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OKLAHOMA CITY – Last Friday, during the impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump, U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-California), referenced the former Secretary of State George Shultz, under President Ronald Reagan, and noted Shultz’s gardening metaphor in connection to conducting diplomacy; in his case with the Soviet Union.

In 2015, James E. Goodby interviewed Shultz in an article published the following year in The Foreign Service Journal headlined, “Groundbreaking Diplomacy: An Interview with George Shultz.

JEG: This reminds me that you have compared diplomacy to gardening: keeping down the weeds and cultivating relationships.
 GS: “Yes, the analogy is if you plant a garden and go away for six months, what have you got when you come back? Weeds. And any good gardener knows you have to clear the weeds out right away.
     Diplomacy is kind of like that. You go around and talk to people, you develop a relationship of trust and confidence, and then if something comes up, you have that base to work from. If you have never seen somebody before and you are trying to work a delicate, difficult problem, it is hard.
     For example, I got to know Wu Xueqian, who was the Chinese foreign minister, and we had a good relationship. I remember him saying to me once: “OK, George, you wanted to get to this point and you are trying to go about it in a certain way. That way is very hard for us, but if you can come at it in a little different way, we can get where you want to go.” I said, fine, and we did. But that kind of progress does not happen unless you have gardened.”

Interestingly, last September, the elderly Shultz was in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco helping plant "two second-generation ginkgo seedlings from trees that survived the Hiroshima atomic bomb blast in 1945,"
 as reported in the San Francisco Chronicle.The United Religions Initiative event was held in advance of the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.

(San Francisco Chronicle).

So, when Schiff referenced Shultz and diplomacy and it being like gardening, I immediately thought of the 1979 film I had just watched; Being There, with Peter Sellers as Chance the gardener, which is based on the Jerzy Kosinski novel of the same name.

Writing for in 2016, 

columnist Caroline Baum was thinking of Chance – or “Chauncey Gardiner,” as he is known, whose “whole world is defined by what he has seen in the garden and on TV. Thogth various twists of fate, Chance the gardener becomes Chauncey Gardiner, and is catapulted to the upper echelons of society, business and government.”

Say what you will about George Shultz. He was no simpleton. He understood a good metaphor. And for his role of Secretary of State, which he took seriously, tending a garden – something that takes time and patience – was an apt metaphor.

Chance, though, is merely responding in the only way he knows how. Not much different from Trump. Although Trump is viewed in certain quarters as the Antichrist to Chance’s Christ. Is it any surprise that he walks on water – in Washington, no less – the seat of American power! – at the very end, surprised by his own ability to do so, as he sticks his umbrella into the water to show the audience he is not standing on something just below the surface?

In this article, they analyze the meaning of Chance walking on the end of Being There.

They note: “Chance as a spiritual being does have a legitimate foundation, though it seems using the Christlike image as a metaphor for someone who is too unusual to actually exist is a more reasonable translation. Religion does not play into the rest of the film, so a sudden religious message would be awkward and would overcomplicate the story’s true simplicity. Yet it is hard to believe that a person, even if they spent their entire life in one house watching television, would be as unintelligent as Chance. He is shown watching a wide variety of programming. Even though it is possible he never had any formal education, one would still imagine he would know more than he does. Three year-olds who haven’t been to school yet have more developed speech and comprehension than Chance often exhibits. His complete lack of influence makes him almost otherworldly -- or, Christlike.


Right now, the garden tended by obsequious, sniveling goblins in DC is rotting. And the world has taken notice. Every nation seems to be embracing their worst – not their best – impulses.

As Baum adds in her article:  “(Chance’s) advice is sought by the president and other world leaders, who interpret Chauncey’s simple statements about the garden as pithy metaphors about the economy.

For example, asked if the government can stimulate economic growth with temporary incentives, Chauncey replies: “As long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well in the garden.

This all comes on the heels of the Netflix series Messiah, released on January 1, 2020 – New Year’s Day for a new decade. A new dawn? Or, to quote Echo & The Bunnymen in their song “Bring on the Dancing Horses,” “Bring on the new messiah, wherever he may roam …” Back in March 2015, I was already considering these ideas and the analysis of the song as pointing to an alchemical working. A yearning for something new. ("Bring on the new messiah").

I wrote about Messiah in this article (among others) during the month of January (which also featured a scene in HBO's Watchmen where godlike Dr. Manhattan leaves an "egg" with human "Angela," who consumes it and presumably walks on the water of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool). I was impressed with what was being suggested, as Al-Masih walks on the water of the same Reflecting Pool in Washington, in front of many eyewitnesses. 


Also, during this time, I read two books: Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings by Wayne S. Peterson (2003) and 2025 and the World Teacher by Steven Chernikeeff. Both books address the notion of a "new messiah" - or "World Teacher" - and how the world may soon see a "new teacher" or "messiah" sooner, rather than later. Which makes me wonder more about the recent prevalence of shows like Messiah and Watchmen. Are we being prepared for a major announcement?

