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A false sun

The nuclear detonation that Carnivale's Ben Hawkins sees in his vision.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – In the first episode of the second season of the now-cancelled HBO series Carnivale, the gifted (and confused) young man Ben Hawkins has an encounter in the wagon of the Carnivale’s “management.”

When Ben tries to flee, the “manager,” a man named Lucius (who is hidden behind a partition and out of view) grabs his arm. Suddenly, Ben finds himself in the middle of a desert, likely in New Mexico. He looks to the distance and hears a siren. He sees a “bomb tower” and suddenly there is the nuclear detonation of an atomic bomb and he is enveloped in the explosion while the sinister “Brother Justin” – with black eyes – speaks to him.

It is an absolutely shocking scene and more perplexing in that this occurs during the mid-1930’s and the first test of this sort would be in the following decade.

That thing. What was it?” Ben asks the mysterious Lucius.

A weapon. A false sun brought by the hands of men. It is the last link in a chain of events unfolding even as we speak. You must break that chain,” Lucius tells Ben.

How the hell am I supposed to do that?” Ben says, frustrated.

Replies Lucien: “By destroying the preacher you’ve seen in your dreams. Find Scudder and bring him to me.”

I mention this only because last night’s dream involved, what I wrote, as “carnival-like misfits rebuilding their lives in communal harmony.” I noted that the scenes in this dream, involving a man who reminded me of the hefty silent-film actor Fatty Arbuckle and other weird characters (including a guy who looks like Carnivale actor Tim DeKay, who plays carny worker “Jonesy”) who seemed to exist in a post-apocalyptic world that was trying to put itself back together.

Was this “apocalyptic” event that is never mentioned but is inferred to, in my dreams in recent weeks, something to do with a nuclear disaster? A nuclear war? We seem to be inching ever-so-closely to the atomic abyss as bellicose leaders in the West chomp at the bit for some sort of confrontation with Russia.

And it is Russia that keeps coming up time and again. Interestingly, in the Jan. 9, 2005 Carnivale episode I referenced, “Los Moscos,” I couldn’t help but think of “Los Alamos” in New Mexico. And then I learn that Lucius is the Russian soldier he keeps seeing in his dreams and is somehow connected to Brother Justin – who hails from Russia as well.

Lucius is doing what he can to mystically get young Ben Hawkins to use his powers to stop this dark entity in the form of Brother Justin who is turning into the “Usher” or bringer of doom.

At the same time, the World Socialist Web Site featured an article today titled “US researcher victimized over article opposing nuclear weapons” and that the researcher, James E. Doyle, had been working at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

Which syncs perfectly with my research on "Jumbo" which was at the Trinity site in New Mexico where the first atomic bomb was tested. This has syncromystic implications as noted by James Shelby Downard and recent work by Loren Coleman, as seen here

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