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Fantasy football at the time-loop hotel

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Super Bowl MVP Doug "17" Williams and sync-links to "Poltergeist" and "Donnie Darko"
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OKLAHOMA CITY – A lot of people were reminded of 9/11 today, but not the infamous day in 2001.

No, the September 11th I'm referring to was 41 years ago, in 1972, when “the official trademark registration for the Washington Redskins” was filed. That was just five days after the massacre of 11 Olympic Israeli athletes in Munich, West Germany. A dark month. 

We mention this because that information was part of breaking story today, as published by The Washington Times, regarding the registration of the name “Washington Bravehearts” (“Freedom!”) by a neighbor of Redskins owner Dan Snyder.

This story was the top story at the mega-trafficked news site The Drudge Report this afternoon, at least until an NSA website hack story broke.

There has been a lot of Redskins syncs lately, not just with the politcally-charged issue of a name change, but something else ...

In the 1982 thriller/horror film Poltergeist, a truly chilling prediction is made via a prop poster on the bedroom wall of Carol Anne, played by blonde-haired child actor Heather O’Rourke.

The poster reads: 1988 Superbowl XXII. As notes, there is no mention of the events in the film being set in the future (remember, this is 1982). This poster is fairly prominent in a couple of scenes and in retrospect seems rather odd.

And what makes it’s placement in Carol Anne’s room is that the little girl, Heather O’Rourke, would get deathly ill on January 31, 1988 in San Diego, California – while Super Bowl XXII was actually taking place between the Washington Redskins and the Denver Broncos.

The score? Redskins 42, Broncos, 10.

Washington’s quarterback, Doug Williams (who once played for the Oklahoma Outlaws in the mid-1980’s), was the first African-American quarterback to ever start in an NFL league championship game, let alone a Super Bowl, according to Wikipedia.

Meanwhile, across town, Heather O’Rourke is becoming violently ill and is rushed to the hospital, where she dies the following day, on February 1, 1988, just months before the release of Poltergeist III.

Who decided that Super Bowl XXII poster was supposed to go on the wall of that bedroom? Did someone know Heather was doomed to die just six years later? Is there something to the alleged curse surrounding the Poltergeist series of films, involving angry ghosts?

Interestingly, the ABC show The Wonder Years, about a man remembering his life growing up in the turbulent 1960’s, premiered immediately after Super Bowl XXII, a show I watched that night with great interest.

Two nights ago I had a desire to watch the brilliant 2001 Richard Kelly film Donnie Darko, featuring events that take place over the course of the month of October 1988 - events taking place exactly 25 years ago.

There is a scene, that at the time time stood out to me but I couldn’t figure out why. It was when Donnie, his father and Donnie’s friend and the friend’s father are watching a Washington Redskins game on the Darko family television.

The Redskins are having a bad game and Donnie’s dad throws a bottle cap at the TV and says “We need a quarterback.”

It’s Doug Williams, of course. He would throw four touchdown passes in Super Bowl XXII and capture the MVP award.

(As a side note, as I was working on putting this DDD together, I attended a Halloween-ish gathering where one guy wore a large 25-cent "quarter" on his back with the year "1982" on it. Get it?  Quarterback?)

Interestingly, with all the time travel elements presented in Donnie Darko, it was in that same, magical year - 1988 - that Yakir Aharonov of Tel-Aviv University in Israel began studying issue related to particles and affects on the past and future outcomes. Physics World had a story on it in 2012. It comes down, really, to the idea of free will and the Jean-Paul Sartre-sorts of questions one would expect, say, in an existentialist Richard Kelly film ...

But back to Donnie Darko

 “And what the future holds for this Super Bowl MVP we’re just going to have to wait and see,” the announcer says as the camera focuses on the TV screen and the back of Williams’ number 17 jersey.  

Right after that is when Donnie notices something coming out of his father’s stomach – a watery, snake-like substance – the manifestation of his father’s future as understood in the film’s “Tangent Universe.”

As a former suburban Washingtonian (I lived in Arlington, Virginia and Chevy Chase, Maryland in my youth), following a devastating tornado in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1982 (the same year Poltergeist was released), my swing set was smashed by a pine tree and my dad allowed me to sell the scrap metal for money. I made $33 and used it to by a football-team-themed foot locker for summer camp. I chose a “Washington Redskins” foot locker due to my earlier connection to that city.

That foot locker would follow me for years. And with my love of stickers, it was covered with them, many political bumper stickers, including one for a political campaign for a member of Little Rock’s Newbern family, of which Hollywood actor George Newbern is a part (I went to junior high school with the bright Alistair Newbern). This Newbern was running for political office and it stuck out, in my mind, for some reason.

Ten years later, George Newbern would star in the B-grade horror/thriller Doppelganger with Drew Barrymore, an actress who also appears as an idealistic English teacher in Donnie Darko (and a friend of “sync master” Andras Jones). “Doppelganger” was the word I heard moments before a car struck my car mirror in front of a cupcake shop last week.

Barrymore would appear in 2009’s He’s Just Not That Into You with Jennifer Connelly, who starred in Labyrinth, a 1986 fantasy film that has been coming up a lot, lately.

Connelly also starred in the 2005 horror/thriller Dark Water, based on a 2002 Japanese film of the same name.

Playing the role of “Dahlia,” Connelly and her daughter Cecilia move into an apartment building where a young girl named “Natasha” had drowned in a water tank on the apartment roof.

Sound familiar?

A very eerie coincidence is that plot points in Dark Water echo the very real scenario that struck the seedy and sordid Hotel Cecil in Los Angeles earlier this year with the mysterious disappearance and death of Vancouver, British Columbia resident Elisa Lam.

Visitors and residents at the Cecil reported that before Lam’s body was found, the water tasted foul and appeared discolored. One British couple said knowing they had consumed and bathed in that corpse-contaminated water was too much to comprehend.

One of the most notorious serial killers in recent decades, Richard Ramirez, the “Nightstalker,” lived on the 14th floor of the Cecil Hotel. He would go on and kill 13 people. Another killer, Jack Unterweger, a crime reporter writing for an Austrian magazine in the early 1990’s, would kill three prostitutes while living at the Cecil.

It has a dark past and the details surrounding Lam’s death remain shrouded in secrecy and rumor. Was her death related to an outbreak of tuberculosis in the area (and that a common TB test is the "Lam-Elisa"!!!) And why does there seem to be a link to the bio research at the University of British Columbia, secret military technology and “The Invisible Light Agency,” located next to the Hotel Cecil at 620 S. Main Street?

And why did the camera footage taken of Lam in the very early morning hours of February 1, 2013 show this “tourist” exhibiting absolutely bizarre behavior in an elevator? Some have suggested Lam is communicating with someone who isn’t there. Considering all the death that is linked to the Cecil (remember that in Dark Water that the girl’s name is Cecilia and the mother is Dahlia – “the Black Dahlia” is believed to have stayed at the Cecil and drank at a bar next to the Cecil right before her disappearance and gruesome death in January 1947), could it have been a ghost, or something else?

What really happened to Elisa Lam?

Lam was reported missing on January 31st and the elevator footage shows her missing on February 1st. Those dates would sync link in with Poltergeist star Heather “They’re here!” O’Rourke – O’Rourke in San Diego and Lam in Los Angeles, exactly 25 years apart.

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