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End of watch

Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report
The exterior of the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee.
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Sleeping in a pyramid can result in one having very strange dreams. And this was the case a few nights ago sleeping here in the Bass Pro Pyramid, located along the flooded, muddy waters of the Mississippi River.

I had often driven past the curious Pyramid, which was officially turned into a Bass Pro Shops store in 2013, and was the subject of a 2012 Red Dirt Report article “With its strange history, Memphis Pyramid to become a Bass Pro Shop,” where we discussed the occult angle of what was originally the Great American Pyramid arena, which was embraced by Isaac Tigrett, whose father, John Tigrett, was behind the building of the Pyramid.

In that story, we noted Isaac Tigrett’s “esoteric beliefs” and his placement of a “crystal skull” in the apex of the Pyramid, which was later removed and returned to Tigrett, much to his displeasure.

So, there is a weird history regarding the Pyramid. Now, the capstone area of the top of the Pyramid is a glassed-in, (overpriced) restaurant with an outside viewing area, giving visitors a fantastic view of Memphis, the Mississippi River and surrounding areas.

I asked a couple of employees about Tigrett’s crystal skulls and related oddities – but they were too young and knew nothing about it, saying that the “apex” is where wine is now stored.

The interior of the Pyramid is now a “cypress swamp”-themed store, with a restaurant and bowling alley. Staying with a nautical theme, it was interesting to see a number of mermaid statues inside, further confirming the recent work of Secret Sun blogger Christopher Knowles.

So … about the dream I had on the last night I slept in the Pyramid … it involved a burly, bald guy who looked much like the actor Michael Chiklis and went by the name “E O W.”

This is very strange in that Massachusetts native Chiklis (The Shield), the burly, bald actor in my dream, is often associated with TV and film crime dramas and just so happens to be “returning to the cop genre” in a new CBS series called Murder, where Chiklis plays a detective with “deep empathy” and “sharp instincts” working alongside a “rookie detective” whose outspoken nature will “challenge all his assumptions” when it comes to investigating a crime.

Oh, and what of that name “E O W.” Well, I looked it up. In cop lingo it is short for “end of watch,” signifying the end of a shift or, more seriously, the date when an officer was killed in the line of duty. I don't recall ever hearing that acronym before.

That was very eerie, in particular since I didn’t know much about Michael Chiklis or his career, so I have no idea why he popped up in my dream. And that “E O W” bit – where did that come from? Could it be because of domestic tensions here in the United States between citizens and purveyors of state power? Are we seeing the earliest inklings of a coming civil war? We certainly hope not. 

Oh, and in the dream, Chiklis was British, not American. And he had some connection to the Australian rock band INXS, like he was in a video or something. I find that interesting because the lead singer of INXS – Michael Hutchence – is a dead celebrity I have long thought was murdered, something I have also written about.

In the 1989 Jim Jarmusch film Mystery Train, filmed in Memphis, actor Steve Buscemi is accidentally shot by Joe Strummer's character in a run-down hotel. Buscemi's barber character Charlie is then driven in a red truck out of Memphis, towards Arkansas (requiring the crossing of the Mississippi River) as cop cars whizz past. I watched this film right after returning from Memphis on suggestion from my brother. 

The details are hazy and I know there was more to the dream, including a "dumpster fire" and "dogs being chased by snakes." Sounds definitely like a dream that would take place in 2018!

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