that four people were killed in the attack - three U.S./Israeli citizens and one U.K./Israeli citizens. Others were injured. It appears - unfortunately - that tensions are rising in that explosive corner of the world. 

And then there is one of the most famous axe-wielding scenes in cinematic history –  in The Shining (1980) where Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) using an axe to try and kill his family in the Overlook Hotel (Heerrrre’s Johnny!”). This scene also appears in the Oklahoma-set film Twister (1996) when a tornado hits a drive-in movie theatre while viewers are watching The Shining on the outdoor screen. The tornado hits right as Jack is hitting the door with the axe in a murderous rage. And in Israel and Palestine, the rage is palpable - on both sides.

This also syncs heavily with the 1949 Porky Pig Looney Tunes cartoon titled “Porky Chops.” I just saw this cartoon yesterday and was rather transfixed while laughing quite loudly in spots. In the cartoon, Brooklyn Dodgers fan “Hipster Squirrel” has found a nice tree to “get away from it all.” Unfortunately for him, axe-wielding Porky Pig –a “lumberjackson” according to Hipster Squirrel – is ruining his vacation by trying to chop down his tree.

Porky Pig’s axe is the focus of Hipster Squirrel’s ire, removing it once and dropping it on Porky’s head and also wrapping the base of the tree in sheet metal, causing Porky’s axe to shatter as he strikes it to cut it down. Interestingly, in the aftermath of this horrific attack, the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Israeli government will bulldoze and destroy the homes of the Palestinian attackers. 

Ultimately, Porky’s efforts to take down the tree and rid himself of the annoying Hipster Squirrel are thwarted when his dynamite blasting efforts are thwarted when it awakes a hibernating bear. Both Porky and Hipster Squirrel split and the bear occupies the squirrel’s vacation-tree digs. This syncs with my Russian “bear” article.

It also reminds me of last November’s post “A watery, surreal, hare-brained scheme.” An evil scientist wields an axe (or “ax”) and throws it at Bugs Bunny. The axe misses Bugs and hits a bottle of ether, causing everything to slow down in a drugged-sort-of-way.

Knives were also used in the attack. Just minutes before I heard about the report, I had jokingly said I wanted a certain story I didn’t like with a “steely knife.” That was a reference to Don Henley and The Eagles, whom I wrote in my DDD piece "Climbing to the Top." In the piece I reference to some Henley songs and “Hotel California,” of course. In that piece I noted how "Hotel California" synced with The Shining and the axe theme. - "They stab it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast." 

What is "the beast"? What is being "killed"? What I do see in all of this is a rising anger not only in the Middle East, but around the world. Look closer to home at Ferguson, Missouri. We all better start paying attention. We all better get hip to the seriousness of these matters. 

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