American diplomat Wayne S. Peterson's book about meeting Maitreya, and the sharing of ancient wisdom that will benefit all the people of the Earth. It's a gripping story from a man who stumbled upon this remarkable being and shares with readers his thoughts and insights about the path Maitreya ("World Teacher") put before him.

Also, the prior work of Madame Helena P. Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey and the Roerichs, who were all familiar with the "Masters," are noted in 2025 and the World Teacher. As Chernikeeff writes, "Every 100 years there is a Great Assembly of Hierarchy Masters. These conclaves are intiated to decide on great matters that impact humanity for the following 100 years. The next Great Assembly is in 2025 and we might wonder what that might bring. The world today is in great turmoil at the environmental, political and social levels. We see disruption, natural catastrophes, earth changes, pole changes, mass migrations and a fight between the forces of materialism and the forces of light. All these things are mounting, in ever increasing numbers, as we approach the end of the Stage of the Forerunner as outlined by Djwhal Khul (DK)." Required reading, also, would be Alice A. Bailey's The Externalization of the Hierarchy. That was the same book that writer and researcher John Keel noted: "This is part of a set that - so help me - details the whole bloody mystery in occult terms."

Continuing, I wrote in my sync piece "On approach": Now, for a guy like Keel to say this, well, is saying something. He seems genuinely baffled and distressed in writing that line. But beyond mentioning the Lucis Trust as being a "genuine outlet for contactees," Keel says little more on the matter. And that's something I keep noticing in all of this: when confronted with this seemingly mind-blowing information, the person, be it Whitley Strieber or Lou Reed or John Keel, well, they only go so far. I will note that there is a link to all those names - New York!"

The Big Apple. Or Apol. My earliest encounters with "the Indian" were in the Apple Room. I have written about it multiple times.

In a book about my great-great uncle Walter Burley Griffin, Beyond Architecture: Marion Mahony and Walter Burley Griffin – America, Australia, India, from the Powerhouse Museum and edited by Anne Watson, they write: “Theosophy as it had developed in the Theosophical Society, had some affinity with the Griffins’ philosophical beliefs – its universalism, pantheism, engagement with higher consciousness – but its central tenets, it differed significantly with the Griffins’ long-held principle. The doctrine of the Theosophical Society was hierarchical and secret, not democratic and open. Derived from Madame Blavatsky’s codification and projection of occult lore under instruction from mysterious ‘Masters,’ theosophical thinking combined western esoteric traditions with 19th-century spiritualism and various eastern religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism. In the 1920’s, the international theosophical movement was dominated by two figures, Annie Besant (1847-1933) and Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854-1934), who had become committed to an Adventist expectation of a new World Teacher, a vision of a coming Christ. In 1909, Leadbeater had identified a young Indian boy, J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986), as the ‘vehicle’ for this role and over the next 20 years considerable energy was invested in the project. Secret groups were created within secret groups to prepare adepts for the Coming – the Order of the Star of the East, the Universal Co-Masonic Order.”

Some thought that the World Teacher would one day speak in the Sydney area, possibly the Castlecrag area that the Griffins designed. They were drawn to Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy instead of Theosophy, although they knew and worked with and for many Theosophists during this period. And they were familiar with the notion of the "World Teacher."

Walter and Marion Griffin

Noting Krishnamurti, who ultimately rejected Leadbeater and the Theosophiscal Society labeling him the World Teacher, he was asked about this later in life:

Question: What meaning and value do you attach to the term "World Teacher"? Is everyone who reaches liberation a "World Teacher"?

Krishnamurti: Do not trouble yourself with terms, labels and phrases. I look upon the "world teacher" as one who has realized truth. The ocean cannot be brought to the river, so the river must seek the ocean. Likewise, in order to attain this state of liberation, which may be likened to the sea, the individual must go towards that sea; it cannot come into him because it cannot be conditioned. To me the reality of the "world teacher" is not in the name, but in the fact of attaining this liberation, this enlightenment. To me the reality is that an indivual can attain to that freedom of self-consciousness, to that purification, to that liberation of the self which gives to him immense calmness, serenity, pliability, strength and affectionate detachment from all things." 

Easier said than done, eh? I do see a world in distress. Rampant viruses. Rapidly-spreading authoritarianism. And a general sense of confusion, detachment and woe. Would it really surprise me to hear that a Christ-like "world teacher" - a new messiah - was garnering attention around the world? Not really. Conditions seem to be improving for just such a figure as humanity looks for direction and light. I am merely reporting on what I am sensing and what I am seeing.

How to make sense of all of this? I am still working my way through it. Carl Jung said life begins at 40 and that everything before that is just research. How true. But even though I'm close to 50, I feel like the research keeps making itself available, the universe acknowledging a willing vessel, I suppose.

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