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Dopey little tykes ...
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OKLAHOMA CITY – I heard it right before I woke up one morning last week.

A male voice said: “Dopey little tykes, the stalks.” I also could see Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick in the dream, connected to this phrase somehow.

Cryptic? Indeed. And yet when I woke up, it felt very odd to me. Dopey tykes? Stalks? For some reason the author Stephen King resonated with me because of the connection “Dopey” has to Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic interpretation of The Shining and the curious Dopey (of The Seven Dwarfs) sticker on the wall that is quite visible in one scene and gone in a subsequent scene.

What happened to Dopey? As is suggested in Room 237, this is Kubrick telling us that because Danny “shines” and has become aware of the evil in the world, he is “no longer blind or ‘Dopey’ to the evil the world has.”

Perhaps I now need to read Dr. Sleep, the follow-up novel to The Shining that King wrote. Perhaps I'll find some clues in there.

As for “the stalks,” I immediately got the impression of “cornstalks” in a field. That naturally led me to think of Stephen King’s Children of the Corn. When I told my wife of the connection that morning she said, “Oh, the director of Children of the Corn lives here and teaches at a college here,” mentioning a web story noting 10 things you may not know about Oklahoma City.

Very weird.

And it’s true. Fritz Kiersch, the director of the 1984 horror film based on King’s novel does teach at Oklahoma City University.

And what of Grace Slick? Is there a connection between the rock singer and Stephen King somehow?

As it turns out, yes. Grace Slick, of all people, read the audio for his short story “You Know They Got A Hell of a Band” featured on the 2009 audiobook It Grows on You: And Other Stories. The story is about a couple in Oregon (not unlike the couple in Nebraska in Children of the Corn) who come across a little town where there is a free rock concert every night – but there is a catch. In fact a top Amazon review connects Children of the Corn and “You Know They Got A Hell of a Band” in that the couples in each are quite convincing – in the novel/story versions, of course.

So, there definitely seems to be a Stephen King thread here and yet I don't think I've ever read a Stephen King novel or short story in its entirety - ever. 

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