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Elvis and the blue light

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Elvis and the Blue Light.
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I’ve looked under chairs / I’ve looked under tables / I’ve tried to find the key / To 50 million fables / They call me The Seeker / I’ve been searching low and high / I won’t get what I’m after, til the day I die.” – “The Seeker” by The Who (1970)

OKLAHOMA CITY – A year ago, the eclectic Dangerous Minds website featured a story about Elvis Presley’s spiritual quest and his interest in Eastern mysticism and the practice of yoga, mainly influenced by Elvis’ hairdresser, a man who described Elvis as having an “energy field” around him and that he was a “blessing from God to all of us.”

As writer Oliver Hall noted, “In the spring of 1964, Elvis’ hairdresser, Larry Geller introduced him to the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. The founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship had a lasting impact on Elvis, who often visited the SRF’s Mt. Washington headquarters and Pacific Palisades retreat during his Hollywood years, and developed a close relationship with Yogananda’s successor, Sri Daya Mata.”

And while Elvis was continuing his remarkable journey to understanding cosmic consciousness reading Yogananda’s The Autobiography of a Yogi and collecting a library-full of books on the supernatural, his wife, Priscilla Presley, was not so keen on Elvis’ dabblings in occult teachings, saying that while Elvis was “going on a search for why we were here and who we were, the purpose of life.” However, Priscilla admits feigning interest in Elvis’ passionate studies.

But many people have suggested that there was an otherworldly quality to Elvis Presley (born on January 8, 1935, exactly 12 years before David Bowie was born, another singer and musician whose Earthly origins are questioned and whose Blackstar Event remains ongoing), with a rare book by an author named “Richard Daniel” writing in 1987 that “the likelihood that Elvis was of cosmic seed, abducted, manipulated, and controlled by strange beings not of this world is profoundly possible.” This is examined in the rare, out-of-print book The Elvis-UFO Connection (which can be purchased – used and signed by the author – for $100 on Ebay).


So, a day after the Dangerous Minds article came out (published the week that Elvis fans were observing the 40th anniversary of The King’s death), writer and radio host Ken Layne, of Joshua Tree, California-based Desert Oracle (read our article on DO here) and Desert Oracle Radio featured an episode titled “The UFO Experience (Now Safe For Tourists)” where he goes out into the desert and records himself talking about Elvis and the UFO connection.

Said Layne: “Elvis Presley’s hair began going white when the King was in his late twenties. As a result he had to dye it black. Which is why rockabilly people insist on dying their hair black to this day.

Presley’s hairdresser (Larry Geller) was a New Age mystic, Layne said. “He knew about everything. He knew about Tarot cards, astrology, he knew about past lives, Transcendental Meditation, ghosts …

He and Elvis got in the car and went up to Joshua Tree, during a break from Elvis’s big comeback engagement in Las Vegas. And sure enough they saw a ‘classic triangle,’ a big, black triangle hovering over them on the road with a white beam of light.

They were impressed. They were probably on more pills than a pharmacy has. But they believed it and they were moved by it.

A week later, they were both back at Graceland, in Memphis, Tennessee. And in broad daylight they saw that same ship over Graceland. It all started to add up for Elvis Presley. When he was eight-years old, he started having visions of being in some sort of ‘shared communication’ with entities of some kind.

It was only after his mother died that his father Vernon told him that on the night Elvis Presley was born, in Tupelo, in a sharecropper’s shack, an oval-shaped thing flew out of the clouds, hovered over the house and shined a beam on the house.

They knew about Elvis from the start.”

I had heard this story before. That Vernon Presley had seen a “blue light” over their house in Tupelo when Elvis was born. And this video notes that that same “blue light” has been witnessed by visitors to Graceland and Elvis’ grave, behind the house, which I have visited on multiple occasions.

In fact, I wrote about Ted Harrison's The Death and Resurrection of Elvis Presley in a post I wrote on Jan. 8, 2017. "I am from out there. Did you ever hear of Rigel? Rigel is the brightest star in the constellation of Orion and the seventh brightest in the night sky. ‘My home is near there – my other home – where I am from, and I have the Blue Star for my sun …

What is interesting is that Elvis’s own father, Vernon Presley, admits that there was something special about his son and how the night when Elvis was born, “a glowing blue light bathing the humble home where lay his wife and newborn son,” writes Harrison.

