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Murder-suicide pilot Andreas Lubitz poses near suicide-syncing Golden Gate Bridge in this undated photo.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Late yesterday afternoon I debated about whether I should stay in OKC, in my house that is being worked on, or back in Norman where I had been staying this week. The storm clouds were brewing and I decided to take a chance and head to Norman down I-35.

As I drove, the weather reports said a tornado was seen west of town. By the time I got to Moore, the wind was definitely picking up and dirt and debris – a dust devil in there? – and the dark clouds and lightning and wind were closing in. I sped up faster and faster, trying to get through Moore, a town that has had more than its share of destructive tornadoes and death.

The adrenaline was pumping. I was determined to get to Norman. Behind me, the tornado passed across I-35, heading east. I went as fast as I could. I finally made it to my exit and got off 35, blowing through lights on my way to safety.

I note this in that far south of Norman, again on I-35 in Salado, Texas, in Bell County, a truck – possibly an ENGLAND transportation semi truck – hit an overpass under construction and caused a catastrophic weakening of the overpass and beams fell on vehicles below, killing one person.

I was just driving through this stretch of 35, north of Austin, just this past week. It is heavily under construction and treacherous in spots. This disaster could have happened at any time.

I note that in that I had been thinking of the sad case of Andrew Joseph “Joe” Stack III, the Austin man who flew his single-engine plane into the IRS’s Echelon building there in the Texas state capital, because he had multiple beefs with the IRS, the corrupt US government and crony capitalists running – and ruining – everything.

I thought of the 2010 Stack case because Loren Coleman, at Twilight Language, posted an article today headlined “The Copycat Effect and Aircraft Suicides.”

This comes on the heels of the horrifying crash of Germanwings Airbus A320 Flight 9525 that crashed in the French Alps this week. It turns out that the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, deliberately crashed the plane. The photo of Lubitz being used in the media is one of the German man in happier times, posing in front of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, of course, are where the northern portion of the volatile San Andreas Fault is located – the fault first identified by Prof. Andrew Lawson of the University of California at Berkeley in 1895. The fault was part of the focus in the 1978 film Superman: The Movie, where arch-villain Lex Luthor directs a nuclear warhead to detonate on the San Andreas Fault, triggering a massive earthquake and leaving desert land to be the new coastline.

It seems oddly synchronistic that the photo of Andreas Lubitz  was taken, essentially over the San Andreas Fault and that the plane crash, which took 149 other lives, was Andreas’s fault, as others have noted. He was apparently depressed and suicidal, reports have said.

And as Coleman notes, the Golden Gate Bridge attracts suicidal people, which may be why the Golden Gate photo had significance. (BTW, I’m getting chills right now because while writing this, I am listening to the new Toto album XIV. The song that was on as I wrote this was “Chinatown” where the lines go: “Down in Chinatown / With the dragon eyes that overlook the bay ..." Of course that is San Francisco Bay).

Golden Gate Bridge, which was primarily designed by structural engineer Joseph Strauss, a man of German ancestry, a man who designed 400-some bridges. He was keen on a bridge linking Russia with America, via the Bering Strait.

Notes "The initial plan for a Bering Strait tunnel came in the 1890s when Joseph Strauss, designer of 400 bridges, including the Golden Gate Bridge, wrote a senior thesis proposing a Bering Strait railroad bridge. In 1907, Czar Nicholas II approved a project across the Bering Strait at a cost of $300 million; the project was dashed by the outbreak of World War I." Just yesterday, in our "Around the World" section, we noted that the Russians are looking to allow a new highway to be constructed across the country, ultimately linking Britain and the United States, presumably crossing the Bering Strait to Alaska. 

And this Golden Gate Bridge (recall "Golden Dreams"?) sync pairs with a dream I noted on March 1, 2015, in a Dust Devil Dreams article headlined “Nostalgia for a clean wind’s kiss” where I not only reference San Francisco Bay (while straining to see the Golden Gate Bridge and talking to singer Bruce Cockburn about his song "Radium Rain," written after dealing with the Chernobyl fallout while performing in Germany), but I also note the line "aeroplane flying" in the Peter Gabriel song "Sledgehammer," which premiered as a single in April 1986, the same day as the Chernobyl nuclear-power plant disaster in the Ukrainian S.S.R. in the Soviet Union. While I thought it may be alluding to the missing Malaysian jetliner, perhaps the Germanwings aircraft was being noted?

And of course Ukraine is big news right now. The U.S. House voted to send lethal aid to Ukraine to allegedly fend off Putin's Russia, deliberately making things worse between the U.S. and Russia. The U.S. government is openly collaborating with dangerous fascists. 

But back to the Alps air crash. Sync posters have noted that this syncs with 2012's The Dark Knight Rises and the villain Bane. Bane crashes a plane, killing all on board in the beginning of the film, and some images of Lubitz's house in Germany, as noted by Jason Barrera, shows the windows and architecture making the house look "Bane-like." Very eerie.

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