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Dawn of the horned man

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OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s undeniable that the highly influential Drudge Report loves posting images from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Back in July, we found ourselves inspired by a highlighted post which read: “NASA: HUMANS WILL PROVE WE ARE NOT ALONE.” The headline was accompanied by the famous “Starchild” fetus, looking down at Earth, as seen at the end of the landmark 1968 film. The scene it is associated with is the first chapter – “Dawn of Man.” We wrote about it on the post "Zagadka."

Well, it happened again – today. In the esoteric scene of “divine syzygy,” where the monolith lines up with the sun and moon, Drudge linked a story headlined “Scientists ‘reset stem cells to study start of human development.” Of course this could be a dramatic development in offering patients effective stem-cell therapies.

Interesting choice of images, Drudge.

And this, right below the much-talked about the “horns” that seemed to appear on President Obama’s head during last night’s address to the nation about U.S. plans to “chase ISIS to the gates of hell.”

As one website put it, “(this) was not the first instance in which critics have pointed out Obama’s supposed Mephistophelean physical attributes.”

So, syncing the two images together, would it be the “Dawn of the Horned Man”? Of course the horned, cloven-hoofed god Pan comes to mind. And Pan’s Labyrinth was in my movie queue, since I've been seeking out films connected to the Spanish Civil War.

For more information, read Loren Coleman's "Tridents, Pitchforks and Satan in the News" post from earlier today at Twilight Language.

And with this being September 11th, we are feeling the syncs pretty heavily today. Be safe out there!

UPDATE (Sept. 12, 2014): As pointed out by Todd Campbell and others, those drapes were photoshopped to make it look like horns were on President Obama. We confess to being fooled by this. Nevertheless, even if it was photoshopped, it still plays into the devilish trident and Satan syncs that are proliferating these past months. And in a little over a week, the local Satanists are holding their black mass here in Oklahoma City. That said, we stand by our post and noting things in the popular culture. 

UPDATE #2 (Sept. 12, 2014): While searching for a "phoning it in" image to run with Steve Long's new U2 music review, the image of Bono as "MacPhisto," from the early 1990's, where he looked devilish, with horns, grabbed my attention. The horned man!

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