And yes, Ken Layne is correct in that Elvis had admitted to fan Wanda June Hill that at approximately the age of 8, the “space beings” had showed him a “video of his life.”

This was further examined in Michael C. Luckman’s 2005 book Alien Rock: The Rock N’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection. It is in that book where Elvis tells Hill in the recording that he is “not of this world” and that beings Elvis called “light forms” had shown him his future. He also allegedly said that he was not a human being, but was, rather, “a soul, a spirit, a force.” He also said he had no interest in this world but wanted to “live in another dimension entirely.”

Of course, John Lennon of The Beatles, who was a huge Elvis fan, had started his life out in difficult circumstances in Liverpool, England before becoming one of the best-known singers on the planet in the 1960’s, the decade that Elvis’ yearning for something more truly began. Lennon would have his own powerful UFO experience in New York in 1974.

Fans of Elvis – and they are all over the world – “there’s something in the human heart that pursues Elvis.” said the host of Shed Show Talk.

And the Australian rock singer Nick Cave, along with his band The Bad Seeds had recorded a spooky album in 1985 titled The Firstborn Is Dead, which combines refers to  - among other American Southern Gothic themes - the apocalyptic qualities hanging over the birth of “The King” (Elvis Presley) while acknowledging the stillborn death of his identical twin brother Jesse Garon Presley, who was delivered 35 minutes before Elvis appeared and a blue light shone a beam on the Presley’s humble abode in Tupelo, Mississippi.


As I noted in my 2017 review of John Keel’s 1970 book Operation Trojan Horse, I referenced the research of a relative of Desert Oracle's Ken Layne, the writer and researcher Dr. Meade Layne, who, according to the Desert Oracle founder was an investigator of the “interdimensional/folklore school of thought” on the UFO phenomena.

In Dr. Layne’s 1954 book The Coming of the Guardians: An Interpretation of the Flying Saucers as Given from the Other Side of Life, he posits that UFO’s are “inter-dimensional” and “etheric” and that these “craft,” or “ether ships” are, in many cases, living creatures which Dr. Layne refers to as “aeroforms.”

What is interesting about Layne’s research, which was confirmed independently via scientist Trevor James Constable and psychic medium Mark Probert, is that independently of this article I had sent an inquiry to UFO and paranormal writer and researcher Nick Redfern and asked him about the idea that strange, “jellyfish”-like entities in the sky are these Etherians appearing on our plane of reality from time-to-time.

In Redfern's reply to me, a few days ago, he referenced Trevor James Constable, synchromystically enough!

I have often thought about this in relation to a 2013 UFO sighting report in nearby Edmond, Oklahoma that involved a muti-colored “jellyfish”-looking creature zigging and zagging in the atmosphere over a busy intersection in that city. I wrote about it in my Oct. 23, 2013 post "Help! Jellied Edmondfish and eight (or more) arms to hold you."

The woman who gave the eyewitness report noted that she was surprised that the object did not look like a craft, but rather “(i)t looked like an actual being itself.” This would coincide with Layne and Constable and Probert's own research and findings some 60-plus years ago.

Gary Tillery, in 2013, wrote about “Elvis the Seeker” at the website Reality Sandwich. He goes into detail about Elvis’ alleged “healing powers,” and the time Elvis and his entourage were traveling on Route 66 through New Mexico and saw an object in the sky that “maneuvered like a flying saucer.” Elvis seemed to attract these spaceships, saucers, orbs, lights or, to quote Meade Layne - "aeroforms." 

And now, here we are in 2018 and the mystical pursuits of pop stars - who aren't even in the same universe as that of Elvis and John Lennon - seems to be taking a dark and misguided turn, as Christopher Knowles writes in his latest post at The Secret Sun, "Lipsyncing in Babylon: 2018 MTV Entrainment Rituals."

Strange times. I wonder what Elvis would think about it all, were he amongst the living.

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