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The Dream Police (rEvolution)

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OKLAHOMA CITY – So, last night I have a dream involving The Police. Yes, the band. I’ve loved this band for years (it was the dark poetry of "King of Pain" that really caught my attention back in the summer of '83) and while Synchronicity is obviously my favorite album, I’ve been on a Ghost in the Machine (named after the Arthur Koestler book of the same name) lately.

That was The Police’s fantastic 1981 album featuring  some solid songs including “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic,” “Invisible Sun,” “Demolition Man, "Re-Humanise Yourself," “Omegaman” and “Spirits In the Material World.”

So, these songs are bouncing around my mind and manifest in last night's sync-filled dream. The Police were chock full of great songs with a lyrical and musical depth that really helped the trio of Gordon "Sting" Sumner, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland really stand out in the early 1980's. 

It is that last song, "Spirits In the Material World," that catches my attention in the wake of my Police dream. Why? It was the first song I heard when I got into the car to coming to work.

According to both and, “Spirits In the Material World” is based, as I noted earlier, on the writings of Arthur Koestler. It is said that Koestler (whom I noted in this February 14, 2014 Dust Devil Dreams piece “Oh mi corazon”) believed that outside influences could destroy our spirit and restrict our thinking. The ‘spirits’ and ‘ghosts’ Koestler wrote about were the innate fnctions that often get lost in the ‘machine’ created by governments and corporations.” Sound familiar?

There is no political solution
To our troubled evolution
Have no faith in constitution
There is no bloody revolution

We are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world

Our so-called leaders speak
With words they try to jail you
They subjugate the meek
But it's the rhetoric of failure

We are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world

Where does the answer lie?

Living from day to day
If it's something we can't buy
There must be another way

We are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world

After dwelling on the lyrics of “Spirits In the Material World” ("our troubled evolution," "no bloody revolution") and the fact that Sting says a lot in this somewhat challenging pop song (which reached as high as number 11 in the U.S. in 1982), I come across a Washington Post article covering a Bernie Sanders political rally in Nashua, New Hampshire.

(J)oin with us in making that political revolution,” Sanders tells his supporters, the day before the Democratic primary in the Granite State. Do you recall the last time a serious presidential candidate used the term "revolution" (perhaps other than Ron Paul) in such a way? We have written a bit about Hillary Clinton and some of her own sync links in pieces like "Bring to heel" and "The soul's midnight." 

But it also reminded me of one of my favorite writers, George Orwell, who in his analysis of Arthur Koestler's anti-totalitarian writings of the mid-20th century (Darkness at Noon, The Gladiators, Arrival and Departure, etc.) highlights the fact that while the Russian Revolution was an incredible event - perhaps the most remarkable event of the modern era - Koestler was disillusioned enough with Stalinism to highlight "the decadence of revolutions, owing to the corrupting effects of power." Both Orwell and Koestler were present during the Spanish Civil War, a conflict that forever changed both men's lives.

Koestler, of course, also was interested in Carl G. jung's ideas about synchronicity. And in 1972, released The Roots of Coincidence (reviewed here

The following is part of what I wrote in the April 29, 2015 review of Koestler's book: "Sting, singer and bass player for the rock band The Police (and now a successful solo artist) has long advocated Koestler’s ideas, naming the band’s 1981 album Ghost in the Machine (for Koestler’s 1967 book and mentioned here in The Roots of Coincidence) and their 1983 album Synchronicity.

Writing over at, Jack Feerick addresses Sting’s infatuation with Koestler and Jung and their influence on his former band’s music, writing: “Koestler’s 1972 The Roots of Coincidence addressed psychic phenomenon – precognition and the like – in terms of quantum mechanics, with Koestler postulating that subatomic events could send ripples back in time. (Sting’s) reading of Koestler sent him to the works of Carl Jung, especially Synchronicity (1952).

Jung had his own thoughts on "revolution" while taking into account the reality of synchronicity and the desires of the human heart.

Said Jung: “Every individual needs revolution, inner division, overthrow of the existing order, and renewal, but not by forcing them upon his neighbors under the hypocritical cloak of Christian love or the sense of social responsibility or any of the other beautiful euphemisms for unconscious urges to personal power.”


The colors red, yellow and blue (or is it cyan, magenta and yellow?) figure into this conversation because both Carl Jung's memoirs Memories, Dreams, Reflections and The Police's Synchronicity album feature these dominant colors (and sounds from around the world, as well). The basis for everything, seen and unseen. Perhaps that is why it keeps manifesting of late. Note the three watering cans (water!) of red, blue and yellow, all in a row.

In The Teaching of Djwhal Khul – The Main Occult Laws and Concepts, it is rwirrten that regarding the three primary colors – blue, yellow and red – that blue “corresponds to the lowest speed of creation of Ether, red – to the highest – and yellow is intermediate between blue and red.” These connect with the four elements  of earth, air, fire and water.

And according to

Primary Color Associations:


The color associated with masculine energy, red is the Father, the color of will. Red is action and activity of command. Red is radiating and outward force. Red is fiery and explosive by nature.


The color associated with feminine energy, blue is the Mother, the color of reflection and inner emotion, secrecy, nurturing, creation and formation. Blue is the color of lakes, the ocean and the sky. Blue is passive and accepting by nature.


Androgynous, yellow is the Child, the color of intellect and learning of meditation. Yellow can give and take, can act immediately or wait according to the circumstances. Yellow is the color of artistic expression. The nature of yellow is best represented by the pathway of golden light reflected from the rising Sun on the surface of a tranquil sea.

I guess what I'm getting to here is that the serious reality of synchronicity is quite remarkable. It reminds us of the connection of everything and the collective unconscious. 

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