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Duke City

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This is one of those multi-tentacled mysteries.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – During an interview on CNN this morning, between host Carol Costello and Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, the two discussed the “95-minute rant” that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gave to an audience in Fort Dodge, Iowa last night.

While insulting Ben Carson for his “temper” and comparing him to a child molester, Trump later says that if he were president he would “bomb the shit out of ISIS” and pretty much everything else, and then letting Exxon come in and clean up the mess. Truly crazy stuff.

Gen. Hertling was astonished and concerned by these comments and said Trump’s words were “dangerous.” And that it is immoral to carpet bomb a country.


While listening to this exchange, I was preparing a follow-up article to an earlier one I had done on a fundraiser for Pat DiNizio, singer and guitarist for New Jersey-based rock band The Smithereens.

As I was reading the line in an earlier article I had written – “the one from the Smithereens 11 tour in 1990” – Costello asks Hertling why we shouldn’t attack ISIS and “bomb them to smithereens.” I was literally looking at the word “Smithereens” as she said “smithereens.”

For some reason, this word has been coming up a lot lately. Again, I’m a big fan of The Smithereens. Have been since their 1987 album Green Thoughts. (Here are The Smithereens performing their 1991 hit "Top Of the Pops." from their album Blow Up).

In fact, this syncs with a Dust Devil Dreams piece I posted in August 2014 titled “Smithereenies.”

In this piece I noted the sense of unease that seemed to be blanketing the planet and how a particular Looney Tunes DVD I happened to see, featured the Yosemite Sam/Bugs Bunny cartoon “Bunker Hill Bunny.”

As this was all happening, I was syncing with a sync-head named Todd. After reading my earlier Bugs Bunny/Cold War II worries/Yosemite Sam sync post “Down the rabbit hole we go …”, Todd pointed me to a story about a weird event in late 2004 and early 2005 involving the mysterious “Yosemite Sam Transmission” where “the strange signal consisted of a short data burst followed by a piece of garbled speech and being sent every 50 seconds.”

The “garbled speech” was apparently a clip of Yosemite Sam in the “Bunker Hill Bunny” cartoon saying, “…varmint – I’m a gonna blow you to smithereenies.”

Interestingly, as I noted in “Smithereenies,” that two ham-radio sleuths – Mike Stark and Mike Langner – wanted to track down the signal. And they found it, “to a site on the Laguna Indian Reservation west of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and right off of synchromystical Route 66, interestingly enough.”

And soon after security spotted Stark and Langner, the two split and the signal suddenly ended, “It’s purpose was never uncovered.”


This weird sync brings me to my reading up on the creepy Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. While reading one of the books, Ryan Skinner’s Skinwalker Ranch: No Trespassing, he notes a reader at his website – – was driving between Massachusetts and California and, while driving through a remote area of Arizona, a “little red figure” was seen on the road – always ahead of them – saying “At that time I called it Yosemite Sam because of his red beard … it was that color and ran like he did in the cartoon.”

That stuck with me, as did reports in the Hunt for the Skinwalker book by Colm Kelleher and George Knapp that the unfortunate Sherman family that bought the ranch from a prior owner, were warned “not to dig” and signed a form saying that they would not dig. But why? Some say that there is an electric grid of some kind undergirding the ranch property. Others say they hear banging coming from deep underground. Is there some sort of secret military operation, involving HAARP or something, perhaps, more sinister?


All roads lead to Albuquerque, New Mexico (the "Duke City"!), in my book. I associate that city with Beatles guitarist/sitarist George Harrison (whom is noted in my “Smithereenies” post) because as I entered New Mexico’s largest city from the east, on Interstate 40, for the first time in June 1985, (paralleling Route 66 on my own “self-processing, occult trip,” to quote Michael Hoffman), I heard The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun.” I remember it distinctly, as I was listening to my Walkman radio and the sky was crystal blue. (I wrote about it in my DDD post "Dark horse").

Albuquerque was also where the unfortunate Paul Bennewitz lived. It was there, as I have noted in my book review of Dulce Base by Greg Valdez and Project Beta by Greg Bishop, where Bennewitz began researching strange goings-on at nearby Kirtland Air Force Base, only to have the Air Force mentally manipulate and abuse Bennewitz, in hopes of sending him down a … ummm … rabbit trail, as it were.

Anyway, we noted that the “Yosemite Sam Transmission” came from the Albuquerque area. That city, now popular with TV and movie productions, was home to the popular Breaking Bad TV series, starring Bryan Cranston as Walter White. In fact Albuquerque is a sort of character in Breaking Bad, I might add. With all the iconic locations, from the A1A Car Wash (Octopus Car Wash) or Los Pollos Hermanos (Twisters). There’s just something about that city …

Interestingly, Cranston was chosen to play White by show creator Vince Gilligan who had worked with Cranston on an excellent 1998 episode of The X-Files called “Drive,” which Gilligan wrote. He had liked Cranston's performance that he felt he was perfect for Walter White.

Bryan Cranston as "Patrick Crump" in the thrilling 1998 X-Files episode "Drive." (Ten Thirteen Productions)

I recall being in Texas in the fall of 1998 and watching the first moments where it makes you think you are watching TV news account of a hijacked car, a’la OJ Simpson. It was an exciting episode where a deranged man named Patrick Crump (Cranston) forces Agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) to drive him west from eastern Nevada desert (near the Utah line) to get away from a high-pitched frequency that is in his head somehow. If they don’t go fast and get to the Pacific, his head – like his unfortunate wife before him – will explode.

(An aside: As I research this “Drive” episode on, I see the name “Bryan Cranston” on an ad on the page I’m reading – it’s promoting his new film Trumbo. Perhaps all roads lead to Bryan Cranston?)

Apparently, Crump lived near a military base and I thought of Skinwalker Ranch being somewhat like the situation Crump found himself in. And, as in Project Beta and Dulce Base - like the maddening situation Paul Bennewitz found himself in.  

Bombs away! (

Noting Dulce Base, some have suggested that whatever was going on at that northern New Mexico location was moved to Utah and that what is happening at Skinwalker Ranch - a place avoided by the local Ute tribe - is now there and behind all the crazy weirdness there.

Anyway, Albuquerque was calling me today. And so when I research the city in the news, the first story I see is: "Albuquerque 'bombs' shrouded in mystery." Something about a charity and that the "bombs" message will be revealed on Nov. 27th.

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